(Minghui.org) I became a teacher at a top-tier elementary school after I graduated from college. My career path was proceeding well. I was elected as the youngest core teacher of our school within 5 years, was promoted to senior teacher within 6 years, and was named an “excellent teacher” in our district within fewer than 10 years. I also obtained a Master's degree in education at the same time. School leaders trained me to follow in their footsteps.

However, my health began to deteriorate in 2016. It started with a stomachache, and I couldn’t eat well. Then I couldn’t sleep because of the stomachache. I was depressed and became a frequent visitor to the hospital.

Due to medical malpractice, my spine was injured, which caused pain in my legs and I had difficulty walking. I took a medical leave from the school and stayed at my mother’s. I took a handful of pills every day and tried many therapies, but my health continued to deteriorate.

My great aunt invited me to stay with her for a while. My mother asked me to take Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, with me and reminded me to read the book when I had time. “Only Falun Dafa can save you. Every page you read will count,” she said. I had practiced Falun Dafa with my mother when I was young.

However, I didn’t open Zhuan Falun. Instead, I took pills and often lay in bed feeling depressed.

One day, a friend of my aunt’s, also a Falun Dafa practitioner, came to visit. My aunt told her about me, and the practitioner immediately came to my room. The moment she entered, I suddenly felt strong, and I could stand up and walk over to her. She said to me, “Do the exercises. Only Dafa can save you.” We practiced the exercises together.

I could sit with my legs in full lotus for a whole hour the second time I meditated. When I finished the meditation, my legs didn't hurt anymore. I could walk! Falun Dafa is magical!

Practicing the exercises and reading the book helped me recover in two weeks. My energy was back, and the stomachache disappeared. By then I could cook and help my mother with housework.

Master said,

“If you always believe that you are ill, you will probably make yourself sick as a result. Because your xinxing has dropped to the level of everyday people, an average person will, of course, have illnesses.” (Lecture 6, Zhuan Falun)

I thought, “I am a cultivator, and I am not sick, so I cannot take sick leave. It tarnishes Dafa and causes trouble to leaders and colleagues.” Just at this time, the leader of my work unit called me to ask about my physical condition as she was assigning classes for the new semester. I told her that I was in good health, and would return to work.

I have been in good health since then. I also help my colleagues if needed, displaying the kindness of a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Falun Dafa renewed my life! I am grateful to Master and my fellow practitioners for their selfless help. Given my experience, I also understand why millions of practitioners insist on clarifying the truth about Dafa, because Falun Dafa is so good. Besides the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance gives them the kindness and courage to save people.