(Minghui.org) It has been more than 20 years since I started practicing Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa first healed my illnesses, then saved my life through many miracles afterwards.

1. Obtaining Dafa by Way of a Tortuous Path

In the spring of 1998, I unexpectedly came upon an old classmate. Upon seeing my poor health, she advised me, “Come practice Falun Dafa with me. Falun Dafa has miraculous effects on healing and fitness.” I was skeptical. “I am already quite ill. Even the hospital has advised me to resign myself to an early death. Besides Buddha, no other being can cure my illness. I don’t want to learn the practice.” Although deep down I still believed in Gods and Buddhas, I knew better than to believe a miracle could occur.

At that time, my body was riddled with ailments and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The doctor even warned my husband to keep a close eye on me and he forbade me from leaving my house because of risks associated with my mental state. Atrophy in my cervical spine resulted in insufficient blood supply to my brain and compressed my nerves. As a result, one side of my body was numb. I also suffered from chronic bronchitis, a serious cardiac condition, kidney stones and severe colitis. Doctors warned that I could develop rectal cancer. I was so weak, my legs could no longer support my weight. When suspicious lumps were found in my breast, the doctor recommended I seek further consultation from a cancer specialist. However I was unable to follow through due to lack of money. As a result of chronic anemia, I had little to no blood whenever my menstrual period came.

I was forced to take so many medications daily that my kidneys and liver soon became badly affected. My liver was so swollen I could not lie down properly. I was forced to sleep kneeling down, with my head braced on a pillow. Due to colitis I was forced to cut out oil, vegetables and fruits from my diet. By this point, I had given up all hope of survival.

My old classmate and the Falun Dafa practice site coordinator refused to be deterred and visited my home several times to encourage me to learn the practice. I told them, “I have difficulty even walking to the toilet, I can’t make the long journey there.” They assured me, “We will carry you.” I reluctantly agreed to visit the practice site with them. Surprisingly, I managed to walk the entire mile to the practice site on my own, without assistance.

That day, the practice site played a video of the third lecture of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa cultivation practice. Master started cleansing my body that very day. Throughout the session, my diseased left leg felt devoid of flesh and chilled to the bone. The practice site coordinator started a fire to warm me, but no matter how hot the fire burned, I still felt cold. After watching the video, I decided not to continue as I felt Master was too young and the lecture content was too profound. However, Master’s voice left a lasting impression in my memory.

Afterwards, several Falun Dafa practitioners visited me and advised me to continue practicing. Occasionally, people around me would also talk about Falun Dafa. This gave rise to a strange feeling. “I’ve decided not to learn, so why do I keep hearing about it in my everyday life?” This increased my desire to learn more about Falun Dafa.

One day, my cousin came over and suggested, “Let’s go visit the practice site. They will be playing a video of Master Li’s lecture.” My sister and I went to the practice site and we even met a fellow acquaintance from our village hometown there. This fellow acquaintance assured us the practice was so good, it had miraculous effects on healing and fitness. I told him, “I’ve been taking medication to no avail. This practice can cure my illnesses? I find it hard to believe.” He replied, “You’ll understand after reading the book.” At that time, copies of Zhuan Falun were so rare that three copies would have to be shared among a dozen people. Our acquaintance said he had a copy, and I agreed to purchase it from him. Although my family was financially poor, I was determined to obtain the book, even if I had to borrow money to fund this purchase. A few days later, our acquaintance delivered a copy of Zhuan Falun along with a copy of Essentials for Further Advancement. Priced at 9 yuan, the cost of Zhuan Falun was very cheap. Our acquaintance did not charge me any money for the copy of Essentials for Further Advancement. I was full of gratitude when he told me it was a gift. After studying the Fa, I realized that all this had been painstakingly arranged by Master Li for me.

After receiving Zhuan Falun, I read it non-stop, both day and night. I realized this was no ordinary book, but one that taught a true cultivation way. I finally obtained the Fa and the way to return to my origin! I thought to myself, “Master, this disciple has finally found you!”

I was thirteen years old when the Cultural Revolution occurred. I witnessed people harassing, stealing, cheating and hurting each other. From my experience, I thought if I could live in a place where conflict or harm did not exist, I would be content, even if living conditions were poor and one had to eat chaff to survive. However, this peaceful place appeared non-existent until I read Zhuan Falun. From there I realized that Falun Dafa was the purest environment in existence.

About two months later, the site coordinator said, “An experience sharing meeting will be held soon. Everyone start drafting your own cultivation experience sharing articles.” She then looked at me and said, “You should also submit an essay, describing how you improved your character and the subsequent improvement to your health.” Only then did I remember my chronic illnesses. I had been so focused on studying the Fa and applying the principles on how to be a good person, that I had forgotten about my poor health. On hearing the site coordinator’s remark, I realized that my discomfort and pain had vanished. The bones protruding from my spine and the lumps in my breast had disappeared. I could now lift my hands to my face. My illnesses had been cured! I had met a true Buddha and received a miracle in return!

