(Minghui.org) Since I moved, every day at 11:50 a.m., my neighbor watched a certain television program, and I could hear the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) song playing. It was annoying. I later adjusted my thoughts, and didn’t listen to it. In addition, there was a military team nearby which had morning exercises and the CCP’s songs were played at 6 a.m.

I thought moving here was not an accident. It is like the Monkey King who entered into the Princess Iron Fan’s stomach.

I was in the heart of the evil, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this evil, and later I no longer heard these songs.

There was a red flag on the top of a building at my workplace. Upon seeing this, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the communist evil specter. It fell halfway down the flag pole on the morning of July 1. Our executives thought it was providence, so they took it down and it was no longer hung.

There was a billboard with a CCP sign in our residential area, with a camera near it. I used paint to cover the sign, but the paint was removed the next day.

As a result, I decided to not use human methods, and instead, I sent forth righteous thoughts. Within a few days, the CCP sign was removed and replaced with some other displays.

There was once a display board in my daughter's school that slandered Master. My daughter cleaned it.

Initially, my daughter was accused of “sabotaging public equipment,” but strengthened by Master, after we sent forth righteous thoughts intensely, this incident was no longer considered a big deal.

Sending Righteous Thoughts to Deny the Old Forces Persecution

I suffered from serious sickness karma two years ago. I pulled through the life and death test by sending forth righteous thoughts and denied the old force’s persecution.

I sent forth righteous thoughts at 11 a.m., on June 22, 2021, and right then, my bed and even my house began shaking.

People later said that there was an earthquake at noon. I thought it wasn’t because of the earthquake, as I felt the shaking at 11 a.m.

My heart was very calm when I sent forth righteous thoughts, therefore the effect was obvious. From this dimensional field, it was only vibration, but if it originated from another dimensional field, the impact would be gigantic.

I sent forth righteous thoughts with my palm upright one afternoon at 6 p.m. in July 2021, and felt an earthquake. Even my family member who didn’t practice said, “There was an earthquake at 6 p.m., a moment ago.”

Many experience sharing articles are about the impact of sending forth righteous thoughts. There was an article where the fellow practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts and didn’t allow the old forces to use police officers to persecute practitioners, preventing them from committing crimes and ruining their lives.

At that time, the practitioner understood that sending forth righteous thoughts wasn’t for himself to avoid the persecution. Instead, it was to save sentient beings; as a result, the persecution disappeared.

There was a fellow practitioner’s wife who didn’t get along with her mother-in-law, so they moved out. The wife lost her temper very easily and was very emotional. One day, the fellow practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts, and the wife stopped crying and screaming.

I hope our fellow practitioners pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.