(Minghui.org) In order to do more Fa study while I was illegally detained in a prison, I contacted a few practitioners to write down the Fa teachings that we could memorize and share with each other.

I learned that practitioner Shen Yang (pseudonym) was writing a Falun Dafa truth-clarifying letter to the prison guards. This one letter was over 70 pages long. I admired her righteous thoughts to save people, while on the other hand, I felt that there were some shortcomings to it. How many people would finish reading 70 pages of words?

Inspired by her, I also felt that writing truth-clarifying letters would explain the truth more thoroughly than speaking face-to-face, given the limited time we had to talk to the guards. Since that practitioner wrote her letter to the guards, I decided to write to the prisoners and make up for this gap.

The prisoners have a monotonous lifestyle and there are almost no materials for them to read, so our truth-clarifying letters could fill this void. Furthermore, our practitioners make use of every chance to tell the criminals about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. For example, there are times when they meet in the toilet, or when they pass each other. Many of the criminals had already quit the CCP, but they did not understand why they should quit it. Much less would they understand the other facts. In this way, I thought of using the method of writing truth-clarifying letters, which would be more effective, and give them a better understanding of the truth.

Just when I decided to write the truth-clarifying letters and was thinking about the content to write, Master helped me to complete that wish that afternoon. A practitioner from Hebei Province told me that she had a small booklet. I asked her for it. This small booklet is the 16th edition of Golden Seed from Minghui publications.

To practitioners like us who have been illegally detained in prison for quite a long time, such as three years, five years, and even ten years, and have not seen Master’s Fa teachings or Minghui articles for a long time. To be able to see the Golden Seed booklet was really a rare treat! Later, many of us memorized the booklet, as did I.

With that, I combined the content in the booklet with my own cultivation experience and wrote a roughly ten-page truth-clarifying letter. I then tailored the heading and ending accordingly before giving them to different people. More than 60 people received my letters.

The Golden Seed booklet was actually picked up from the roadside under the dim road lights when a practitioner was on the way back to her cell from where she was ordered to do forced labor. How could an item like that get through the towering walls under tight security? A few of us kept guessing that there were also Dafa practitioners among the guards and they placed the booklet on the path that we had to pass by.

From what I knew, six practitioners memorized this booklet. Many copies were made and left behind for prisoners. We are Dafa Master’s disciples, and no matter where we are, we are a whole entity. Our common mission is to save people and save more sentient beings.

Among those who read the truth-clarifying letters was a person called Xiaocui. Seven days after I secretly passed the letter to her, I said to her, “If you have finished reading it and have no place to keep it, please return it to me.” She thought that I wanted to get the letter back from her and said, “Can you give me a few more days? I want to copy it down and will keep it safe. It is very good. It is well-written.”

In the prison, the guards often search prisoners’ belongings. If they find things like truth-clarifying letters, the prisoners are punished. So some prisoners suggested returning the letter to me after they finished reading it. I thought that this suggestion was quite good, as I could take back the letter, change the heading and ending, and pass it to another person. Therefore, after that, when I passed truth-clarifying letters to the prisoners, I asked them to return the letter to me after they finished reading it if they had no place to keep it.

When I heard that Xiaocui wanted to keep the truth-clarifying letter, I told her my reason for wanting the letter back. She said that she passed this letter to a practitioner who had just been sent here, and told her not to believe the evil’s words and not to “transform,” etc. Later, that new practitioner passed Master’s Fa to many of us, which helped strengthen our righteous thoughts as a whole.

A prisoner recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” sincerely after reading the truth-clarifying letter. She subsequently recovered from her cough, which she had suffered from for half a year.

Some of the prisoners said that they did not know what “quitting the CCP” meant, but they now understood. They also said that they felt very good after quitting the CCP!