2. Miraculous Experiences During Cultivation 

Weak Woman with the Strength of a Man

After obtaining Dafa, I felt like an entirely new person. My spirit became lighter, walking was now effortless and the joy I felt each day was indescribable. My family was relieved to see the change in my condition. The worried creases in my husband’s face disappeared and laughter was often heard in our family home.

Once, after I entered a local grocery store to buy food, I noticed eight to nine young people arguing. The quarrel soon escalated into a fight, and one young man started hefting a cleaver. I had an abnormal fear of cleavers since I was a child. Despite my fear, I recalled Master’s teachings, put aside my regard for life and death, and immediately hugged the knife-wielding man from behind, pinning his arms to his sides. The young man desperately tried to shake me off but was not successful. Someone else took the opportunity to snatch the cleaver away from him, preventing further bloodshed. 

I experienced some amazement on recalling the incident. The cleaver wielding man was young and strong, while I was an aged, weak woman. How was it possible for my strength to overwhelm his?!

The Magic Rice Bag

Before practicing Dafa, I had not been able to find work due to my poor health. To survive, we returned to my parents’ home and raised pigs. Although the provisions we had were running out, we had no money to buy more. One day, my husband came to me and said, “This is all the rice we have left.” Our rice bag contained less than ten pounds of rice, triggering my worry. My family was so poor that they could not afford to help us out. Unable to think of a solution despite worrying over the problem extensively, I finally went into my room to study the Fa. As my husband had taken over the chore of cooking, I subsequently forgot about this matter.

A month later, I suddenly remembered this issue and hurriedly asked my husband, “How did you manage to borrow enough rice?” My husband put his index finger on his mouth and motioned for me to quiet my voice. In response to my continued query, he brought over the rice bag. I looked at its contents, only to see the amount had not decreased since I last saw it. I immediately expressed my gratitude to Master.

“Water Flows from Low to High Places”

My dilapidated family house was nearly 30 years old and built within a depression in the ground. The walls were peppered with small holes and large cracks three or four inches wide, allowing those within to see outside. My husband used ashes from our fireplace to patch our walls. However, our door could not be sealed. In the summer of 1998, heavy rains caused our village to flood in the middle of the night. Rainwater poured into our home through our door. My husband and I were busy bailing water from our home till 9 p.m.. Afterwards, I sat by the fireplace to study the Fa and meditate. After ending my meditation at 2 a.m., I checked around to make sure no more water was entering our home before falling asleep.

The following morning, the neighbor to our east asked me, “Have you finished clearing the rainwater from your home?” I replied that I had finished bailing the water by 9 p.m. last night. My neighbor said, “I spent the whole night pumping water. Even then, the floodwaters nearly reached our fireplace. If you don’t believe me, take a look.” Her house was situated lower than mine. The neighbor to our west then chimed in, “I spent the night bailing water with my wife, and there is still water in our home.” His house was on higher ground than mine. As we were chatting, I walked to the back of our home to check on the pigsty and was stunned to see a water geyser seven or eight inches away from our home, spouting water.

This geyser continued to spout water a day after the rain stopped. My house was built within the lowest depression in the surrounding terrain. Our walls had so many cracks and holes in it, it was inconceivable that so little water had entered our home! As the saying goes, “water flows from high to low places.” However, this jet of water spouted from the higher terrain around our home, demonstrating the inconceivable theory that water could “flow from low to high places”! My gratitude towards Master was indescribable.

Avoiding an Inevitable Motorcycle Accident

In 1998, after participating in a large-scale group practice for our region, I drove my motorized tricycle and headed home. While driving along I saw a speeding motorcycle coming closer from the opposite side of the road. The road was devoid of other vehicles, when the motorcycle suddenly deviated from its path and rushed straight towards me. My mind momentarily went blank. When I came to my senses, I found that my tricycle had turned horizontally to act as a barrier between myself and the motorcycle. Moreover, the motorcycle had stopped so precisely that its wheel was just touching my tricycle. 

Colliding with a speeding motorcycle was no small matter, and the injuries would have been unimaginable. The young lady riding the motorcycle was stunned and could only stare at me blankly for a long time. I reassured her, “You can go, I’m fine.” In this way, Master resolved this seemingly inevitable accident!

If not for Master’s protection, I would not be alive today! Falun Dafa saved me and bestowed me with blessings. I will do my best to follow Master’s teachings and fulfill my obligations as a Falun Dafa practitioner