(Minghui.org) A practitioner in my area was arrested three years ago and held in a detention center. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and the guards took her to a hospital. 

A day before they released her, they injected her with an unknown drug. She became a completely different person when she returned home. Her eyes looked dull and her cheeks were sunken. She became irritable and had almost no appetite. She used to be a gentle and wise person who always had a smile on her face. 

Four local practitioners, including myself, took two shifts to care for her around the clock. She did not tell us what happened to her during the detention, but we suspected that she was injected with harmful drugs, as the communist regime has done to many other incarcerated practitioners. 

We studied the Fa and did the exercises with her. She had to lie down after sitting for ten minutes. We suggested that she try to stay in the sitting position longer, but she said that as much as she wanted to, “I just can’t.” Sometimes she got so irritated that she’d scold us and drive us away. We were at our wits' end trying to help her.

One evening, she stumbled toward a practitioners and fell on the practitioner’s shoulders, mumbling, “Master, please save me!” The four of us carried her to a room to study the Fa and meditate. She couldn’t stay up with us, and kept lying down. 

The four of us surrounded her and meditated. One practitioner suddenly had a thought, “Redirect the poison back to the abuser.” As soon as we finished meditating, the practitioner shared with us about this thought. “Let’s send righteous thoughts together.” All five of us cleared our own dimension, and simultaneously sent the righteous thought: “Redirect the poison back to the abuser.” 

In just a few minutes the practitioner being helped shouted, “I’m alive!” Her eyes were brimming with energy, with the look we once knew. She acted like a normal person. We were all happy for her.

At that moment, the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa and Master’s compassion manifested right in front of us. The moment proves that, as long as a practitioner truly believes in Master and the Fa in critical times, Master will strengthen the power of his/her righteous thoughts, and save him/her. 

Master says, 

“Whether it’s when the wicked policemen are using electric batons or when bad people are injecting drugs to persecute you, you can use your righteous thoughts to redirect the electric current or the drugs back to the person doing violence to you.” (“Stop the Evil Acts With Righteous Thoughts,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

It’s been four years since this happened, and I tried to write this story down before. Last year I wrote an article about it and asked a practitioner to help me edit and submit it to Minghui.org. After giving the practitioner the electronic file on a flash drive, I deleted it from my computer. A while later I learned that something went wrong with the practitioner’s computer, and she no longer had the file. 

No accident can happen to a cultivator, and I looked within. I believed that my motivation to write the story was wrong; perhaps I had the attachments of showing off and validating myself. Of course it could also be interference from the old forces, or I shouldn’t expose certain information in the article. Since I couldn’t be sure, I decided to study the Fa and improve my xinxing, instead of writing the story again. 

It’s been a year, and I often read on Minghui.org about the Chinese communist authorities sending practitioners to hospitals during their detention. These practitioners remained ill after they went home. Some of them eventually survived, while others passed away shortly after. These practitioners were meant to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, yet they lost their lives due to the persecution. I decided to write down and share the story, and believe that perhaps it will help those practitioners with similar experiences. 

As my understanding is limited, please point out anything inappropriate.