(Minghui.org) When we were distributing Minghui website calendars in late 2016, a local Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wan had just started to clarify the truth to a man in his 80s when the man grabbed Mr. Wan’s electric bike and called the police. Mr. Wan had to let go of his bike and left.

The man used to be a government official and had been poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) indoctrination. When he and his wife go out in their tricycle, they hang a big badge of Mao, the former head of the CCP, on the cab of the tricycle. Another practitioner, a coordinator, was clarifying the truth in a small shop, and this man was there, too. He turned around, slapped the coordinator in the face, and insisted on taking him to the police station. Other people in the shop tried to dissuade him for a long time, and he finally gave up.

I once went to get a haircut. I put a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in the barbershop for those who wanted to read it. That man came in and saw it. He asked, “Who put it there? If I find out, I’ll report him. A few days ago, I caught someone distributing calendars. The police confiscated his electric bike.” Afterward, the barber told me, “That old man is a very bad person. When he was an official in a rural area, because a farmer said something he didn’t like, he and another official beat the farmer. The farmer couldn’t get out the bed for several years and had to spend a lot on medical care. That man truly was the village bully.”

At that time, my home was a Fa-study site. After Fa study, the five of us discussed going to the police station to ask for the return of the electric bike. Our main purpose was to clarify the truth and awaken people’s conscience. At 8 a.m. the next day, we went to the police station.

On the way we recited Master’s poem,

“Rectifying Fa as I go,penetrating all layers of the cosmosAll choosing to oppose the rectificationwere eliminatedWhen Heaven wishes for change,who’d dare obstruct?The cosmos, now rebuilt,will never again turn bad”(“Rectifying the Fa,” Hong Yin III)

Mr. Wan went into the police station to clarify the truth, while the four of us sent forth righteous thoughts outside. We also recited Lunyu, Master’s articles in Essentials for Further Advancement, and Master’s poems in Hong Yin. After about an hour, one of us went in to see how things were coming along and saw that Mr. Wan was handcuffed to an iron chair. The chief of the police station looked very angry.

The practitioner came back and told us what was going on. We immediately split up to do what needed to be done. I took the bus to find a fellow practitioner who had internet access. He put the information about Mr Wan’s detention online, asking practitioners outside of China to call the police station and rescue Mr. Wan. The rest of us went to Mr. Wan’s home to remove Dafa books and materials and computers. We later found out that the police were shocked when they started getting phone calls from overseas: “How could they know about this so quickly?” Mr. Wan also had strong righteous thoughts and continued to clarify the truth inside the police station. He also recited Lunyu. At the time, the new version of Lunyu had just been published, and he had not memorized it very well yet. However, he was able to recite it fluently in the police station.

With Master’s protection and rescue efforts by fellow practitioners locally and abroad, Mr. Wan was released from the police station in less than four hours. This was a well-organized effort in the process of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification. In another dimension, there must have also been an intense battle. When we later discussed the situation, we were very moved by how everyone cooperated.

Master told us,

“Dafa disciples are magnificent, because what you are cultivating is the ultimate Great Law of the cosmos; because you have validated Dafa with righteous thoughts; and because you have not fallen during the massive tribulation. Dafa disciples’ doing Fa-rectification has no precedent in history. In the magnificent, grand feats of validating the Fa with rationality, clarifying the truth with wisdom, and spreading the Fa and saving people with mercy, each Dafa disciple’s path to Consummation is being perfected. At this great moment in history, every steady step is a glorious, historic testimony, and is incomparably magnificent mighty virtue. All this is being recorded in the history of the cosmos. The magnificent Fa and the magnificent epoch are forging the most magnificent Enlightened Beings.” (“The Disciples’ Magnificence,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress II)

Learning from Our Mistakes

Another time we didn’t do so well.

I used to live in a community for the workers of a factory and their families. Before the persecution started, more than 100 people did the Falun Dafa exercises outdoors every morning. Even on the morning of July 20, 1999, more than 80 people were doing the exercises—it was a magnificent sight to behold. Some children were able to see the red energy field around the exercise site, just like Master described in Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa.

But as soon as the persecution started, some people stopped practicing Falun Dafa. Some came down with sickness karma, and some began to do other forms of qigong. In the end, only a handful of practitioners were left, but they diligently clarified the truth, put up banners, and distributed Dafa brochures. They were walking the divine path of assisting Master to save people.

A little past 8 a.m. on March 16, 2018, five practitioners from the community went to clarify the truth and distribute Dafa brochures. They split up. Two went to distribute brochures on both sides of the street.

One of the two, Mrs. Zhang, was arrested. The other practitioner went to find the other three practitioners to tell them about the arrest. One of them said, “Let’s go to Mrs. Zhang’s home immediately and move the sensitive materials.” Another practitioner said, “Her family doesn’t support her practicing Dafa. Will they report us to the police?” The other three didn’t say anything. They all then went home to hide their own books and materials.

At the time, I had bought a home elsewhere and had moved out of that community, but I went back often. Later on that day, I went back to a fellow practitioner’s home to study the Fa, and one of the aforementioned practitioners was also there.

At first, they didn’t tell me what had happened. After the Fa study, when we were sending forth righteous thoughts, someone whispered into my ear, “Send righteous thoughts for Mrs. Zhang so that she can be released quickly.” I was startled and asked what was going on.

Only then was I told that Mrs. Zhang had been arrested around 9 a.m. I said, “It’s been a long time. Why didn’t you go to her home to remove her Dafa books and materials? Although we don’t acknowledge that Dafa books and materials can be used as evidence, it is still necessary to minimize the losses. Let’s hurry up and go get those things from her home.”

But it was too late. By 11 a.m. the police had already ransacked her home and confiscated all her Dafa books and truth-clarification materials. I really felt desperate at the time.

The next day, two of the four practitioners went back to their hometown to hide, and the other two were too afraid to go out and clarify the truth again. Now they are all struggling with sickness karma.

Learning What Works Best to Rescue a Practitioner

I was involved in both incidents. In the first incident, we responded quickly after the practitioner was detained, and practitioners locally and abroad cooperated and worked as one body. The practitioner returned home in less than four hours. In the second incident, we didn’t form one-body, didn’t think about how to rescue the arrested fellow practitioner, were only worrying about ourselves being implicated, and missed the best time to rescue her.

Of course, there were also other reasons. For instance, Mrs. Zhang’s son didn’t understand the truth and resented his mother. Thus, he refused to cooperate with us to ask for his mother’s release. In the end, Mrs. Zhang was illegally detainedfor a year and a half.

We should learn from these two incidents and become more mature. When we encounter problems, we must look at the problems based on the Fa. We will then be less selfish and have stronger righteous thoughts and avoid unnecessary losses.