(Minghui.org) I am a veteran practitioner, who obtained the Fa in 1998. I have experienced many tribulations during my 24 years of cultivation. Looking back at the cultivation path I traveled, I feel it was incredible. Master’s compassion is great, and Dafa is extraordinary and miraculous. Every time I think about it, I am moved by it. Words can’t express my gratitude to Master.

I am writing this article to share some of my experiences of the greatness of Master’s compassion, and the miracles of Dafa. In addition to sharing with fellow practitioners, I would also like to express my infinite gratitude to Master.

Helping Practitioners Set up Materials Production Sites at Home

After being ordered by the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the 610 Office, police arrested Dafa practitioners on a large scale and detained them in brainwashing centers in 2004. Many practitioners were then taken to forced labor camps and prisons. When the police came to arrest me, I escaped safely given Master’s protection. Afterwards, I couldn’t return home, and became homeless.

With the help of fellow practitioners, I went to a practitioner’s home in another city. That practitioner operates a factory. I worked in his factory during the day, studied the Fa, and saved sentient beings with other practitioners at night. During that time, I learned various technical skills, including how to operate a computer and a printer. I made different types of truth-clarification materials for practitioners to distribute, so they could save sentient beings.

At that time, there were not many truth-clarification materials production sites in that area, and almost none in the surrounding countryside. Once a materials production site in a county or city was destroyed, the local practitioners would have no Dafa informational materials to distribute. As I gradually became more experienced in producing the materials, I came up with the idea of helping fellow practitioners in the countryside to establish family materials sites in their homes.

Once I had the idea, I immediately took action. With assistance from local practitioners, I got in touch with practitioners in the countryside who had the ability and desire to make truth-clarification materials. I shared with them, based on the Fa, the importance of setting up production sites. I then waited for the practitioners to agree to it. Once they agreed, I helped them buy computers, printers, paper cutters, laminating machines, and all the other supplies needed for making truth-clarification materials.

I didn’t have my own transportation at the time. After I bought the materials at the technical market, I took the bus to the practitioners’ villages. I sometimes had to take several buses to get there. There were few buses that went to the countryside. After I got off the bus in the countryside, there was no bus to take me to the specific village I was going to. No matter how far the journey was, I walked to the practitioner’s house, carrying the materials on my back. I went back and forth two to three times to a village to get everything ready for the new production site.

Master Protects Practitioner

I continued to stay away from my home to avoid being persecuted, as the persecution was severe at that time. A practitioner told me that police officers in plainclothes were watching the tech market where I bought the equipment. He told me to pay attention to my safety. Some practitioners even warned me that I shouldn’t go there any longer. My thinking was that when I did things to save sentient beings, Master’s Fashen would protect me, and the evil beings would not dare to persecute me. Every time I went there, I was mindful, righteous, and of course I took the necessary protective measures. As a result, I never had a problem buying the printing supplies. The buses were miraculous--sometimes it seemed that the bus was waiting for me. As soon as I boarded, the bus immediately left. Sometimes the bus arrived in front of me right after I arrived at the stop. I knew that Master had arranged everything for me in advance.

Because the police were still looking for me, safety was my top concern. Each time I went to a practitioner’s house to deliver equipment and supplies, I waited in the forest or ravines near the practitioner’s village until it was dark. I sometimes waited and entered the practitioner’s house after people in the village fell asleep, and I left before dawn. In this way, no one in the village knew that I had been to the practitioner’s house, and I didn’t create security problems for the practitioners.

Once the equipment was ready, I taught the practitioners how to make truth-clarification materials step by step. Some of them started by learning how to turn on and off the computer. In the end, they could all make truth-clarification materials. I patiently and meticulously taught them the techniques I had mastered. I was often busy until late at night. The practitioners made their best efforts, and they wrote down what I taught them in case they forgot. Normally, after one or two weeks, they could independently produce good quality Dafa informational materials.

I tried to save as much money as I could to use to save sentient beings. At that time, I worked in the practitioner’s factory and earned 400 yuan a month, which was a lot at that time. I spent most of it on long-distance bus rides. I did not take the bus that cost one yuan to the tech market in the city and instead walked there to save the money. I did not spend one yuan for a bottle of water regardless of how thirsty I was in the summer. I still carried heavy items on my back.

