(Minghui.org) When the COVID pandemic first broke out, my husband and I quickly produced a large quantity of truth clarification materials, as we anticipated an increased demand for them. Besides reading the Fa and doing the exercises every day, we focused on producing materials and soon used all our paper.

The entire city was on lockdown and we could not get any supplies. A practitioner who met with my husband for another reason heard we needed paper and offered to help us. Afterwards we had paper, and continued producing materials for more than a month until the lockdown was lifted.

I started sending truth-clarification materials to various Fa study groups after the lockdown was lifted. I tried to accommodate the practitioners’ needs and safety concerns and sent materials wherever they told me to. I also helped distribute them.

Once while I was distributing materials in a community, I suddenly noticed three surveillance cameras facing me. I was filled with fear, which I could not eliminate even after I read the Fa and sent righteous thoughts. The next day I suddenly heard Master’s voice and in another dimension I saw a giant hand pushing outward. I realized that Master saw that I was anxious, so he enlightened me. From this I understood the surveillance and persecution were blocked by Master. My fear disappeared.

Clarify the Truth Using Audio Players

One practitioner told us that putting information about Falun Dafa in audio players was very effective, as many elderly people like to listen to the radio. The demand for truth-clarification audio players surged. In order to meet the demand, my husband spent one night every week transferring truth-clarification content to memory cards from his computer. He kept swapping the memory card, as it became full after 60 minutes.

I clarified the truth to an old friend and persuaded him to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I learned that he suffered from various diseases such as emphysema, diabetes, and the aftereffects of a stroke (cerebral thrombosis). I took out a truth-clarification audio player and gave it to him, “We are all in our 70's and health is our top priority. Please listen to this information. It can help you understand many things.”

My old colleague really enjoyed the content. During the next two months he listened to all the programs twice, such as Divine Inspired Culture and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Afterwards he understood the truth. His stroke symptoms disappeared after he repeatedly recited, “Falun Dafa is good.” He came to our home and invited us to dinner to thank us.

I installed a new memory card on his audio player while we had dinner and told him, “This is one of Master’s lectures. Please keep the player in a clean place. If your body has any reactions while listening, please don’t be afraid. It is a good thing as Master is eliminating your karma.” He happily accepted it. He was very grateful and often sent us delicious food. I thanked him but said, “Please do not give us anything. Master told us to help people and this is what we should do.”

I also gave our relative a truth-clarification audio player after he agreed to withdraw from the CCP. He really liked it and always carried it with him. Once I visited him and he told me excitedly about his right eye. His right eye had been swollen and painful for years, and nothing helped. He recently listened to the story about someone receiving retribution after destroying a Buddha statue and realized this must be the root cause of his ailment.

My relative explained that he was a teenager during the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s and he destroyed a Buddha statue. After the statue was broken, he removed one of the eyes, which were made of glass, and played with it. After listening to the recordings he understood everything happened for a reason. He received retribution for smashing and desecrating Buddha statues.

He often says, “Falun Dafa is good.” Every time I visit him, he talks about what he learned from listening to the recordings. I sincerely thanked Master and fellow practitioners in my heart when I saw how people changed after listening to the truth-clarification content. The content is so meaningful and benefits people.

Look Within During Conflicts

I recently began having conflicts with practitioners in one Fa-study group. I used to bring them materials during our weekend Fa-study, and we discussed our cultivation experiences. Everyone liked to listen to me and asked for materials. However the situation changed recently. One practitioner stopped asking for materials, and also had a big argument with me. Another practitioner stopped talking to me. I was very angry and complained that they were being irrational. I did not want to go to that Fa-study group anymore. However, since one practitioner still wanted materials, I endured the awkward situation and continued attending and bringing materials. Unfortunately I became upset every time I went. I could not put aside my resentment, and I disliked going there.

I later calmed down and examined myself for the root cause. I found quite a few attachments—the biggest one was not cultivating my speech. I’ve always been opinionated and exaggerated my achievements to other practitioners. I realized that I wanted to show off. This is a manifestation of CCP culture, which I did not know I still had.

I was anxious when other practitioners had tribulations and was afraid they went to extremes. My language and tone were not kind and I did not think from their perspective. My behavior caused other practitioners to resent me, which in turn amplified my competitive mentality and jealousy. The conflicts ran in cycles and did not go away for a long time.

After I identified my attachments, I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate my human notions and the negative substances formed deep in my bones. My mind is clear and now I know how to handle interactions with fellow practitioners in the future.