(Minghui.org) Another practitioner told me last July that personnel from their neighborhood committee went to her home and ordered her husband to keep her at home and not allow her to distribute Falun Dafa fliers. The reason given was that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 20th National Congress conference was being held. She also felt she had been followed recently and cautioned me to stay home to study the Fa.

I told her that I firmly believed that Dafa practitioners should do the three things required by Master Li no matter what. Any external interference could be arranged by the old forces and targeted at our human notions, so we should look within and let go of those notions.

I looked within and recalled that I had partnered with her for Dafa projects during the past several years. She is a bit older, and she took on the role of taking care of me. I was the passenger on her bike and she took me to places for distributing fliers. I counted on her a lot. So when she did not have time to go out, I also found an excuse not to go out. I realized my attachments to fear, and dependency on this practitioner. Those two human notions made me hesitant to go out alone to clarify the truth. I started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these notions. I told her about my attachments, and she found that she also had an attachment to fear.

The next morning, I thanked Master and knelt down to ask him for strength to let go of my attachments to fear and dependency. I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts all day. Master requires practitioners to cultivate themselves well and walk their own path of validating the Fa in order to build up mighty virtue. I can’t always just follow other practitioners; we all have our own paths. With Master’s blessing, I finally eliminated these two human attachments that were preventing me from going out independently to clarify the truth and save people.

I rode a motorcycle by myself three days later to clarify the truth to people. I even went to the countryside a good distance away. Fear emerged from time to time during the process, but it was weak. I said to Master in my mind, “The fear is not me. I will not allow it to interfere with my telling people about Dafa. Master, please support me to disintegrate it.”

Thank you Master for your great compassionate protection!