(Minghui.org) Practitioners gathered at Toronto City Hall Plaza and wished Mr. Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s founder, a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival on September 3, 2022. They expressed their gratitude and stated that at this critical historic moment they will cultivate diligently and save more people. The Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is an important Chinese holiday that traditionally signifies family reunions.

Practitioners gathered at City Hall Plaza and wished Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival greeting card

The Tian Guo Marching Band wishes Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Practitioners from the Quit the CCP Center wish Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Grateful to Master for Encountering Falun Dafa

Practitioners from the Toronto Niagara Falls truth-clarification site wish Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Practitioners have been persisting in clarifying the truth at the Niagara Falls truth-clarification site for years. They want to wish Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. “We are grateful for Master’s compassionate protection and bestowing us the wisdom to save more people.”

Lisa, one of the coordinators at the truth-clarification site at Niagara Falls, teaches the Falun Dafa exercises to tourists.

Lisa, a local truth-clarification site coordinator, has been driving to Niagara Falls with other practitioners every weekend. She said, “I did not think it was possible for us to maintain a truth-clarification site for this long. However, with Master’s protection, practitioners’ support, and righteous thoughts, we’ve witnessed how amazing Falun Dafa is.”

“We’ve encountered many miracles over the past few years and many predestined people passed by our truth-clarification booth. A late-stage cancer patient said that she dreamed someone was teaching her how to practice Falun Dafa’s meditation exercise. When she saw practitioners doing the exercise, she immediately recognized it from her dream and began practicing on the spot. Her health started to improve every day. Some tourists felt very comfortable after practicing the exercises and said that their stress was alleviated. Others visited the Tianti Bookstore in Toronto and purchased over a dozen copies of Dafa lectures.”

“Some tourists came to the practice site after seeing a beam of red light with their celestial eye while others experienced a strong energy field. Some Chinese tourists came and wished to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.”

“We were granted permission to clarify the truth at Niagara Falls. For this, we are extremely grateful to Master. Master, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”

Moving to Niagara Falls

Ms. An moved to Niagara Fall and established a local practice site. She wished Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Ms. An Rongfen, 82 years old, started practicing in February 1994 in Beijing. She also personally attended Master’s lectures in Jinan City in June 1994. She said, “I learned many different qigong practices in the past and created quite a mess in my house. After listening to Master Li’s lectures in person, many of my doubts and questions were answered.”

Ms. An traveled abroad and began clarifying the truth at many tourist spots. After hearing Master lecture in 2013, she learned that truth-clarification sites are the frontline for clarifying the truth. “I rented a place in Niagara Falls because I know there are many tourists there. In 2015, my son supported my decision by purchasing a house there. I also established a local practice site.”

Ms. An hangs Falun Dafa banners and practice the exercises at the park every day. Many people take the truth-clarification flyers and some also learned to practice the exercises.

“I am 82 years and have a healthy body. I ride my bicycle to go grocery shopping. I feel that my body is that like of a young person. Kneeling down and getting up is actually simple for me given my old age. I feel different from others my age. I am grateful for all that Master has given me!”

Indian Practitioners: “I am grateful to Master for encountering Falun Dafa practitioners”

Jaspreet Singh and his wife, Gurjeet Singh.

Jaspreet Singh moved to Canada in 2018. They met Ms. An at the Niagara Falls practice site and began practicing Falun Dafa in 2021.

Jaspreet works in the electronic industry while his wife, Gurjeet, is a nurse. Jaspreet began practicing Falun Dafa on December 16, 2021, and his wife began practicing a week later.

Jaspreet said, “I tried many different types of cultivation methods and read many religious books. I saw Falun Dafa’s car parade one day in St. Catharines. I was moved by the words, “Falun Dafa is good.” I encountered Falun Dafa once again at Niagara Falls and met Ms. An. She was unable to speak in English but she gave me a few truth-clarification flyers and told me to visit Falun Dafa’s informational website.”

Jaspreet met Ms. Agnes Wong, a Falun Dafa practitioner, from Toronto the next day at Niagara Falls. She was able to communicate with Jaspreet and introduced Falun Dafa to him.

“After learning more about Falun Dafa, I knew immediately that this practice is able to guide me on a path of cultivation and to enlightenment. I am grateful to Master for arranging an opportunity for me to encounter Falun Dafa practitioners. I am also grateful to Master for guiding me on a path of cultivation.”

Jaspreet mentioned that he engaged in many family conflicts in the past. After he began practicing Dafa, he learned to be empathetic and not force his opinions on others. “Falun Dafa has taught me how to cultivate my speech. I get along with my wife and friends in harmony now. Falun Dafa has changed me for the better.”

“This was a big change for me. I used to be very stringent and strict with myself and others. I can abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and my moral standards are upgrading. I have also become a better person.”

“I have finally found the right way in cultivation. I have finally found the universe’s Fa and Master. Thank you, Master!”

Gurjeet said, “I began cultivating Falun Dafa after seeing the positive changes in my husband. I also saw many positive changes in myself.”

“My mindset has changed dramatically. I used to want to hurt others if they hurt me. My thoughts have changed now. I’ve learned to be tolerant and not fight back.”

“Thank you, Master, for giving us the opportunity to cultivate Dafa!”

New Vietnamese Practitioners: Two Predestined Lives Coming For The Fa

Young Vietnamese practitioners Tieng Dang and Ngan Nguyen wish Master a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Young Vietnamese practitioners Tieng Dang and Ngan Nguyen starting practicing Falun Dafa in 2022. They said, “We are very fortunate to have encountered Falun Dafa and embark on a path of cultivation.”

Tieng Dang’s uncle introduced Falun Dafa to him and gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun when he was in sixth grade. He tried practicing Falun Dafa but never persisted.

“I started to officially practice this April. I had a big argument with my girlfriend, Ngan Nguyen, and we broke up. After breaking up, I was very depressed. I started to do marijuana and drink alcohol. I was very drunk one day and the temperature outside was under -10°F (about -23°C). I was barefoot and walked from Toronto’s city center to Mississauga.”

“I could almost feel Master’s presence while I walked. A policeman found me and took me to the hospital. From that moment on, I knew that Master was protecting me. I decided to practice Falun Dafa after getting discharged from the hospital.”

Ngan Nguyen said, “I encountered Falun Dafa at a park in 2018 but did not start cultivating Falun Dafa till now.”

She said, “My boyfriend, Tieng Dang, disappeared for four days after we had a big fight. My friends and I called the police and searched for him. We got back together after finding him at a hospital in Mississauga.”

Tieng Dang and Ngan Nguyen attended Falun Dafa’s parade this July. Ngan Nguyen said she felt a great energy field while she was with practitioners. She met several Vietnamese practitioners. “I feel that everyone was very welcoming and compassionate. I did not want to leave.”

She wanted to leave early but decided to stand and wait for everyone to come back from the parade. She listened to practitioners’ cultivation stories and decided to start reading Master’s lectures when she got home that evening.

Ngan Nguyen quit drinking and smoking after practicing Falun Dafa. Her lifestyle became more traditional and she was also no longer addicted to online videos.

They said, “Master, we would like to wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Thank you for all that you do for us!”