(Minghui.org) Clarifying the truth is one of the three things that Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, has asked that us practitioners do. It is a Dafa practitioner’s responsibility and we should do it well. With firm belief in Master and the Fa I overcame my fear of clarifying the truth in public, and have been doing it for over 20 years.

A uniformed police officer came to wait for a bus while I was clarifying the truth at the bus stop. I knew I shouldn’t stop, as it would leave a negative impression to that person and it could be the only chance to save him. I kept talking to him and helped him quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. The officer just stood by without saying a word.

If I do not have too many human notions when doing Dafa related things, the results are usually very good. I went to put up truth-clarification stickers and saw a big metal box, which looked like a good place to put the stickers. I put a sticker on and smoothed it out squarely. When I looked around, I saw police vehicles everywhere. It turned out to be outside a police department. I remained calm, and nothing happened. If I had human notions right then, the old forces might have seized upon the situation and gotten me arrested.

Sometimes it can be dangerous, but with Master’s compassionate protection I’ve always walked away safely. For instance, a practitioner and I were clarifying the truth one time, when I mentioned Dafa to a pedestrian. That person immediately grabbed my arm. I quickly asked for Master’s help in my heart. The practitioner came over and broke the grasp of that person’s hand, then distracted him with something else. I took the opportunity and walked away.

I once saw two people inside a car parked by the roadside. I went over to clarify the truth to them. One person in the car jumped out and grabbed me, “Don’t go anywhere! I’m a police officer.” He was about to call for backup when I pushed down on his phone and said, “Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa and has been wronged by the CCP. You should not persecute Dafa practitioners. It is not good for you and will affect your fortune and future. This is a choice you need to make.”

“Choice?” he muttered to himself. “Yes, it’s a choice,” I affirmed. Eventually, he let me go.

I went out at night with more than 100 truth-clarification stickers to post before Falun Dafa Day. The police are often on heightened alert for Dafa practitioners during sensitive dates. Three other practitioners also lived nearby. I stepped out of my building and saw several flashlights shining from different directions, some even directly on my face. However, the police couldn’t see me and asked each other if anyone was there. After putting up the stickers I returned back home safely. I went out again the next day to finish distributing Dafa informational materials and returned home without any problems. It was raining when I went from building to building, but my clothes stayed completely dry.

Without Master’s protection, my life would have been in great danger. Our firm belief in Master and Dafa should never be shaken under any circumstance.

Two practitioners and I had planned to go to an open market in the countryside to distribute truth-clarification calendars. However, they both had second thoughts just before we were about to leave. I was frustrated, as it would be very difficult for me to hand out all the calendars on my own before the market closed. I thought of Master’s Fa and held righteous thoughts. I took all of the calendars with me to the market, without thinking too much of how I would distribute them.

I was surprised to meet a former practitioner, who helped carry all the materials on a tricycle and watched over them for me. I took a bundle of them to hand out and then came back for more. People were happy to accept them, and with Master’s help, I finished the task I thought I would never be able to finish. Only with the strengthening of Dafa could the power of Dafa materialize. When the two practitioners asked later if I went alone, I told them, “Master took me there.”

Another time a practitioner and I went to put up a lot of posters at residents’ doors at night before the Chinese New Year. We brushed the paste, stuck the posters on and smoothed it out with our hands. It was very cold and our hands were frozen. However, we overcame all the difficulties and finished the task. With Master’s protection, everything went well and our fingers were not injured. We checked on them the next day and saw the posters shining on the door frames everywhere.

There were times that I had human notions and things did not go well. The only way was to get rid of my attachments as soon as possible so that Master and Dafa’s divine power could be revealed. For instance, I went out to hang up truth-clarification banners on the street late at night. The street turned into a morning market during the day. I tried to throw a banner on a high wire several times, but failed. My competitive mentality came out. I tried from different angles, and sometimes I thought that I had thrown it well. But I just couldn’t get the banner on the wire. A few hours passed and the morning light was breaking through. I hadn’t managed to put up a single banner.

I realized my omission and said in my heart, “Master, please help me! I know it isn’t me that has the ability. Everything is done by Master.” I felt as if my body was straightened and I stood directly under the wire. I threw the banner up again and it hung on the wire perfectly. I went to other places to hang banners and it went very smoothly, just with one throw for each banner. Master taught me how to hang a banner, which is to stand directly below the place where the banner is to be hung, not have any human notions, watch the direction of the wind, and throw it straight up. It suddenly became very easy.

Since then, every time I went to hang banners, it seemed that Master had given me supernatural powers. I could easily hang the banner up, whether it’s a tree or a power line. Sometimes I could hang a lot of banners just in one night. Dafa is really amazing and Master does everything for us.

I am very fortunate to be born in the era with Dafa and witness the greatness of Dafa. Master’s compassionate arrangement led me to walk steadily on the path of cultivation for over 20 years. Master tolerated my ignorance and guided me to return to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I am truly grateful for Master’s compassion. I must cultivate diligently, do the three things well, and truly cultivate myself to be a selfless enlightenment being. Thank you Master!