(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in Canada’s capital Ottawa held a cultivation experience sharing conference at the University of Ottawa’s Simard Building on June 26, 2022. Fourteen practitioners talked about their insights while cultivating.

It was the first time since the pandemic began two years ago that practitioners have held an in-person conference. A project coordinator spoke about overcoming severe illness karma by reading the Fa teachings. Another person talked about how she was able to finally give up stubborn attachments after recognizing the seriousness of cultivation.

The 2022 Ottawa Falun Dafa cultivation experience sharing conference was held on June 26 at the University of Ottawa.

Practitioners who spoke at the conference

Cultivating While Promoting Shen Yun

Due to the COVID pandemic, practitioners said they encountered new challenges promoting Shen Yun. By regularly attending Fa study and exchanging experiences, they overcame difficulties and stepped up their marketing efforts by selling tickets at shopping malls, dropping off promotional materials at residences, putting up posters in public areas, and so on. Those who participated in the project said they felt their cultivation improve during the process.

Crystal delivered Shen Yun fliers to houses. The first time she went out, she started having cramps. She gradually recovered by doing the exercises. One snowy day she slipped and fell in the driveway. She quickly thought of Master’s teachings, stood up, and was able to finish delivering all the materials.

When she reflected on the incident, she discovered that she was afraid of falling down and thought one way of promoting Shen Yun was better than others. After sending righteous thoughts, she no longer had any pain and continued on. Two days later she went to the mall to sell tickets.

Ms. Diep, a Vietnamese practitioner, had a similar experience distributing materials. One time, she slipped on the ice and fell to her knees. “My knees hurt, and I dropped the brochures I was holding, but I told myself I would be all right. I stood up, took a few steps, and the pain went away. I felt a warm sensation. My kneecaps felt as if they were being massaged. I nearly slipped on the ice many times. I often felt Master was looking after me so that I would not fall down. It was a miracle! I thank Master for always taking care of us disciples,” she said.

Eliminating Human Thoughts

Sherry discovered that she wasn’t able to sell many tickets when she was at shopping centers. She thought it must be due to her human notions. She then studied the Fa more frequently and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate any elements that interfered with saving sentient beings.

She said a miracle happened. The next morning, a young couple approached her to buy tickets. She said, “I knew Master was encouraging me!”

Inspired by Shen Yun Performances

Donna realized she was very nervous when she interviewed people who attended Shen Yun. She knew it was caused by fear and her attachment to fame. Through persistence in studying the Fa and improving her character, her mindset became purer as she reported on the performances.

She was inspired by a piece in the show this year. She enlightened that she should be strict with herself all the time and improve her skills as a reporter in order to save people. This is related to her cultivation state. She said, “Only when we look within during conflicts and constantly improve our xinxing, will gods give us greater wisdom and skills to reach perfection at different realms.

Eliminating Resentment

Kathy Gillis realized that she held resentment. She decided to make a list of things that triggered it. As the list got longer and longer, she felt more agonized. She was especially troubled by her dislike for a certain politician. She tried to see this person with compassion and remind herself that “compassion is key.”

Tara talked about how she became aware of and eliminated feelings of jealousy as well as resentment. In the past year, she spent a lot of time taking care of her family, including a newborn and her father, who was ill. She also worked part time writing for a media outlet.

She discovered that whenever she saw her husband relaxing and enjoying his free time, she felt jealous and upset. Because she had young children to take care of, she seldom relaxed and often felt, “This is unfair.”

After discovering her attachments, Tara reminded herself that her husband works full time for The Epoch Times and is under a lot of pressure. He has to overcome many difficulties. He needs some time to relax.

She said, “The sky seemed blue and wide when I let go of these bad thoughts. Those small matters that make me angry became nothing and not worth even thinking about. Whenever such negative thoughts surfaced in my mind, I reminded myself of what I experienced before and that I needed to have forbearance.”

Extraordinary Experiences

The truck drivers’ protest outside Parliament in January this year was international news. Lucy and several other practitioners reported on the protests for three weeks braving minus 30 degree temperatures. The results were good and they made huge improvements in their cultivation as well.

In the final days of the protest when riot police officers drove away the protesters, there were major conflicts at the scene. One day, Lucy filmed and reported on this by herself using her mobile phone. She forgot about the weight of her huge backpack. She kept climbing to higher areas in search of the best angles to film from.

She said, “I cannot help but be moved by how amazing it is to practice Dafa. Thirty years ago, I could only do light exercises due to a car accident. Now, in order to do my best in a Dafa project, I put to good use skills I acquired when I was young.”

Olivier, who has been practicing for around three years, said it was winter when he first went to the exercise site in Ottawa. When he left and walked towards his car that was parked around the corner of a high rise apartment, he stopped in his tracks for no reason. Just then, blocks of ice fell from the roof and crashed onto the footpath in front of him.

He said, “If I had not stopped, the ice would probably have hit me. I believe it was Master who protected me.”

Many practitioners said they were moved by the speakers’ sharings. They said they would cherish the opportunity to cultivate and be more diligent in the future.