(Minghui.org) Some Falun Dafa practitioners take care of their children or their relatives’ children in their homes, but have refused to teach the children about Falun Dafa. They come up with excuses like “The child is too young. I’ll teach them about Dafa when they get older.” Some have said that the child’s parents have refused to let them practice, or the child will be discriminated against or persecuted at school by their classmates and teachers. Actually, these are all human notions.

If a child is born into a family of Falun Dafa cultivators, it was arranged by Master so the child could obtain the Fa and ultimately return to his or her original, true self. Though a child may be young, the child’s soul might not necessarily be young. Zhen Zhen is a child like this.

Zhen Zhen enjoyed listening to her grandmother recite poems from Hong Yin from a young age. She seemed to understand the meaning of the poems at ten months of age. She smiled when her grandmother read certain sections of Hong Yin and gestured for her grandmother to repeat a certain part. A miracle happened when Zhen Zhen was one-year-old. Zhen Zhen began talking and was able to recite the title of the next poem that her grandmother was going to read. She finished reciting titles of 180 poems from two books of Hong Yin. Zhen Zhen was able to memorize the content of the poems a month later. Her grandmother was so excited that she told Zhen Zhen’s grandfather about it. Zhen Zhen then recited the poems from Hong Yin for her grandfather without making any mistakes. Master unlocked her wisdom, and though she was still very young, Zhen Zhen could recite poems from Hong Yin by heart.

Zhen Zhen also memorized the story of the “Red-Eyed Stone Lion” and would tell the story to predestined sentient beings when her grandmother clarified the truth. This story helped people believe in the existence of Gods and Buddhas, and that there would be retribution for bad deeds and rewards for good ones.

When Zhen Zhen was two years old, she could read books written for first graders. At three years old, Zhen Zhen recognized many Chinese characters and was well-liked by her teachers. One of Zhen Zhen’s teachers came to understand the truth about Falun Dafa and then helped twenty other teachers quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. The teacher then gave a list of all the teachers who quit the Party to Zhen Zhen’s grandmother.

When Zhen Zhen was five years old, the school arranged for the children to join the Chinese Communist Party’s Young Pioneers. The teachers wanted Zhen Zhen to take the initiative to lead other children to join the CCP’s youth organization because Zhen Zhen was more advanced intellectually, but Zhen Zhen refused. A teacher asked her grandmother, “Why won’t she do a good thing like this?” Her grandmother said, “Zhen Zhen is a Falun Dafa cultivator, she will not join the CCP’s organizations.” The teacher acknowledged Zhen Zhen’s request. When everyone else had to put on the Party’s red scarf, Zhen Zhen did not have to. She was very happy and ran toward her grandmother and said, “Grandmother, I did not join the Young Pioneers.” Her grandmother was very happy and gave Zhen Zhen a hug.

Two days after her classmates joined the CCP organization, Zhen Zhen asked her grandmother, “Why did Master’s fashen come to school today?” Her grandmother stated, “Perhaps Master was encouraging you for not joining the CCP organization.”

Every child had to wear the CCP’s red scarf when they entered school. Since Zhen Zhen did not have a red scarf, her teacher wrote her a pass that allowed her to enter the school building without wearing one.

The school often held activities for the students, like singing songs that praised the CCP. Zhen Zhen did not participate. Her teacher understood and allowed Zhen Zhen to go read books instead.

Her grandparents were arrested by the CCP three weeks before Zhen Zhen was to take the academic test for junior high school students. When she heard the news about her grandparents, Zhen Zhen went home to collect and move their Dafa materials. She was caught by surveillance cameras and police went to Zhen Zhen’s school to question her and threaten to disqualify her from the test. The school refused to comply with the police and said Zhen Zhen could take the test like everyone else. Because Zhen Zhen did what a Dafa practitioner was supposed to do, Master strengthened her. In the end, she took the test without any problems.

As long as a Dafa practitioner is righteous in thought and action, he or she will be protected and helped by Master. Zhen Zhen was never bullied or discriminated against by teachers in preschool, elementary school, or junior high school. Some of Zhen Zhen’s teachers liked her and enjoyed chatting with her.

Besides getting her immunizations, Zhen Zhen never went to the hospital, took any medications, or needed any other shots. Her classmates were always envious of how healthy she was and how she never needed to take any sick days. At times when she was eliminating sickness karma, Zhen Zhen recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She also listened to Master’s audio lectures and got better in no time.

I suggest that the parents of young Dafa practitioners let go of ordinary human notions. Do not be afraid of your child being bullied or persecuted. Immerse your child in studying the Fa, and reciting the nine special words. Your child will not be discriminated against and will benefit throughout their life.