(Minghui.org) On the 30th anniversary of Dafa’s public introduction, I’d like to share with you my memories of meeting Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa) three times 28 years ago. Although I didn’t get to shake hands or take photos with Master like many practitioners did, I have the same feeling: I am so grateful for Master’s saving grace!

Meeting Master for the First Time

It was at the end of July 1994. After attending Master’s lectures in Dalian, the office director of my workplace brought back Master’s business card and the book Falun Gong and lent it to me. As if holding a treasure, I went to my office, closed the door, and began reading. It was a Sunday and I had the day off. I didn’t go home, fearing that I would be disturbed by household chores and couldn’t quietly read the precious book. I finished reading with tears in my eyes. My mind was shaken – all my unanswered questions were answered, and my mind was enlightened!

I immediately dialed the number on the business card, and the person who answered the phone was a staff member of the Beijing Falun Dafa Research Association. I asked, “Hello, does Master Li have any plans to hold a class in the Northeast? When and where will Master hold a class? If I can’t attend the class, can I cultivate my xinxing according to the book, and learn and do the exercises by following the illustrations of the movements in the picture and achieve Consummation? ...” The person replied gently and firmly, “As long as you follow the requirements in the book, you will be successful. On August 5th, Teacher will hold a class in Harbin.” I was very happy. I photocopied the part of the book on cultivating xinxing and the illustrations of the movements, and returned the book and business card to the office director. 

I was excited and happy! I bought a train ticket to Harbin in advance, not daring to tell my family where I was going for fear that they would discourage me. Once I arrived in Harbin, I was dumbfounded: where to find the location of the class? I was so excited during the phone call that I forgot to ask the details about the class. Where could I find it in such a big city? I was a Buddhist lay person at that time, so I thought, since I don’t have much money with me, I should go to a temple to stay as I had a lay-person certificate.

After asking where the temple was and getting directions, I started the journey with my little daughter. It was very hot and I was nauseous on the bus so we had to walk most of the time. My daughter was exhausted and kept begging me to return home. I said I wouldn’t stop until we got there. I carried her on my back and kept walking.

When we arrived at the temple I suddenly saw the words “China Falun Gong” in big letters. What a coincidence! I was so happy that I almost jumped up! How amazing! Words could not express the excitement I felt. When I thought back on it later, I realized that Master led me step by step to the class.

On the first day of the class, the first thing Master said was, “Some students have gone through a lot of trouble to find the class.” Tears welled up in my eyes, and I thought, “Master, you know everything!”

During the first class, I understood that Master was taking people, who had wanted to practice cultivation for years but could not find the right door, to a higher level. During the break I said to the student next to me, “This is the future Lord Buddha coming to the world to pass on the Buddha Law to people!” He didn’t seem to understand, so I shut my mouth and thought, “This is a heavenly secret. I shouldn’t casually reveal it.”

Because I had read many Buddhist classics, I knew that Buddha Shakyamuni said that at the Dharma-ending period, the future Lord of the Buddhas will turn the Law Wheel again. I called out from the depths of my soul, “Master! I finally found you!”

The more I listened, the more I understood, and the more anxious I was about those who still asked Master to cure their illnesses. I thought Master made it so clear that he is not here to cure people, but to bring people to a higher level of cultivation. The first thing is to have the desire to cultivate before Master can purify the body.

At that time what I wanted to ask was whether I should continue my Buddhist routines and worship rituals. I just thought about this and before I wrote a note to ask, Master said (approximate translation), “I will keep your good things and remove the bad things. No need to worship Buddha, no need to burn incense.” My heart was blown away again: Master, you know everything I think. It’s amazing!

When I got home, I burned my lay-person certificate, dismantled my Buddhist altar and gave the statues away.

On those days when the classes were held, Master would arrive early every day and announce the lost and found items. Students found jewelry, watches, cash and other items after the previous class and Master asked the owners to come up and claim them.

I wanted to see Master every day, and there were other students like me. So we waited on the route that Master came from. Every day we saw the black car Master rode in driving by. Master would roll the window down and stretch his hand out to wave at us, and I would salute Master with a Buddhist salute.

More fortunately, one day when my daughter and I were walking on an overpass crossing the street, I suddenly saw a group of people coming across the street, and in the middle was a tall, magnificent man. Isn’t this Master? I was so excited that I just wanted to kneel down and pay my respects. Master saw my intention and waved to me with a smile, signaling me not to do that. I made the heshi sign (palms together in front of the chest) and bowed to Master with a Buddhist salute, and watched Master pass by. I looked at Master for a long time until I could no longer see him.

This is an eternal, everlasting memory that accompanies me day and night as I assist Master in Fa-rectification. Whenever I think of Master, I am filled with good thoughts; whenever I think of Master, I feel that there is no hurdle I cannot overcome; whenever I think of Master, I have good encounters and bring good results, and I am relieved of all my grievances.

