(Minghui.org) I have been a teacher for 40 years, so I consider myself a person who knows how to talk. Fellow practitioners often consult me when they have questions, and I am always willing to offer my opinion and understandings about their questions.

I started to memorize the Fa and after being taught a few lessons, I realized that I had been wrong. My so-called “knowing how to talk” was only talking about other people’s faults and looking outward instead of looking within.

Several incidents occurred in our area.

After I learned that a fellow practitioner was arrested or was dying of sickness karma, my first thought would not be to search within to see if I had a related attachment that I should get rid of, but rather I would think that this fellow practitioner must have a loophole that was being taken advantage by the old forces.

If I saw that a fellow practitioner couldn’t improve during a tribulation, I would comment to other practitioners that this practitioner would be in danger, and if he or she did not improve quickly the old forces would take away his or her life. A few practitioners actually died not long after I said things like this.

My New Approach

Through memorizing the Fa and learning from these lessons, I realized I had been wrong. The correct way to talk is to follow the standard of the Fa and Master’s teachings.

Several practitioners experienced severe sickness karma recently. I could see that these practitioners have attachments. This time my reaction was not to point out their issues, but rather to look within to see if I had similar attachments. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away any bad factors in my environment. Afterwards, I talked about my opinions with compassion and encouragement.

When I became agitated, I told myself not to complain about fellow practitioners and to think about the problem from the perspective of the other party.

I encouraged practitioners who were in tribulation, and shared with them to improve their understanding of the Fa. The effect of this kind of discussion was very good.

A fellow practitioner passed through a tribulation after 10 days.

From the process, I learned that a practitioner must speak based on the Fa. I shall only speak the words if they conform to the Fa. If I say something that does not conform to the Fa, I must correct it.

“Minding your speech” is very important. Thank you Master! Your compassionate enlightenment enabled me to improve regarding this issue.