(Minghui.org) I have a Fa-study group at my home. Everyone in our group cultivates diligently, since they have a solid base in personal cultivation. They not only do the three things well with righteous thoughts and actions, but have also helped me so that all of us can cultivate diligently as one body. 

A few practitioners and I worked together to do things to validate Dafa. Over the past 10 years, we’ve traveled to many areas in our city to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. As our hearts for saving sentient beings were very pure, we never slacked off while doing the three things well, which Master (Falun Dafa’s founder) requires of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. Thus, a few of our projects have received Master’s encouragement multiple times. For example, some Falun appeared on our truth-clarification banners and emitted colorful lights; pictures of these have been published multiple times on the Minghui website. 

On the path of validating Dafa, there have been harsh tests, yet under Master’s benevolent protection, we broke through them and walked smoothly on the path of Fa-rectification. There were also many xinxing tests regarding cooperation. Sometimes I didn’t handle these well, because I didn’t pay attention to my xinxing and harbored a strong attachment to doing things, as I treated doing things the same as cultivation. Here I’d like to share how I managed to eliminate my resentment. 

When it came to resentment, it wasn’t a standalone issue for me. What stood out the most for me were both my show-off mentality and resentment. During these years of working with fellow practitioners, as everyone’s personality is different, I unknowingly developed some misunderstandings towards other practitioners. However, I still kept in mind that Master often lectured about working well with one another. In order to follow what Master asked of us, I knew I must work well with others, so as to not undermine the power of the one body. 

In order to work well with one another, practitioners often gave encouragement to others. After I got an earful of encouragement, I became pleased with myself. However, there was one time after I finished hanging up banners with Ms. Hao, I saw an evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda banner that defamed Dafa, so I went over to take it down. But I couldn’t get it down after working on it for close to 10 minutes. Right then, Ms. Hao noticed that a police car came and parked nearby, but I didn’t pay attention to it and carried on with what I was doing. After a while, I looked around, but couldn’t see her anymore. When I scanned the area, I saw her quite a ways away. I went over to her, and before I even said anything, she had a temper tantrum about me. Right then, I gathered that it was because she was worried about me. Although I didn’t say anything to her, I still felt wronged. 

After I got home, the more I thought about it, the more agitated I felt. I thought her fear was too strong. Instead of coming to inform me of the police car, she not only ran away herself, but also vented her anger at me. When I couldn’t get over it, I began to complain to my husband (also a practitioner) about her. Right then, my resentment was so strong that I forgot all about looking inward. I didn’t realize she was helping me to improve. And I failed to live up to Master’s expectations. I felt so regretful afterwards. 

I still worked with Ms. Hao to validate the Fa, and we worked well with each other. However, this incident still popped up in my mind from time to time, and I couldn’t let it go for a while. I wanted to eliminate this resentment and did my best to do so. As time passed, I felt that this attachment had vanished. When I looked at practitioners again, each one of them appeared to be so wonderful and precious! 

Over the past few years, when practitioners came to my home to join the group Fa-study, they always said the field was not as good as before. They attributed it to my moving to a different home. After they mentioned it a few times, I became alert and began to look inward. I recalled that after I moved, my home renovation occupied some of my time. It also exposed some of my attachments. However, this didn’t seem to be the reason. As I continued to look inward, I found my resentment, which I hadn’t completely let go of, was causing a separation among practitioners. Thus, practitioners had this feeling.

I also had strong resentment towards my husband. In 2019, when the Wuhan epidemic broke out, practitioners became busier with saving people, as did my husband and I. Even though our district was under lockdown, under Master’s empowerment, we broke through it with our righteous thoughts for saving people. However, one night my husband and I went to put up sticky notes about how to avoid the pandemic. My husband said to go that way, but I said to go this way. With my resentment for him and my insisting on my idea, we incurred evil interference. 

As soon as I went into the apartment building, a person was coming down from upstairs. When I saw he was in a rush, I didn’t pay much attention to finding a proper place to put up the sticky note. After I finished and was about to head out, that person came back and blocked my way, shouting, “What are you doing here? I’m in charge of this in our area. Show me!” Then he came at me to try and take down my mask and grab the things I had in my hand. Right then, my husband came to stop him, but he still made a call to report us. My husband asked me to leave, while he continued to clarify the facts to him. 

This person said, “I’m entitled to 1,000 yuan as a reward for having you arrested. I can’t let you go.” My husband said, “You can’t take this dirty money for betraying your conscience! The evil Party is using money and your self-interest to destroy people! Our Master has us save people, including you, before the great calamity arrives. With the onset of the pandemic, nobody dares to go out. However, we still risk our lives to do this wonderful thing to have you saved, what do we get out of doing this? We are risking our lives to ensure your safety. Do you ever see any other good people like us?" 

As I left the district I began to ask for Master’s help: Your disciples ran into danger. Master, please help save your disciples. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate every evil being and factor persecuting Dafa practitioners, and to restrain sentient beings who don’t know the truth and thereby risk losing their future by persecuting practitioners. Meanwhile, I began to look inward to see which of my attachments triggered this interference? I realized it still came down to resentment. I had a long history of that towards my husband. Because of resentment, I always tried to gain the upper hand at home. I made up my mind to eliminate this resentment that was infused by the evil Chinese Communist Party culture, as well as all kinds of other attachments. 

Right then, that person also came to understand the truth. He said to my husband, “Can you take down your mask so I can see your face?” My husband has little fear, so he did. Then that person said, “Oh, you look so kind, you are a good person. Go, go!” Probably because the police were on their way, and out of good intention, he prompted my husband to leave. 

Under Master’s benevolent protection, we arrived back at the bus station, then came home from there safe and sound. Thinking back over my life, cultivation is the most serious thing I have encountered. We can’t just do things without cultivating ourselves, and we must use Dafa’s standards to rectify our every thought and action. 

When looking at my resentment, I realized that one’s attachments are fundamentally intertwined. Besides the resentment, my show-off mentality was also very strong. When sharing with fellow practitioners, I always liked to boast about how well I did something, what my understandings were, and so on. When I realized I did this, I decided to quickly eliminate it. Whenever I began to talk about what I did, and how I clarified the truth to people, I immediately became alert to not show off. What did I need to brag about? It’s Master who saves sentient beings, and it’s Dafa that guides practitioners to improve. I only have to do my part according to Master’s requirements. Master requires that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples assist in saving sentient beings. This is also for the purpose of establishing our mighty virtue for our final consummation. Master gives us everything. 

I, who gained a new life in Dafa, can’t adequately express the respect I feel deep down for our benevolent and wonderful Master. Only by cultivating diligently and doing the three things well with righteous thoughts and actions, can I fulfill my prehistoric vow and follow Master to return home.