During the class in Harbin, Master instructed the students to stomp their feet (to eliminate illnesses). Some students were in a hurry and they stomped their feet without waiting for Master’s command, so Master patiently said, “One more time.” And he added, “It would be good if you were in such a hurry to study the Fa.” (approximate translation)

Master’s words took firm root in my mind and to this day I always put Fa study in the most important position in my life. Our family study group has never stopped studying the Fa. No matter what the circumstances are, how many residences we have moved to, we have always continued to study the Fa. Previously, we had group study several times a week, but now we know we should be more diligent, so every morning we read Zhuan FalunIn the afternoon we each participate in different truth-clarification projects. In the evening, we study Master’s other teachings. We also send forth righteous thoughts together with fellow practitioners, help each other and improve together. Every member of the family Fa study group has basically kept up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. Whenever we encounter any difficulties, we can come through with Master’s blessing.

We deeply appreciate the boundless power of the Fa, which will never cease to exist. Even an ordinary person can be blessed by the Fa and have a bright future as long as he has a devout reverence for Dafa.

In the middle of the eighth class, Master left the podium to deal with something. After a while Master returned. I later learned that the staff did not allow someone carrying a critically ill person into the room to interfere with Master’s Fa teaching. The group of people were making a fuss. This was interfering with the teaching of the righteous Fa.

During the Dharma ending period, it is not easy for people to obtain the Fa, so there are troublemakers and disturbances. There are also demons that are playing a destructive role. They just don’t let people obtain the Fa, saying that they are supposedly weeding out people who don’t believe in the Fa. In this class, Master encouraged us earnestly and said, “You are the seeds.” (approximate translation.)

I have engraved Master’s words in my heart. When the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) began persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999 to today, during these twenty-three years, I have used Master’s Fa as a guide: We are seeds; we must play the role of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification, we must strive forward bravely and diligently on the path of cultivation.

Seeing Master for the Second Time

After returning from Harbin, I started to promote Dafa and set up practice sites. I ran three practice sites every morning, went to work as usual, and took care of my family.

At the end of December 1994, Master finished the Guangzhou lectures and flew to Dalian. When I heard about it, I arranged for three buses for local people to attend Master’s lecture conference in Dalian. My entire family attended.

When Master asked attendees to stomp their feet, my mother-in-law did it, and all her illnesses were gone. Not only was she no longer sick, she also took off her glasses that she had worn for decades. My mother-in-law is now eighty-five years old, and she can still farm! She has hand copied Zhuan Falun many times. Everyone says she looks young, with a bright face, no wrinkles, and is cheerful.

When Master told us to stomp our feet, he asked everyone to think about their illnesses. He told those who were not sick to think about the illnesses of their families. I was not sick, and I couldn’t think of anyone in my family who was sick. I just wanted to stomp away all the bad thoughts and substances. Some stomped their feet too soon and didn’t follow Master’s order. Master said patiently, “Let’s start again.” He said it would be good if you can’t wait to study the Fa.

I heard this sentence again, and it was more firmly imprinted in the depths of my mind. No matter what the circumstances are, I always put Fa study first. Before the persecution, as long as a new article was published by Master, we would print it out immediately and send it to other practitioners that same day.

Seeing Master for the Third Time

On January 4, 1995, I went to Beijing to attend the ceremony for the publication of Zhuan Falun, and once again I experienced Master’s great compassion.

Seven practitioners went from my area, and our seats were very close to the podium. When Master arrived, he asked us to put our hands up flat, and then cast the Falun to everyone. I could feel the Falun spinning in my hands, and the warm forward and reverse rotations were extremely wonderful! After this time, we all knew that Master would go abroad to spread the Fa and save people.

The happiest moments in my life are the times I was around Master;The most honored thing in this life is to become a practitioner of Falun Dafa;The most precious thing in this life is that under the guidance of Master’s Dafa of the universe, I have experienced extraordinary years of personal cultivation and improvement, as well as assisting Master in the Fa-rectification and standing up against the persecution.

The most extraordinary thing in this life is to be able to let go of attachments to fame, fortune, and affection, and return home with Master.

When I study the Fa, I always make arrangements for my family so that nothing or anyone interferes. I read Zhuan Falun quietly and eagerly, the more I read, the more I understand, forgetting the time, the place, and all the grievances in the world. I don’t eat or drink, but I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. I am often in tears, and I can’t express my gratitude to Master. 

In the early days of my practice, especially when I meditated, I was also often in tears for no reason. As long as I think of Master I always have tears in my eyes.

Master said, 

“I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

Thank you, Master, for your great grace and for saving people!