(Minghui.org) Our city was locked down because of the COVID pandemic at the end of March 2022. Our subdivision had all of the gates but one locked, and the only passage was guarded.

My husband (a non-practitioner) and I were not worried. We had prepared preserved vegetables since last fall and were stocked up on a lot of food. We had only a little fresh vegetables, but being a Falun Dafa practitioner, I could easily bear the hardship.

My husband is a stubborn man. He saw how practicing Falun Dafa restored my health after doctors had given up on me in 2004. But he refused to practice Falun Dafa, fearing the harassment and persecution.

The lockdown days were horrible. Men wrapped in white PPE (personal protective equipment) knocked on every door every couple of days, registering and checking their health, distributing antigen quick test kits, and demanding that we take a PCR test. Vehicles with loudspeakers repeating propaganda messages passed by the window every day. Volunteers guarded every building to prevent people from going out.

About 50 days into the lockdown, my husband was sick with symptoms similar to a bad flu, with pain in the joints, a fever, tightness in his chest, a cough, and numbness in the back of the head. He couldn’t breathe lying down, so he had to sleep in a sitting position. Six days after he had lost his appetite, he appeared to be thinner and dehydrated.

I kept reminding him to recite the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He told me that he was reciting them in his heart, but he also felt that he was at the end of his life.

The city was partially unlocked by this time. I said to him, “You have two ways to go. Take advantage of the unlocking and go to the hospital as soon as possible, or you can practice Dafa—you will recover and your life will be prolonged through cultivation.”

He refused to go to the hospital, claiming that medicine was responsible for the pain in his liver

Our relative, who is a practitioner, visited and helped him change his mind. “It is your destined time to start practicing Falun Dafa. You have seen so many people recover their health after practicing Falun Dafa. Master has given you the opportunity that not everyone can have. Getting a human body is rare. It is difficult to be born in China today, and the Fa is not easy to come across. What are you waiting for? The sooner you cultivate, the sooner Master will help you eliminate your karma.”

He thus decided to practice Falun Dafa.

Master said,

“Your life initially did not include cultivation practice, but now you want to practice cultivation. Accordingly, your future life must be rearranged, and so it is permitted to adjust your body for you.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

On the first day he began to practice Falun Dafa, he felt as if a mass of matter in his chest was removed when doing the stretching exercise. He could lie down and sleep that night.

One night, he felt that something had pushed down three times inside his leg that was swollen due to varicose veins – he could feel a warmth in the heel.

When listening to Master’s Fa teaching in Jinan City, his face was covered with tears for two days. This was the only time I saw him crying since we married 30 years ago.

He could feel something being done everywhere he had ailments and could see lights in different shapes and colors.

Thank you, Master! You are always watching over your disciples, protecting them and their families. I knelt down and thanked Master for his compassion.