(Minghui.org) I am a schoolteacher, and the students in my class are usually well-behaved. However, as soon as another teacher, Mr. Wang, came into the classroom, the children would get disruptive. The students would surround me and complain about how rowdy the class was, and the students who wanted to study weren’t able to.

I thought that the situation was unfair, because I had to use my own time to solve issues Mr. Wang created when he was in charge of the class. I sent a message to Mr. Wang and asked him to keep his class in order. Not long after, Mr. Wang declared to everyone in the class that I had misunderstood him and told the students in my class not to say malicious things.

A student from the class next door said to me one day, “You look very kind but do you have a heart of wickedness?” That shocked me, and I asked him why he would say that. The student told me that Mr. Wang had said so.

I wondered what to make of this and started to wonder if Mr. Wang was badmouthing me behind my back. I felt embarrassed, wronged, angry and upset. Then, I reminded myself that I was a cultivator, and if I argued with Mr. Wang, I would be just like an ordinary person.

Everything happens for a reason. Conflicts happen for me to upgrade my xinxing. I started to look inward unconditionally and found that I had accumulated lots of resentment. I resented how I always had to resolve Mr. Wang’s issues in class, although he earned more than I did. I was jealous and looked down on him. I felt even more ashamed because Mr. Wang knew that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. What I did tarnished the reputation of Falun Dafa. I needed to rectify myself and align myself to the principles of the Fa.

I realized I should not get upset with Mr. Wang, that I need to treat him with compassion and sincerity. I sacrificed my own break time to maintain order in the classroom. I told the students to take the initiative to welcome Mr. Wang. I felt more at ease, and by doing so, my thoughts on how I was treated unfairly all disappeared. I began to see Mr. Wang’s merits and realized that I’d been small-minded. I had to thank Mr. Wang for helping me improve my xinxing.

A malicious comment turned into an opportunity for me to upgrade my xinxing. Dafa targets one’s heart, and all sorts of attachments will surface in our daily lives. Therefore “good things” or “bad things” are all good things! I also enlightened that the purpose of my life is to return home with Master and reach consummation (yuan man, which literally means a well-rounded circle). Therefore, there can be no rough edges. How can a ball with rough edges roll smoothly? Hence, looking inward means to smooth out the rough edges and eliminate attachments, until we achieve yuan man.

I will look inward unconditionally and cultivate a heart of compassion, because I want to return home with Master.

Thank you, Master!