(Minghui.org) Jishun is 38 years old and used to be a truck driver. He had a severe brain bleed at age 33. While he survived after surgery, he suffered all kinds of complications.

For nearly two years, Jishun relied on his mother for care. At the lowest point of their lives, mother and son were introduced to Falun Dafa. Not only did Jishun recover from his disability, both he and his mother also saw hope in life.   

Disaster Suddenly Struck

In June 2017, Jishun was home with his two-year-old daughter. He suddenly fell and managed to call a relative before he passed out. The relative rushed over and took him to the hospital. It turned out he had a severe stroke and the doctor immediately performed a craniotomy on him.

Back then, Jishun had just lost his father a year before due to cancer. The family had spent all their savings trying to save his father, but in vain. Since Jishun had no health insurance, his mother borrowed close to one hundred thousand yuan for his surgery. He survived.

When he was in rehab, Jishun’s wife took their daughter to her parents and she went abroad to make a living. Jishun moved in with his mother. 

His mother, around 62 at the time, only had two thousand yuan of retirement benefits a month. In addition to covering their basic living costs, she was also paying Jishun’s medical expenses. Her struggles seemed endless. 

Jishun not only had difficulty moving his limbs, but he could also hardly talk and had cognitive impairment – he could not recognize the written characters he once knew. His mood became unstable. He got easily frustrated, irritable and depressed. 

While still mourning the death of her husband, Jishun’s mother felt hopeless as she struggled to take care of her disabled son.

Taking Up Dafa 

In April 2019, almost two years after his surgery, a distant relative, Aunt Wei, learned of their situation and came to visit.

Jishun sat on the bed. His complexion was grayish dark. His left temple was sunken because part of his skull had been removed during the surgery. His right arm was bent, very stiff, and he could not raise it at all. His right hand formed a fist that could not open. His right leg dragged when he walked. And he had trouble communicating. 

His mother told Wei that Jishun still was having a seizure once a month and she was trying acupuncture on him at the time. But none of the treatments seemed effective. “Who can save us?” she wondered.

Aunt Wei said, “Do not worry. I’m here to tell you something today. Falun Dafa can help you!" She took out some Dafa brochures and asked them to repeat the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Jishun shook his head. 

“Do not be afraid or believe the [Chinese Communist Party’s] propaganda on TV. I had all kinds of illnesses since childhood and I completely regained my health after practicing Dafa,” Aunt Wei said. She then told him more about Falun Dafa. Jishun believed her and put a Dafa amulet in his pocket. 

Wei also took out Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, but Jishun could not read it. 

“That’s fine. I will bring Dafa founder Master Li Hongzhi’s audio and video lecture recordings next time.”

Several days later, Wei brought the lecture recordings and exercise teaching tapes. Wei also taught them how to do the exercises. Jishun tried his very best to learn.

When it was time to read, it was very hard. Jishun tried very hard to read word by word. Wei patiently led him and his mother to read, and they learned attentively. When Wei was not there, they could only listen to or watch Master’s lectures. 

Wei also showed Jishun some movies about Falun Dafa. One of them was “Coming For You,” which was about how a petty thug became a kind and considerate person after taking up Dafa. Jinshun was very touched by the movie and he was eager to learn more about Dafa. He asked Wei to find local practitioners to help him keep up with his Falun Dafa study.

After that, several Dafa practitioners took turns visiting Jishun weekly to read the Dafa teachings and do the exercises with him and his mother. They also patiently answered all their questions. 

With fellow practitioners’ support, Jishun and his mother overcame their difficulties and began walking the path of cultivation. Their life changed from hopelessness to peace and happiness. 

The Test

After two months of cultivation, Jishun noticed changes in his body. He gained some strength in his right leg. His right hand wasn’t as stiff as before. He could raise his right arm a bit. And his speech improved also.

Through Fa study, he understood that his body was going through purification and that his sickness was being pushed out from the body. He realized that taking two years of medication could not even compare to just two months of practicing Dafa. He stopped all his medicines and the acupuncture. 

Then came a serious test. After Jishun had the stroke, his mother had bought insurance for him, which could cover 2,000 yuan of prescription drugs each year. If he stopped the medicine, they may not get the medical reimbursements anymore.

Wei said to them, “You all saw the improvements Jishun experienced within two months. Even if you spend over 20,000 yuan on medicine, could you accomplish that much?”

Jishun made up his mind. “Of course not, I do not want to take medicine anymore. I just want to practice Falun Dafa.” 

With ever stronger faith in Dafa, more and more amazing things happened to Jishun. His right hand could completely open after four months of cultivation. His right arm could be raised over his head now. The strength of his right leg improved to the point where he could take a daily walk. He can also communicate without much difficulty now. The fist-size sunken area on his left temple gradually filled out.

One day while doing the exercises, he reached a state of tranquility and was no longer tormented by thoughts such as “Will my wife still want me?” or “When will I see my daughter?” He sensed a strong energy while exercising and became even more impressed with Dafa’s magnificent power.

Witnessing the Wonder of Dafa

Jishun improved enormously, but his monthly seizure continued. He became anxious. Wei told him not to be afraid and that Master was taking care of him. Jishun asked Master to please also get rid of his seizure disorder.

After Jishun cultivated for five months, he and his mother went to a relative’s wedding. After they returned home, Jishun had a big seizure and passed out. 

He not only passed out but vomited all over. The rest of the extended family came to see him, but nobody could wake him up. His family could only watch over him. By 4 a.m., one of his cousins remembered to play Master’s lectures for him. Jishun’s eyes began to move upon hearing the audio. An hour later, he finally woke up, after losing consciousness for 14 hours. Everyone was relieved. Jishun did not remember anything, nor did he have any discomfort. 

Most of the relatives thought it was his seizure that reoccurred, but fellow practitioners told Jishun that it was a good thing as he was going through body purification. From that day on, Jishun no longer had any seizures.

Jishun told Aunt Wei one day that he still could not recognize all the written characters, so he still could not read Zhuan Falun on his own. Wei told him to believe in Master. She also told him stories of how fellow practitioners with limited education or who were even illiterate were able read the book with Master’s reinforcement. Jishun began learning even harder and told Aunt Wei later that he was able to learn a lot of characters now. 

Jishun and his mother talked about the wonder of Dafa and his recovery story to all their relatives. He also taught them to recite the auspicious phrases and persuaded them to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations.

His home situation also changed: his father-in-law often brings Jishun’s daughter to visit him; his wife learned about his situation and now feels confident about the future; she often calls him from overseas. He told her that he got well by practicing Falun Dafa and asked her to learn more about Falun Dafa where she is now living. 

Jishun keeps telling fellow practitioners about his changes. “My teeth are aligned well now; my face is no longer crooked; my right arm can reach above my head; I can walk steadily now...”

Once struggling in pain and despair, Falun Dafa has given the family hope and a bright future.