(Minghui.org) Chinese people have suffered untold humanitarian disasters due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “zero-COVID” policy. But they may not realize that these are the inevitable, systematic crises that the CCP brings to the public.

While many countries have adopted the coexistence strategy against COVID, Beijing maintains a strict “zero-COVID” approach. The authorities never hesitate to lock down an entire neighborhood when an infection is detected.

This totalitarian regime’s political campaign has resulted in countless humanitarian tragedies during the lockdown and quarantine: a person still alive was put into a body bag, people starved or even committed suicide due to the inability to get food, a person who sneaked out of his apartment to buy food was beaten by the authorities, and so on.

The authorities’ mandatory nucleic acid tests have aggravated the misfortunes even further: hospitals would only accept patients if they had a negative test result. Their rejecting patients who were waiting for test results led to an eight-month pregnant woman’s miscarriage on a hospital chair, the death of an elderly man suffering a heart attack, the death of a man with sudden angina, no treatment to a young man needing kidney dialysis, and none to a child suffering from leukemia.

Due to the CCP’s tight censorship, these reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Many more disasters are buried by the authorities.

Censorship and information control is everywhere. A law professor at Tsinghua University published an article, titled “Face the True World,” on WeChat, a popular social media app for Chinese. Within two hours, the communist regime removed the original article and all re-posts from the Internet. Such efficiency explains how the CCP could successfully block the information of the coronavirus infection for several months after its initial outbreak. 

The now-removed article argued that the root cause of these social problems is the “system” that produced evilness. Because of its normal appearance, however, people may not even notice it.

The CCP always claims to serve the “people,” when it fact what it does is the opposite. “In fact, the more the abstract term of ‘people’ is emphasized, the better the chance that ordinary citizens will be treated like dirt,” the article stated.

This is because when the CCP issues or executes policies in the name of the “people,” it is essentially concerned about its own interests and control over citizens. Similarly, those who dare to voice different opinions are targeted, again in the name of defending the interest of the “people.”

Branding itself as the “representative of the people” is the CCP’s habitual brainwashing and propaganda trick. Its goal is to package the country as a “republic,” the communist ruler as “the representative from a democratic election,” and the policies to sustain the CCP’s interests as policies to “serve the people.” 

In fact, anything the CCP does is for its own power and benefit. For example, its “zero-COVID” policy is to prove that the CCP model has a “systematic advantage” over the West, as part of the CCP’s competition against the Western world for power. The “zero-COVID” is not only a COVID prevention and control policy, but also a tool to achieve the CCP’s strategic goal to defeat the U.S. and the rest of the Western world. Since it is for a strategic purpose, the Chinese people have no choice but to endure the hardship for “the great Party.”

Many Chinese people feel that something is wrong with the “system” and that the “system” needs to be reformed. However, they have never drilled deeper into what this “system” is. In fact, a simple question will offer the clue: Who built the “system”? The Central Committee of the CCP. Thus, the “system” is the CCP-defined one-party rule structure.

And the communist regime forbids Chinese people from speaking their true thoughts. Even if they do, their thoughts will be ignored. Just look at the removal of the article written by the elite Tsinghua University professor.

Many Chinese people sense the danger, including the precarious safety of their own lives. But under the CCP’s endless brainwashing, many choose to side with the seemingly-strong “party-controlled state” and take it as the provider for their safety. But they forget that it was the Party that ordered the extreme lockdowns and valued the Party’s interests more than a robust economy, leading to economic downfall and unemployment.

The CCP is the origin of the uncertainty. How can it be expected to provide safety to the public?

Let’s not forget Doctor Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who raised the alarm about COVID in Wuhan, China. He keenly participated in the CCP’s propaganda events to safeguard the “red flag.” But after he exposed the COVID infection on WeChat, how did the CCP treat him? The police threatened him and accused him of spreading rumors.

Throughout its numerous political campaigns, the CCP has targeted one group of Chinese people after another. Echoing the CCP’s patriotic theme will not save you because you could well become the next target. Facing this reality and staying away from the Party is the right solution to stay safe.