First Tribulation

While waiting for a green light at a crossroad, my heart began to race. It seemed as if it was beating several times faster than it normally would, to the point that I became shaky and weak. 

My head dropped, and the thought of letting myself drop to the ground came to mind. My whole body was slipping off the scooter. 

As my body touched the bag with Falun Dafa pamphlets inside, my mind shook: I cannot lie down here! It is too dangerous, and what would happen to these pamphlets? 

I am a Dafa practitioner, nothing can harm me; Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) is watching over me!

At this thought, the light turned green. I collected myself, still shaking, and started the scooter. 

As soon as the scooter moved forward, my heart returned to normal. The whole experience lasted less than a minute!

Second Tribulation

A mild toothache became excruciating after a few days. I could not eat, sleep or concentrate. 

Even listening to Master’s lectures was impossible! Walking around in my room nonstop was my only relief; I even got a splitting headache if air got into my mouth.

I live alone. I could not get in touch with other practitioners, and I did not want to trouble my neighbors. I walked around my home without eating or sleeping. 

I had reached my limit and felt as though I could collapse any moment. Feeling hopeless, I cried and realized that the evil was trying to kill me. 

Looking upward, I shouted, “I do not believe you are more powerful than my Master!” As I was shouting, a flash of light exploded above.

Stunned for a few seconds, I fell onto my bed. I woke up a few moments later. 

The pain was gone, and I was able to eat again! Where were my loopholes that led to this tribulation? 

I realized I had attachments to hatred, jealousy, showing off, not cultivating speech and many other actions that were not in line with the Fa.

During that time, I resented a practitioner for not being upfront with me. She had offered to give me a printer to make Falun Dafa pamphlets, but instead, she brought the printer to my home and used my space for making pamphlets herself. 

An introvert, I could not bring myself to confront her. However, the feeling of injustice was strong. 

I complained about her to several other practitioners and did not behave like a cultivator at all. Not enough Fa study, not elevating my xinxing, and a lack of tolerance for others led to this tribulation!

Fortunately, another practitioner pointed out that it is such a great opportunity to work on the project together, since I live alone and this practitioner needed help. The barrier between us was resolved.

Third Tribulation

Not long ago, I suddenly felt nauseous while studying the Fa. I ran to the bathroom. 

My stomach felt as if air was pumping into it, and it expanded to the point of explosion. I cried out, “Master, help me!” 

Everything went back to normal immediately. I was soaked in sweat and shaken up. Master saved me again.

Thank you, Master!