(Minghui.org) Having practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years, I have witnessed how Chinese citizens brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s defamatory propaganda against my faith. Among them, some have gradually learned facts of Falun Dafa and chosen to support practitioners despite the harsh suppression.

Party Secretary Helps My Husband

When our child was born 20 years ago, my husband was arrested on the day we brought our newborn home. He, also a Falun Dafa practitioner, went out to buy necessities for the baby and was seized by police. I couldn’t even get out of bed at the time, so I called our relatives for help when my husband did not return home.

My husband’s aunt found out that police had arrested my husband and planned to send him to a brainwashing center. His parents had gone to the police department to try to stop the police from sending him away, but to no avail. I was devastated – I could only lie in bed and could hardly sit. How could I take care of myself and the newborn?

Some coworkers came to visit me with many gifts the next morning. Upon hearing of my husband’s arrest for practicing Falun Dafa, they were very angry and talked to the Party Secretary Jun at our workplace.

“How could she survive like this?” one coworker asked, “Isn’t what the police did forcing practitioners to go to Beijing to appeal?”

Juan immediately contacted higher officials and police.

“If something happens, me and the workplace will bear responsibility,” she said, “But if the arrest left my employee’s family with no choice but to go to Beijing [to appeal], it will be out of my control.”

Because she was persistent, higher officials agreed to call the county police to release my husband. Jun immediately sent two security officers to the police department to pick up my husband and ensure that he would return home safely. Jun also came to my home to check if everything was all right.

It was very rare that a Party Secretary like Jun could withstand the pressure and protect a practitioner’s family during the darkest days of the persecution. My family is very thankful and her uprightness was also rewarded. After retirement, she was rehired elsewhere with a much higher salary.

Kindness of Two Directors

The county police once ransacked my residence with a search warrant with no signature. Although the police did not find anything to frame me, they kept pressing the village officials and my landlord to evict me. They also spread rumors that my husband was dangerous.

With no other options, I reached out to workplace officials for help.

“Citizens have legal rights to find a residence,” said the human resources director, “As long as you pay rent, you don’t have to move out even if they tell you to do so.”

He immediately called the village head, who insisted on me moving out due to pressure from the county police.

“I do not have much power over the village officials. I hope someone else could help you,” said the Human Resources Director.

I contacted the Production Director. He immediately sent a deputy security officer to the village and called the village head directly, but that did not work out either. He was very sorry because he was unable to help me out.

Later on both directors received blessings for supporting Falun Dafa practitioners. My workplace, a state-owned enterprise, later went private and was acquired by another company with many people laid off. The human resources director was able to keep his position, while the production director opened his own business, which was very successful.

Two Security Officers

The county police often came to my workplace to harass me. Two security officers tried to avoid meeting them. When that was not possible, they often refused to take action against me as told by the police. Every now and then they asked for Falun Dafa informational materials from me to read and knew Falun Dafa practitioner are good people.

At that time, I was responsible for recording raw material purchased at work. One supplier asked if I could record a higher quantity than what my workplace had actually purchased so that he could earn extra money. In return he would pay me 2,000 yuan each month. At that time, my husband and I only had several hundred yuan of income per month. Plus we had to pay rent and raise a child. Despite the financial difficulty, I said no to the supplier and explained that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner who follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The supplier did not give up and made several attempts after that. My answer was always the same. Later on he asked me for Falun Dafa materials because he wanted to know more about the practice. I gave him a pamphlet without a second thought.

After some time, one of the two security officers said someone had reported me to officials for distributing Falun Dafa materials at work. Seeing me unable to figure out who he was, the security officer said it was the supplier. I explained the entire story and the security officer reminded me to be careful with this kind of person in the future.

After helping me on numerous occasions, both security officers received blessings later. One of them kept his job after my workplace was acquired by another company. Another one bought a subsidized apartment that migrant workers like him were usually not eligible for purchasing. I am very happy for them.

Regret of a Neighborhood Committee Director

When the suppression first started in July 1999, the director of the neighborhood committee followed the persecution policy closely. I was unmarried at the time and he handcuffed me at the neighborhood committee for one day and night. In addition to trying to force me to renounce my belief, he extorted my parents for premium cigarettes, wine, and food before releasing me. On the following day, he took me to a police station.

But he soon faced consequences. When transferring me from one detention center to another, he told me that he had suffered from stomach problems after detaining me. But instead of learning from this lesson, he continued with the persecution and sent me and another practitioner to a brainwashing center.