During those eight years, I helped more than 30 families successfully establish materials production sites within a radius of a few hundred miles around the city and in the four surrounding counties. I traveled to these production sites at night, helping practitioners obtain the necessary equipment and supplies to solve technical problems, all towards doing the sacred thing of saving sentient beings. Because the police were still looking for me, security and safety were my top concerns at that time. And when I had to spend the night at a practitioner’s house, I didn’t remove my clothes to sleep. I thus didn’t have a sound sleep for four to five years.

Opportunities to Face Xinxing Tests

I faced xinxing tests from time to time while in the process of establishing these materials sites. Some practitioners’ family members objected and treated me badly, so I often encountered rude remarks. No matter how badly they treated me, I took the encounters as good opportunities to improve my xinxing, I tolerated them with the broad mind of a cultivator and talked to them with a smile.

One xinxing test occurred when I went to a practitioner’s home to discuss setting up a materials site in her home. The practitioner wanted to do it, but her non-practitioner husband disagreed. The practitioner asked me to help her set it up despite the pressure from her husband. One day her husband gave me a dirty look as I was discussing it with the practitioner in her house. The practitioner told me to ignore him, but her husband suddenly rushed over to me and began kicking and punching me while we were talking. The practitioner asked me to leave quickly. Before I could get on my motorcycle, he rushed out, dragged my motorcycle down, and held on to me. I broke free from him and ran away.

I saw from afar that he lost control of himself and set my motorcycle on fire. Seeing it being burned, I felt really upset. Practitioners had donated money and bought it for me. It made the travel easier and saved me a lot of time. Although I felt upset, I was not angry with him, for he was an ordinary person after all. The practitioner felt bad about her husband’s behavior. She later went out to work for more than two months and insisted on giving me the money she earned to buy another motorcycle. I didn’t accept her offer.

Miraculous Escape from the Brainwashing Center

The police carried out a unified action to arrest Dafa practitioners in the city one night in October 2006. I was taken to the police station and then transferred to a brainwashing center, where I was handcuffed around the clock. As soon as I entered the brainwashing center, I strengthened my righteous thoughts and said to Master in my heart, “Master, this is not the place for me to stay. I want to leave and do what I should do. Please help me get out.” I kept sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the third night, I successfully took off the handcuffs. At that moment, a golden light appeared in front of me, and I immediately followed the golden light to a window. I realized that Master was telling me to leave through the window. I didn’t think much about it, nor did I consider that it was the third floor. I immediately ripped open the iron bars from the window, jumped down, and stood firmly on the ground. A taxi showed up at that time, and I got in the car and left without a problem. The brainwashing center was located in the suburbs, it was past one a.m., and there were normally no vehicles on the road that late at night. The whole process was so smooth and super fast; it was unbelievable. I was grateful to Master, who had arranged this for me in advance and protected me, as long as I did it with righteous thoughts.

I Walked out of the Detention Center with Righteous Thoughts

My cell phone was monitored in 2012, and more than a dozen police officers illegally arrested me. The head of the national security team grabbed me and said, “Finally, we caught you.” They took me to the basement of a police station and interrogated me for two days and two nights. I did not cooperate with them. They said, “You are the biggest case in the province. Even if you don’t say anything, we know everything.”

On the third day, I was transferred to a detention center. On the way there, I kept shouting, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” At the detention center, I didn’t cooperate with any of their requirements, such as wearing a prisoner uniform, doing their morning exercises, and so on. I thought that nothing worn by the inmates had anything to do with me because I was not a prisoner. I only did what Dafa practitioners are supposed to do: Recite the Fa, clarify the truth to save people, do the Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. I shouted loudly several times every day, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” It was so loud that people inside and outside the detention center could hear it.

I went on a hunger strike three days after entering the detention center, to protest the persecution. I clarified the truth to the people I came into contact with, regardless of whether they were prisoners, guards, officers who interrogated me, or personnel from the Procuratorate. I did not cooperate with any of their demands. A captain of the national security team said to me, “When we ask you something, you close your eyes. When we ask you about Falun Gong, your eyes are shining.” I said, “Yes, once we are talking about Falun Gong, I must clarify the truth to you so that you can have a bright future.”

Every three days, the guards at the detention center ordered five prisoners to force-feed me by holding my limbs and head. Each time I resisted with all my strength. Later, they locked me in a room and left me alone. I could do whatever I liked inside. The prisoners said, “Falun Gong practitioners have courage; even the guards dare not touch them.” Some prisoners nodded at me with their thumbs up. An inmate who was the head of a cell said that he would get some Falun Dafa books after he left the detention center.

