(Minghui.org) My husband was admitted to the hospital because of a sudden illness. We had to hire a home care worker to look after him. The care worker is in his sixties, and is an organized and educated person.

Dafa opened my wisdom and I talked to him about traditional culture, the low moral standards of today’s human society and the atheism of the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

I said that the CCP doesn’t disrespect Gods and Buddhas but wants to fight heaven and earth, which has caused frequent natural and man-made disasters. He agreed with everything I said.

When I asked if he had any beliefs, he told me that he believes in Jesus. I said, “Jesus is a great God who was persecuted by the ancient Roman Empire. Therefore, the ancient Roman Empire was destroyed by four major plagues.”

The more we talked, the more we liked to talk to each other. He said, “I really enjoy listening to what you say. Other people couldn’t talk about these things.”

I told him, “I obtained enlightenment from cultivation.” Then, I started to clarify the truth to him, as I assumed it should be easy for him to understand and accept.

To my surprise, Falun Dafa did not resonate with him. He said that practicing Falun Dafa would get one arrested.

Then he told me that his cousin used to believe in Christianity and now practices Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong), and that his cousin was forced to leave home to avoid being arrested by the CCP.

His poor wife was home alone, and he couldn’t even visit his old sick mother. All of the people in the village scolded him; even his adopted daughter scolded him.

In the past, the care worker’s cousin had gone to his home to clarify the truth twice, but was rejected both times. He even threatened to report his cousin to the police.

I was shocked by his words. I told him, “Falun Dafa is a Buddha Fa which teaches people to be good, and to live by a higher moral standard. It has been spreading all over the world.”

I told him that his cousin was persecuted by the CCP, so he was forced to leave his home. It’s not that he didn’t want to stay at home. I didn’t continue clarifying the truth to him after seeing his reaction.

The evil CCP deceived so many people with its lies. Although the care worker didn’t like Falun Dafa, he agreed with what I said.

I told him that what I said to him is the enlightenment I obtained from practicing Falun Dafa.

I asked my husband to listen to Master's Fa lecture recordings everyday. One day, the care worker asked me to play them out loud so that everyone could hear.

I then showed him Falun Dafa's special program on the Taiwanese website. He was shocked by how Dafa had spread abroad.

I also showed him the video of the famous tenor, Guan Guimin. He was overwhelmed and couldn’t agree more with what I showed him.

He visited the website to learn more about Dafa, until his cell phone ran out of battery in the early hours of the first day. He also watched the videos every night till after 2 a.m.

He thanked me and said we had a very good predestined relationship. The care worker totally changed his view on Falun Dafa.

He said, “We would have never learned the truth if you hadn't told me. I no longer hate my cousin and instead, I have sympathy for him.

He is a great man, and I will help him. When I go back home, I will tell my friends and family that we all misunderstood him. He is a brave person who didn’t yield when facing tyranny.”

A life deceived by the evil CCP has been saved. When one’s true self is awakened, the excitement is hard to describe, because this is what sentient beings have been waiting hundreds of millions of years for.

Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation.