(Minghui.org) Although I am 69 years old, I do all the farm work for my family. Some people have said about me, “That woman is amazing. She is as capable as two young men combined.”

I live in a region famous for growing rice in northeast China. My family owns and rents a total of 33 acres of farmland. I work with my son and his wife in the fields all year round. I can do more faster than a strong young man because the Falun Dafa that I practice has given me endless energy. My family and neighbors agree: “Falun Dafa is good!”

Cultivating Falun Dafa

A relative who practiced Dafa played the recordings of Teacher’s Fa lectures to me in 1998. She even left me a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. However, reading was hard for me since I only had a first-grade education, so I put the book aside and played cards in my spare time.

I had back pain at that time and had my children massage my back every night. I also had arthritis and coughed a lot in the winter.

Later that practitioner relative came to visit me again and asked if I had read Zhuan Falun. I said I had not.

“You should read it. Do you know how many lives are waiting for you to save them?”

I was shocked to think that my cultivation was related to whether others could be saved and realized I had to read the book and cultivate.

I opened the book that night and read the first few pages. I could only recognize a few characters in each line, but amazingly I felt really good after I did. I didn’t get my kids to massage my back or take any medicine that night, but neither my back nor my knees hurt. All of my health problems were just gone.

From that day on, I knew that Falun Dafa was a true Buddha Fa. That was how I started to cultivate.

At first, I had to ask people about the characters in the book that I didn’t know and tried to guess their meaning from the context. Gradually I somehow knew every character in the book and I could read all of Zhuan Falun.

I had a dream that I was looking for my farm field and a woman with circles on her clothes said she would guide me. She told me that she had cultivated for 800 years. I thought that she might be an animal practicing some other cultivation method.

I recalled Zhuan Falun mentioned animals developing some supernormal capabilities: “They pale in comparison with a true practitioner. It would take barely your little finger to crush them, even if they have practiced nearly a thousand years.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

The woman in my dream led me to a mountain far from home and then disappeared. When I woke up, I wondered if that dream meant that Teacher removed a snake from my body.

Another time when I was reading Zhuan Falun, every character appeared golden and shiny. I told my family, “Please come look!”

They were all in awe: “It is true Buddha’s Fa! What your Teacher said is true!”

My Children Help Me Distribute Truth-clarification Materials

I have three daughters and one son, all married. They do not cultivate Dafa but have witnessed how wonderful Dafa is from my cultivation. They and their spouses often go out with me to distribute informational materials about Falun Dafa. They also have been blessed for supporting Dafa.

The husband of my eldest daughter had pancreatitis. I gave him a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party(a documentary series Dafa practitioners were distributing to expose the true nature and evilness of the Communist Party). He exclaimed after watching it, “This is the true history!”

Amazingly, his pancreatitis disappeared right after he finished watching the DVD. “This Dafa is so miraculous!” he said. After that, he began to give me money every major holiday. I told him that I didn’t need it, but he said it was for me to make more materials.

When I get many truth-clarifying materials, the husband of my youngest daughter takes me on his motorcycle to distribute them in villages further away. He has also been blessed by Dafa. Once he had a bad headache at my home. He read a few pages of a Minghui Weekly and fell asleep. When he woke up, he had no pain and was clear-headed. He told us that he had a dream that a man in gray put a hat on his head and his head started to make noise; that apparently had fixed his headache.

“I am SO believing in Dafa!” He exclaimed.

He has since been openly telling people in public places that Falun Dafa is good, despite the ongoing persecution. “I believe in nothing but Falun Dafa!”

My granddaughter had severe diarrhea. I studied the Dafa book and meditated with her and it stopped. She then ate a kebab without any problem, while normally a person with diarrhea might be too weak to digest the heavy meat.

My second daughter, after hearing what happened, said, “This Dafa is miraculous!”

My eldest and second daughters often go out with me to distribute the truth materials. When the Chinese Communist Party persecuted Dafa practitioners in our region severely, they asked me to stay at home and offered to distribute the materials for me. I said I would be fine and the three of us went out together.

My daughter-in-law also went out with me, too. Sometimes we take turns distributing the materials. Sometimes my son rides his motorcycle to take me to places further out.

All my children and their spouses give me money to produce more informational materials.

My grandson was born prematurely. At my daughter-in-law’s 32-week prenatal checkup, the doctor said there was a problem with the fetus and recommended she have an abortion. I thought, “He is a life and we should give him a chance.” She had a C-section and delivered a boy.

He was kept in an incubator and stopped breathing the next day. When the doctors were trying to revive him, I asked Teacher to save him. He started to breathe a few minutes later. We took him to a big hospital in the capital city of our province. The doctor told us that his heart and lungs had not fully developed yet, which was why he’d stopped breathing and the lack of oxygen to his brain had caused brain damage. He stayed in the hospital for two weeks.

While he was there, I had a dream: I was coming down to the human world from a higher cosmos and saw my grandson was following me to descend. He had some trouble walking. I touched his feet and then he could walk normally. We then walked together.

Another time I dreamed about his returning home and saw that he was healthy. There were four children together: one was his main soul and the other three were his assistant souls. He looked around my home since it was new to him. Then he went to sleep on the bed.

In reality, when my son and his wife brought the baby home, he started looking around after being put on the bed, exactly like he did in my dream. When he was examined a month later, everything was normal. He had become a perfectly healthy baby!

When I pushed him out in a stroller, the villagers couldn’t believe that he was such a cute, healthy baby—they thought he wouldn’t even survive. They understood that Dafa indeed brings people blessings.

My son once drove several people in a farm vehicle up a hill to pick mushrooms. He suddenly lost control of the vehicle and it slid downhill toward a reservoir. Everyone was scared—it slid so fast that no one could get out. Amazingly, something near the bottom of the hill stopped the vehicle, and everyone was safe.

On their way back, my son’s sleeve got caught in the gears and he turned in the wrong direction toward a ditch. There was a tree in the way that stopped the vehicle, but the momentum threw my son out. Somehow he made a backflip and landed on his feet. Everyone in the vehicle and the vehicle itself were safe again! Without Teacher’s protection, I can’t imagine how serious the consequences would have been.

My husband has been very respectful of Dafa. He always reminds me to send forth righteous thoughts when it is time. He had a stroke and became paralyzed more than ten years ago. Then he was able to walk again, thanks to Dafa. Other people we know that had strokes around the same time all passed away. He is fine and can walk. It is truly “with one person practicing, the whole family benefits...” (Teachings at the Conference in Australia)

All Lives Come for Dafa

Teacher said,

“Nothing happens by chance. Many beings from higher planes have sought to come down and reincarnate, wishing to form a karmic tie with Dafa. Meanwhile, human beings have been reincarnating in the cycle of rebirth. But there are only so many humans and human skins. If there were any more, the earth wouldn’t be able to hold them all. Thus, lives of higher planes have reincarnated as animals and even plants. Many of the lives here at this human place are not simple, they are no ordinary beings.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Farmers often raise poultry and livestock. Since Teacher taught us not to kill lives, I asked my son and daughter-in-law not to raise them anymore. But they still wanted to, so I then let them since they didn’t practice Dafa.

Once my daughter-in-law raised a flock of geese. I had a dream that a group of people came and wanted to work for me. After I woke up, I thought her geese might be those lives coming to me to be saved, so I told the geese to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Another time my daughter-in-law brought some baby chicks home. I told them, “Falun Dafa is good,” too. Two of the chicks kept making noise, so I put them in a separate box. I had a dream that night that two girls came to my home and stood near the “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” wall calendar. They told me, “We are going to leave tomorrow.” Those two chicks died the next morning. I realized that they had come for the Fa.

“That Elderly Woman Is Amazing!”

I live with my son. I take on the strenuous farming activities and also take care of the household chores. I follow Dafa’s principles and never complain about anything. Since I can maintain my xinxing and take money and fame lightly, I can do farm work really well: I don’t get tired and I work very fast.

Once I was with my daughter-in-law in the field. She got tired after working for a while, so I told her to take a rest and I continued working. When I returned home, she was still tired and lay in bed resting. I then cooked lunch.

I often recite Teacher’s Fa and Hong Yin when I work. Our field has slopes and some are pretty steep. I was seeding corn one day and had a hard time pushing the seed sprayer uphill. I then thought, “How long will it take me to complete the seeding at this rate? I haven’t studied the Fa and still have many other things to do.” Right after that, the sprayer became light and ran forward by itself. I had to hold it back so it didn’t go too fast.

However, it was still hard for my daughter-in-law when she pushed the sprayer. She was completely exhausted at night. My husband said, “I saw your mother push it easily. You are much younger, so how come she was faster?”

“She studies Dafa. I can’t compare with her. It was light and not tiring for her but heavy for me.”

In the early years, our family didn’t have much land, so I worked in other people’s fields. People wanted to hire me instead of anyone else: they knew I was diligent and honest, and quick. While I worked there I told them the truth of Dafa. They all recognized that Dafa was good.

My son rented later some farmland. My husband had some health issue, so he could not do heavy labor. I work with my son and daughter-in-law in our fields.

When we seed the rice crops in the spring, we have to soak the soil and then remove all the grass and other seeds floating in the water. We once hired someone. It took him more than two days to clean up three acres. I then did it myself and finished three acres in one morning. From then on, I took care of our over 30 acres all by myself. And I didn’t feel tired afterward.

After harvesting the rice, we have to lay it on the ground to dry. That is also an exhausting job. Several people usually do that work and they are all wiped out at the end. However, I did it all by myself and didn’t feel tired at all. Someone said, “That elderly woman is amazing!”

We also have 15 acres of mountain fields planted with pine trees. We forgot about those acres when it was time to seed our rice crops. Without proper care, weeds grew all over the place, even taller than the pine seedlings. The whole field looked like a big meadow.

My son and his wife thought the cleanup work would be too much and wanted to give up on it all, including the pine seedlings. I wanted to save it, so when the work in the rice field was light, I went to the mountain to cut weeds. I kept reciting Dafa as I worked and never felt tired. In the end, I cleaned up the whole field and our pine seedlings started growing.

One person said, “Even looking at this big meadow makes me dizzy, but that woman cleaned it all by herself. She’s a first-class laborer.”

Another person said, “She can do more than two strong young men combined!”

People all in my village know that practicing Dafa has made me this capable.

Saving People

I work in our fields every day. Whenever I bump into people, I tell them the truth about Falun Dafa.

Our rented field is next to a field rented by a family from another village. I helped him with some work and shared my lunch with him. I told him about Dafa and helped him quit the communist regime’s organizations. He told the people with him, “This woman is very capable and super kind.” I then told them the facts about Dafa.

I have never stopped telling people the truth about Dafa, even with the busy farm work.

Most people in my village know that Dafa is great and the town manager especially appreciates Dafa. Some people didn’t agree with me, so I gave them more information. Then they understood. Most of them also agreed to quit the Communist Party and its related organizations.

I also try to talk to people and distribute Dafa materials door to door in the neighboring villages. Once during the day, someone asked me, “How do you dare to do this during the day?”

“I am eager to save people!” I said.

Whoever I run into, whether in the fields or on the mountain, even if it’s someone collecting recyclable stuff, I tell them the truth about Dafa.

People from the township came to my house to process loans for us. They saw my “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” posters on the door.

They asked who was practicing Falun Gong. “I do,” I told them. “I had many health problems that all disappeared after I started reading the Dafa book. Dafa is so miraculous! It is a true Buddha Fa.”


Teacher gave us an example about

“a novice monk who tends the hearth or cooks the meals at a monastery, and his hardships make it all the more likely he will achieve spiritual enlightenment.” (The Seventh Talk, Zhuan Falun)

During my cultivation all these years, I have just followed Teacher’s words to “melt into the Fa” (“Melt Into the Fa,” Essentials for Further Advancement). Though I continue to do the heavy work on the farm, I do not suffer or feel tired. My family is also in great harmony. People see Dafa’s miracle in me and come away with a positive view of Dafa.

I feel fortunate that I can be a Dafa disciple. Everything I have is given by Teacher. I can never fully describe my gratitude to Teacher for his grace!