(Minghui.org) After decades of living under the rule of the communist regime in China, many members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) I know of have grown increasingly regretful for joining the Party. They are sick of the forced brainwashing imposed on them every day. Some applied to quit the Party but were rejected. They were told that the only way for them to leave the Party was to be expelled by the organization if they did anything to harm the Party’s interest.

As a Falun Gong practitioner, sometimes I make random phone calls to my fellow Chinese to clarify the facts about the CCP and how the CCP has been demonizing and persecuting Falun Gong. Once a police chief answered my call. His attitude was very aggressive in the beginning, threatening to arrest me. Everything he said was from the CCP’s brainwashing propaganda, such as their salaries were given by the Party and no one can beat the CCP. He was also resentful towards Falun Gong.

I reminded him that he earned his own salary through his own hard work and that his pay was not something owned or created by the CCP, not even a gift from it. Since the 18th National Congress, a total of 392 provincial and ministerial level senior officials have been arrested for corruption and other crimes. It means that many of the people who ran the country were criminals. If that’s the case, how can we expect them to run the country well?

As I kept talking, he also began to condemn the corrupted officials. I knew he still had a sense of justice. I then explored deeper into the problem with him. I said that because the CCP destroyed traditional values and morality and indoctrinated everyone with atheism and evolution instead, people no longer believe that good would be rewarded and evil punished. When people follow vice instead of virtue, they dare to do anything to advance themselves.

The police chief said he never did things to harm others. I praised him and said I believe he must have taught his children well. It surprised me when he said that he had three children and he had made sure that they didn’t join the CCP. When I asked him to quit the CCP himself, he happily agreed.

I heard from another practitioner about her experience of talking to people about the CCP. She has a friend who is kind and smart with a Ph.D. degree. The first time she talked to her about the CCP’s bloody history, the friend refused to listen. When she met her again, she became a different person and was very receptive to things she talked about, including the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Massacre, and the persecution of Falun Gong.

The friend told her that she had great ambition for her scientific research. She put all of her own money into it and worked very hard. When she finally made breakthroughs, her technology was stolen by the government, leaving her with only a heavy load of debt.

She said she truly believed the CCP was good before and she felt that by joining it, she had a better opportunity to serve society and make achievements. But through her own experience, she realized how she had been deceived by the CCP’s aggrandizing propaganda and now sees how evil it actually is.

One day, a judge acquainted to the practitioner found her. He said he saw his name on the list of perpetrators involved in the persecution of Falun Gong and asked if they can remove him. He knew that both he and his family would be subjected to sanctions. He said that when he sentenced Falun Gong practitioners before, he didn’t want to do it himself, but was forced by the 610 Office and Political and Legal Affairs Committee. He now realizes the consequences of it and no longer wanted to participate in the persecution.

I once read the following statement from a human rights lawyer. He said he was impressed with the resilience of Falun Gong practitioners, who endured decades of persecution and persisted in peacefully spreading the truth to the world. By representing Falun Gong practitioners and seeking justice for them, he further witnesses the evilness of the CCP. But no matter how dark it is right now, he believes that the sun will shine through and justice will be served one day.

Below is his statement.

It is remarkable that the Falun Gong group has been able to persevere to this day, despite the Chinese Communist Party’s nationwide persecution campaign against the group and its attempt to eradicate them in three months. This proves that Falun Gong has strong vitality and the power of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

As a lawyer, especially human rights lawyers, we have the responsibility to speak out and defend this most persecuted group of people. I have worked with many Falun Gong practitioners on their cases. And I became good friends with them. They are so kind. Even the police who persecuted them so brutally didn’t resent them, but bore compassion for them and wanted to save them. As a human rights lawyer, I feel that it is my duty to represent such a group of people and defend their rights.

In today’s society, with the level of corruption of the CCP and the moral degeneration of the general public, what we need the most are people with faith and perseverance. And the Falun Gong community is such people. When I speak out for Falun Gong today, I’m actually speaking out for myself and my future generations. Someone said that the evil isn’t scary, but what’s most dangerous is that the world remains silent and condones the rampant evilness in front of them.

Over the years, human rights lawyers have also faced the evilness of the CCP while seeking justice for Falun Gong practitioners. The CCP officials went all out to trample on the laws. They are showing their true colors and no longer care to cover it up. I hope more Chinese can see it through.

The night before dawn is the darkest, but it will be short-lived. The cold winter will surely pass, and the bright spring will follow. With the continuous awakening of the general public, a society free of the evil Communist Party will soon arrive. The day will soon come when Falun Gong will be recognized by people all over the world!

I thank Master Li for spreading Falun Gong to the world and Dafa disciples for spreading the truth. As a human rights lawyer, I will always stand with you until justice is served one day!

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