(Minghui.org) My seventy-two-year-old husband has suffered from asthma since he was a child. His condition worsened with age, and got to the point that he had to take medication daily to keep it under control. He suffered a lot each winter, grasping his chest with his hands while gasping for air through his mouth, his eyes wide and bulging in distress. I would swiftly bring his oxygen tank over and help administer a dose or two from his inhaler.

He has suffered asthma attacks so frequently for over a decade that I got used to them. In any case, they did not appear to be life threatening. While painful, these attacks of breathlessness came and went quickly.

Unwilling to see him suffer, I advised him numerous times, “Falun Dafa is a cultivation way of the Buddha School. Since practicing Dafa, I have been free of illness. Moreover, Dafa teaches people how to be good. Do you remember what I was like before becoming a practitioner? Nobody in our village dared to mess with me. Now my temper has improved and I’ve stopped picking fights with others. Despite being almost seventy, I perform the household chores and farm the fields without complaint. Falun Dafa taught me to be considerate and good towards others. Such an upright practice should also inspire you to cultivate as well, right?”

My husband would stubbornly shake his head, but I said, “You suffer so much with each attack, why not give it a try?” My husband replied, “It’s all superstition. I don’t believe it!” I would look at him in exasperation, unable to laugh or cry. He would rather suffer in agony than believe that Dafa could save his life.

I was cooking one morning in the winter of 2019 when I heard my husband hoarsely shout for help. I rushed over and saw him kneeling beside the bed, panting with his mouth open. He breathlessly muttered, “Can’t breathe, can’t breathe.” I found his inhaler and he inhaled a few sprays. Normally one spray would be sufficient, but this time his medicine didn’t help. I quickly pulled his oxygen container over. After breathing through the face mask twice, he pulled it off in frustration. “It doesn't work! Call for a doctor!” I panicked, “It’s too late, the doctor won’t make it in time. Even if he does, what else can he do? Quick, ask Master (Falun Dafa’s founder) to save your life. Recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good.’” Deeply indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) atheist teachings, my husband shook his head, refusing to believe or recite the words.

At this point, his pupils started to roll upwards. Soon, I could only see the whites of his eyes and his body started to lose strength. Barely able to support his weight, I could see he was about to lose consciousness.

I shouted loudly, “Now only Falun Dafa’s master can save you. Call for Master! Say, ‘Falun Dafa is good!’ Beg Master Li for help! If you don’t, you will really be dead! Your body can’t hold on any longer! Do you understand?” I started shouting, “Master! Save him! He is your disciple’s family and also part of Master’s family!”

At this point, I heard my husband shouting laboriously, “Master Li, save… save me! Fa… Lun… Da… Fa… is good!” My husband managed to repeat his appeal a few more times. His pupils slowly reappeared and his breathing became less strained. After another two to three minutes, his breathing stabilized and he regained control of his body. With his breathing restored to normal, my fatigued husband laid down on the bed to rest.

Merciful and great Master saved him! Tears streamed down my face as I gazed at my peacefully sleeping husband. Even though this staunch atheist had changed his mind and acknowledged Dafa only at the last moment, merciful Master still saved him. After this incident, my husband completely renounced his atheistic beliefs. Convinced that Falun Dafa had saved his life, he decided to become a Dafa cultivator.

My husband and I offer our profound gratitude to Master! We will cultivate diligently, work hard to save more sentient beings, and tell the world about the goodness of Dafa.