(Minghui.org) I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner in China. I have witnessed how Falun Dafa has uplifted morality, which benefits families and our society. The following are a couple of experiences of mine.

Giving Up the Idea of Divorce

My friend, Honghai (nickname), told me that in the early days of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) persecution of Falun Dafa, he saw that travelers to Beijing like him were required to step on Master Li’s (Dafa’s founder) pictures to prove they weren’t Falun Dafa practitioners. It made him ponder why the CCP, with its powerful state apparatus, was afraid of Falun Dafa and even used such despicable means to block Falun Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal. He was curious about Falun Dafa and Master Li.

I met Honghai in 2011 and told him the true story of Falun Dafa, including its great health benefits, its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and Jiang Zemin’s jealousy and fear of Falun Dafa’s popularity. I told Honghai that Falun Dafa was an upright practice, and he would be blessed if he could repeat in his mind, “Falun Dafa is great! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!” Honghai agreed happily and respectfully took a Falun Dafa amulet.

When I saw him again about a month later, he told me excitedly, “Divine beings truly exist! The amulet you gave me has saved my life!” He recounted in detail how his van collided with a big truck, but he didn’t even get a scratch though his van rolled over twice. He asked me for more information about Falun Dafa. I gave him a Dafa book. He read it and praised its greatness. He wished he had known about it earlier and decided to take up the practice.

Honghai came to talk to me a few days later. He told me that he had a shameful secret that he kept to himself; he was having an affair with a married woman for several years. The woman had told him that she was willing to divorce her husband and marry him. Honghai was still on the rocks because he had a wife and child of his own. He talked to me because he wanted to follow Falun Dafa’s principles, but had a hard time letting go of his relationship with the woman.

I said, “Falun Dafa is a great cultivation practice you won’t encounter again for thousands of years! You will regret it if you miss the opportunity to cultivate! Cultivation does require letting go of all incorrect behavior. Don’t hesitate! Act decisively to end the inappropriate relationship.” Honghai said that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I suggested he tell her the reason—he practiced Falun Dafa and hoped she could practice it and benefit as well.

There is a saying, “It’s alright to advise your friends not to gamble, but don’t try to convince them to stop seeing prostitutes.” The reason is that if someone can’t end inappropriate relationships, they would hate you for your advice. However, Honghai realized his affair was wrong after reading a Falun Dafa book. He gave up the idea of getting a divorce and ended his relationship with the woman. He has become a steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner and helped several people to obtain the Fa.

Young Man Returns Home After Learning About Falun Dafa

One day, I took my grandson out in his stroller. When we passed a tofu vendor, a young man approached me and asked, “Ma’am, could you please give me a couple of yuan?” I did. He took the money, bought a piece of tofu, and gobbled it down. He looked like he was starving. One piece of tofu was way too little to fill his stomach. He turned to me. I signaled him to come over and gave him all the change I had. He bought another piece of tofu and ate it.

I asked him, “Why are you so hungry? Where are you from?” He replied, “I don’t know who my parents are. A couple found me in a basket when I was a baby. They raised me but often beat me, so I left them. I used all my money up a long time ago.” “Why don’t you go home?” I asked. He shook his head, “I’d rather die.”

“Don’t hold grudges, son!” I tried to persuade him. “It’s so pitiful to starve! Most people today don’t want to give money to a young man who is capable of working. Your foster parents are ill-tempered, but they raised you. You wouldn’t be here without them. You can’t leave without repaying them. Hurry and go home. They must be anxiously waiting for you.”

Tears came to his eyes. He said, “No one has ever talked to me like you. Why are you so nice?” I told him, “It’s Falun Dafa’s Master who has taught us to be kind to others and follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” I told him many things about Falun Dafa. He learned how great Dafa is and decided to quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League.

He finally told me, “No one cares about me like you do. I feel like I met my own mother today. May I call you mom?” He called me “mom” in the sweetest voice. Both of us cried. He told me that he would go home and learn Falun Dafa in the future.

The incident left me deep in thought. The young man had to endure so much suffering without his parents’ care. Due to the CCP’s birth control policy, I was forced to have two abortions. My poor children were brutally killed before they were born. Their spirits must be suffering in another dimension. I have to cultivate to consummation and bring blessings to my poor children. In addition, so many children in China are deprived of care because their parents have been imprisoned or killed by the CCP. I hope kind people in China and around the world will work together to stop the persecution of innocent Falun Dafa practitioners.