(Minghui.org) I was a mid-level manager in a large state-owned enterprise before I retired. I was introduced to Falun Dafa in 1994, which spurred me on to step into Dafa cultivation. It was the biggest blessing in my life!

When I was five or six years old, I was living with my grandmother. I twice saw beings in other dimensions trying to harm me. I still vaguely remember that both times, a being suddenly appeared from the corner of the room and grabbed my neck with both hands, trying to strangle me to death—then I fainted. But it seemed like someone was protecting me both times. As I got older, despite being taught atheism for many years, I was always confused and unsure about the mysteries of life.

I had many aspirations when I was younger, such as wanting to stand out among people, and honor my ancestors. But when I was told about Falun Dafa for the first time, the profound principles of the Fa dramatically changed my body and mind.

Falun Dafa does not deny modern science. On the contrary, it is inclusive of modern science, and teaches the truth of the universe, something that no one has ever talked about. It reveals the truth about the cosmic body, the universe, life, the human body, and the interrelationships between dimensions, something that many people have spent their whole lives investigating, and could not solve. It has completely answered every question I had about time, space, other dimensions, the human body's structure, gain and loss, spirit, and matter.

Through studying the Fa, I realized that Falun Dafa is a true, high-level, righteous cultivation system. I have since tried my best to follow Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, cultivated my xinxing, and strived to be a good person.

Being a Good Manager at Work

When I worked in the large state-owned enterprise, I held several mid-level management positions in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee office, enterprise management department, and other departments.

Before practicing Dafa, although I was considered a relatively honest person, I still had strong desires for fame and fortune. After practicing Dafa, I always tried to follow Master’s Fa and the requirements for practitioners.

Master said:

Study the Fa and gain the Fa,Focus on how you study and cultivate,Let each and every thingbe measured against the Fa.Only then, with that,is it actually cultivation”(Solid Cultivation, Hong Yin)

As a manager in the enterprise, I faced many employees from many different departments, and assumed a lot of responsibilities and tasks. I did everything based on Dafa’s standard. I worked tirelessly and selflessly, even on weekends.

As a result, before 1999, I was named the company’s “model worker” almost every year. I was honest, kind, and friendly to my colleagues. I helped those who were having difficulties, and got along well with everyone. When encountering a conflict, I followed the requirements of Dafa, and never used forceful or coercive approaches.

My position had a certain amount of power, but I always strictly followed the requirements of Dafa—being upright and honest in everything. My private expenses were always separated from the company expenses, and I refused to take bribes. I never used company funds for personal invitations, and never used company vehicles for my personal affairs.

In order to obtain our business some purchasing and printing needs in the office, some suppliers wanted to establish a good relationship with me, so they sent red envelopes (monetary gifts). I explained to them that being a practitioner of Falun Dafa, I could not receive such money, and I would only make decisions based on the company’s needs. The suppliers greatly admired me.

I sometimes traveled to a subsidiary company on business, and in order to build relationships, they would offer me gifts, red envelopes, and services (including sauna, opposite-sex massage, etc.), but I never accepted anything. There were times when multiple people traveled together on business trips, and I couldn’t refuse the red envelopes or gifts. I would then donate them or give them to the company when I got back.

A business partner once gave an imported fully-automatic household water boiler to each of the company’s managers, and I politely declined. Another time, three of us traveled to a subordinate company for evaluation and assessment. The manager of the subordinate company gave each of us a red envelope containing 1,500 yuan. Because it was given to multiple people, I could not refuse it at the time. When I came back, I donated the full amount to the Hope Project.

Even for small items such as pens and paper, I made sure not to take them from the company for private use. At that time, I didn’t have a mobile phone, so it was very inconvenient to make long-distance calls. But I insisted on not making private calls using the company’s phones. Since I followed the requirements of Dafa and acted righteously, I established a very good reputation in the company.

I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and Master in 2000. Because of this, the company relieved me from all management positions, and I became a general staff member. I followed Master’s teaching, and worked diligently as a general employee. Facing the tasks assigned by the managers, including distributing the company’s promotional fliers on the street, moving meeting materials, drafting and preparing meeting documents, etc., I never slacked off, and I did everything meticulously. The newly transferred manager was not familiar with the work in our department. I had no jealousy or negative feelings toward him. I thought of him first and helped him with all the management work without hiding anything. He also cared about me a lot and was very grateful. A company leader once said to me privately before he retired, “We will never have a manager as great as you.”

Being a Good Neighbor

At home, I followed Dafa’s requirements and always thought of my neighbors first. I considered the convenience of others in everything I did. For example, whenever I noticed that the public stairs were dirty I cleaned them.

Cleaning people would come and spray the stairs with water once a month, but I found that there would be a lot of water pooling in a low spot on the second floor, and people got their shoes wet when walking through it. So, I removed the water every month. If the stairway light bulbs burned out, I replaced them. There were some seniors in the residential buildings who had difficulty taking care of themselves. I often visited them to see if I could help with anything. Occasionally, when the public water was cut off and the seniors were having difficulty getting water, I delivered water to their homes.

My mother passed away in 2009 and my 80-year-old father came to live with me in the city. The third floor apartment that I lived in was not convenient for him, so I rented it out and moved into a place with elevators. When I was moving out, my neighbors were all sad to see me go. After I left, the environment of the apartment building gradually deteriorated.

The tenants were moving out of the apartment I rented out in 2018, and before the new tenants moved in, I decided to renovate it. When I went back there, I saw that the stairs had not been cared for in many years. The lime rendered walls were in bad shape, with mud and sand all over the place. The bricks on the bottom and the stair handrails were very dirty.

There were several burned out lights that had not been replaced for a long time. The residents upstairs told me that for many years, they had to walk through this area in the dark or bring a flashlight. So, to help the neighbors, I decided to renovate the common area while renovating my apartment. I asked the renovation workers to remove the old lime rendering from the walls and repaint them. I scrubbed off the stains on the bottom bricks and the stair handrails. The lamps no longer worked even after I replaced the bulbs, so I asked the electrician to replace the lamp caps and install new light bulbs. Later, the neighbors found out that I did all of this at my own expense, and they all expressed their gratitude and admiration. They knew that Falun Dafa practitioners were good people.

CCP Fabricating Charges

For decades, the CCP launched numerous campaigns and movements against one group after another. Each movement followed the same process. National CCP leaders condemn a group, then the government imposes charges and fabricates evidence. State-controlled media disseminates propaganda, people are forced to publicly criticize the targeted group, then that group is repressed using authoritarian means.

Over the years, many people across the country have exposed the fabricated incidents used to defame Falun Dafa, such as the staged “Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident.”

The United Nations Educational Development Organization strongly condemned the CCP authorities’ fabrication of the “Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Incident.” It was called “state terrorism” by the United Nations in August 2001.

I decided to use my personal experience to tell people what Falun Dafa really is. I hope that all kind people will not be deceived by the lies, can distinguish between good and evil, and choose a good future for themselves.