After getting home, however, he found his daughter – already married – had no money to buy an apartment. So he sold his own and bought one for his daughter. After living together with his daughter and son-in-law for a while, the director could not get along with them. He wanted to move out, but did not have a place to stay. With his illness getting worse day by day, the director eventually died.

Two Managers

Due to poor performance, my workplace had a reorganization shortly after I was pregnant. Gang, my manager, knew about my pregnancy and treated me well. As an accountant, I only needed to prepare a monthly report on cost vs. revenue, plus employees’ salaries. So every day I volunteered to help out other coworkers.

After my child was born and my husband was arrested, Gang and some coworkers came to visit me. When he asked how much I would receive during maternity, I told him that it was a small fraction of the monthly pay – less than 200 yuan per month for me.

“How could you survive like that?” he said, “Your husband was arrested, and you have to pay for the rent while taking care of the child.”

Gang made a decision that our division would pay me some money, allowing me to receive 300 yuan in total per month.

“Our division is also experiencing financial difficulty,” he apologized, “Otherwise, we might have been able to pay you more.”

I thanked him for his kindness because the extra money helped me a lot at the time. Later on, there were more organizational changes, but Gang was appointed another position in a different division.

In fact, Gang had been my manager for many years. After Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, I brought him a copy. He liked it a lot and passed it onto his friends as well. Later on, he asked for more materials related to Falun Dafa from me and agreed to quit the CCP organizations. Later on, he was promoted to a higher position. Even his wife received blessings. She was diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago and but is still alive and well today.

After returning to work from maternity leave, I was moved to another division and Wei became my manager. He was the youngest manager in the company and was not very familiar with the operations and logistics. Later on he asked if I could take on more responsibility, including raw material purchasing, logistics, and others. Although the salary was not high, I agreed to help out as much as possible.

When responsible for purchasing, I often met sales people who offered me gray income through transactions. I told them that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and would not accept money that did not belong to me. Some did not believe it and manipulated the invoice amount for me to earn some money personally. Whenever that happened, I would tell Wei the actual cost so that the company would not lose money. He and other coworkers were very respectful of me because of that.

Once a security officer called Wei and me, saying that there was a quota from above to target a certain number of practitioners and that I was to be sent to a brainwashing center.

“No way,” Wei replied, “She (me) is a technical lead in the division. The operation cannot continue without her.”

When the security officer once again mentioned it was an order from higher officials, Wei replied, “It is not my business and I don’t care!!”

His righteousness was also rewarded. Later on he found a beautiful wife and they had a boy. When calculating the year-end balance sheet, all divisions had deficits except for my division. Because of that, Wei was praised by senior leadership and received a big bonus.

My Neighbor and Landlord

To help more people to know the facts of Falun Dafa, I had distributed materials in the village I lived. Many people learned what went on and became supportive.

One day when riding my bike home, I noticed someone was following me in a car. Right after I came back and parked my bike, a neighbor on the first floor, Hong, pulled me to the side and said that some officers had been here looking for me.

“I know they have been in this area for a while,” she added, “If you have any [Falun Dafa] books and materials, please put them away in a safe place.”

I thanked her and went upstairs.

Right as I about to open my door, my landlord Shan hurriedly came.

“Some people were here earlier today and they may come to ransack your place,” She said, “If you have any sensitive materials, give them to me for safekeeping and I will give everything back to you later on.”

That evening, police arrived, ransacking my home and taking my husband and me to the police station. Because officers did not find anything at my home, they had no choice but to release my husband and me the following morning.

Shan also received blessings later on. Once when a nanny took Shan’s baby downstairs, she slipped, causing the stroller and baby to roll down the stairs. Everyone was frightened. Fortunately, the baby was not hurt at all and it was like a miracle.

My new landlord Qiang was a former official at my workplace. I gave him a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He liked it very much and recommended it to his friends too. Qiang’s wife is also a nice person. She offered to cook meals for my husband and I since we usually return home from work very late. We are very thankful.

One day, Qiang’s wife said a young man had been here earlier that day asking her to terminate my lease.

“It must be a county police officer. They had forced me to move in the past and now they are here again,” I said.

“No worries. I have driven them away. You need a place to stay after all,” she said, “Plus, it is my house and I can rent it to whomever I like!”

Here I would like to thank these officials, neighbors, and landlords who helped me. By supporting Falun Dafa practitioners and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, they will be blessed with a better future.