(Minghui.org) I would meditate by myself at night when I was young. My third eye was opened then, and it was nothing unusual. When I was about 5 years old – it was the year 1970 – just before I learned to read, I often had the same dream at night, which was real and clear. During the next months, I had the same dream, over and over again:

“I lived in a small town in Hochsauerlandkreis. I walked to the mountain that rose up behind my village. On the large grassland in front of the tree-covered mountain top, I raised my head and looked at the skies.

My surroundings gradually disappeared. I was lifted up to the skies, going higher and higher. The clouds moved to one side forming a circle, and a supernatural dimension opened in the sky.

Then, I was in another dimension, and to my surprise, even more dimensions opened up. I floated higher and higher and became weightless.

I heard voices and exquisite colors around me as if everything was alive and had a spirit. Words cannot describe the beauty of the scene.

Something sacred came floating down from an unbelievably high area. My surroundings were filled with a feeling of happiness. I raised both hands above my head and immersed myself in this extraordinary sacred environment.

A book with a blue cover landed in my hands. The book emitted various colors and was covered with dazzling golden characters. It was hard to describe the book’s beauty.

I did not know the characters in the book, and I had never seen anything like it. I would wake up from my dream whenever I held the book in my hand.”

I called it: “The holy book from heaven with a blue cover.”

I asked my parents several times if they could get me the sacred book from heaven – the book with a blue cover? However, no one seemed to understand me. Even more troublesome was the Catholic faith, which was popular in Hochsauerlandkreis. I was regarded as different. The local priest conducted a ritual to clean every room in our house. I was prohibited from meditating. Yet, perhaps this is why this incident was deeply etched in my memory.

Slowly, the dreams vanished, leaving behind a premonition in my heart that one day, I would learn of something very important from the book with the blue cover...

Realizing the Dream from my Childhood

The scene in my childhood has been realized.

Practitioners in my region introduced Falun Gong at the Cologne Cathedral in 2005. I got hold of Zhuan Falun, Master Li Hongzhi’s book, which was available there. However, I was deeply influenced by mutated things available in the human world.

Master, with his boundless compassion, guided me. Through a tough, long process, I transformed a large amount of karma. Finally, I truly understood Master’s teachings in 2017. I then began to practice Falun Dafa and recognized the golden characters I saw in my dreams in my childhood.

After decades of searching, I found my destiny at last. Every hardship I went through and all the things I saw in my life, I found their purpose in the book Zhuan Falun. Everything has an explanation in Master’s Fa.

I believe I came to this world to practice Falun Dafa, validate the Fa and that everything was arranged by Master.

Zhuan Falun is the book from heaven with a blue cover. Twenty-eight years after the dreams I had as a child, this book was published for the first time in Germany – it was 1998.

I am grateful for finally finding the book Zhuan Falun and experiencing Master Li’s compassion.