I went on a hunger strike for 26 days in the detention center. After being illegally detained for 29 days, I walked out of the detention center with righteous thoughts under the protection of compassionate Master, and with strengthening from practitioners outside who sent forth righteous thoughts. The so-called No. 1 case in the province, and the attempt to persecute me was disintegrated. I ended my eight-year-long wandering around and returned home. With righteous thoughts, I walked on the path of cultivation that Master arranged for me.

Cooperating with Local Practitioners and Walking the Cultivation Path with Righteous Thoughts as One Body

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Dafa, many practitioners in my home area were illegally sentenced and taken to labor camps and prisons. We suffered huge losses, and we learned big lessons. Several coordinators got together and shared based on the Fa, and we agreed that the overall cultivation progress in our area had deviated from the Fa, and allowed the old forces to take advantage of the loopholes. We analyzed our loopholes and the reasons why these practitioners were persecuted. We found the following problems:

After returning home in 2012, I began to undertake the main coordination work in our local area. In response to the issues mentioned above, several other practitioners and I organized experience sharing meetings in urban areas and townships. We discussed the problems one by one based on Master’s teachings. The local practitioners there improved overall in cultivation, and did the following two tasks:

Establishing Truth Clarification Production Sites

One task was to re-establish family truth-clarification materials production sites in the surrounding areas, so these sites would be scattered all over and operate independently.

We visited the practitioners who could set up their own materials sites, and we shared with them one by one based on the Fa. The practitioner at each site would need to buy their own consumable items. This was to help them to eliminate their reliance on practitioners in the city for purchasing and supplying consumables.

We stopped buying the consumables online to eliminate any security risks. We recommended that practitioners get their items from multiple stores in a rotating manner, so as to avoid buying a large number of materials at one time.

We also suggested that the practitioners who run the sites use a single line of contact with the technical practitioners, and with the practitioners who receive their produced materials, and to keep these things confidential.

In addition, I trained practitioners in those areas to provide technical support to the sites in their villages and the countryside, so that the technical issues could be solved locally. I also taught the practitioners who ran their own materials sites some simple technical skills, so they could solve some issues on their own.

Ending Disruptive Behavior

The second task was to emphasize that they could not run the sites in any way that undermines the Fa, and that we would resolutely put an end to all disruptive behavior.

For more than ten years, various forms of disruption and undermining the Fa incidences occurred in our area. Each time I found it, I talked to the respective practitioners in a timely manner, sharing how they must measure and eliminate any phenomena of disruption and undermining the Fa according to the Fa, so that each practitioner had a clear understanding of the Fa, and could maintain the purity of Dafa.

Under the guidance of Dafa, and Master’s compassionate protection, the practitioners in our area have closely cooperated in our effort and walked the path of cultivation well with righteous thoughts. For more than ten years, no major persecution incidents occurred in our area. Our local practitioners have not been persecuted or harassed, and we are doing the three things in a stable manner, especially during the recent large-scale persecution campaigns carried out by the CCP, such as “Knocking on Doors,” “Zero-Out,” and practitioners suing Jiang Zemin.


I feel emotional upon looking back on my cultivation path of the past two decades. I lost my job in 2004, after I had to leave my home to avoid persecution, and I have not looked for a job since then. Most of the time, I devoted myself to doing the three things. I experienced many tribulations that included hardships which would be unbearable for ordinary people.

My family also suffered a lot because of me, especially during the eight years when I stayed away from home to avoid further persecution. The local police came to my house many times and harassed my family and searched my house. They also arranged for neighbors who did not accept Dafa to monitor my house. The police once mistakenly thought I returned home and they searched throughout my house. It is worth mentioning that my practitioner wife and my child suffered a lot under the enormous mental and financial pressure for many years. But they supported me silently, and never complained, which moved me very much.

However, what I am most grateful for is compassionate Master watching over us! For more than 20 years, no matter how many tribulations I experienced, under Master’s watchful eyes, I have come through without being in danger.

I feel grateful to Master every time I think of Master taking me out of hell, erasing countless karmic debts for me, and helping me to cultivate into a person who dares to walk the path of truth. I have no complaints or regrets no matter how many tribulations I experience. I am extremely honored to be a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period, and to do the most sacred thing in the universe—saving sentient beings!

Thank you, Master! Thank you, Dafa!