(Minghui.org) The umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck when I was born and I almost died. Even though I survived, the lack of oxygen left me partially paralyzed. My hands didn’t function properly. I could barely walk and I struggled to talk. Luckily my mental abilities and intelligence remained intact and I managed to graduate from college. 

Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

My head hurt for over a year while I attended college. I took painkillers every day but the symptoms worsened. Half of my face often felt numb and my vision deteriorated until I could barely see the face of the person I was talking to. I began losing my hearing and I could barely hear the teacher or my classmates. To make things worse, I occasionally lost consciousness. The intense pain prevented me from studying. 

A few months before I graduated, I read in a health magazine a description of the terminal symptoms of nose-throat cancer, which matched the symptoms I had. I contacted my mother and told her about it. She immediately rushed me to a hospital. 

After two CT scans, the experts told me that I had a malignant brain tumor that was terminal and that the cancer cells had already spread. The tumor tissue that filled my skull were pressing against my auditory and optic nerves and had damaged them. 

I also had a biopsy done at the ENT (ear, nose, throat) division twice, and the doctor there told me that I had late-stage nasopharyngeal (nose-throat) cancer. I was told that I had at most three months to live and that my life would end at 23.

After I was diagnosed with the malignant brain tumor, the doctor suggested that I have it removed. But the cancer cells had already spread and couldn’t possibly be removed surgically. It later turned out that the doctor wanted to use my surgery to document a medical case study. Prior to the surgery the doctor brought in several young doctors to see me every day. 

The day before the surgery my period started, so it was postponed. My mother took my CT images to another expert in the ENT division. The expert disagreed with the decision to operate and criticized the other doctor. Perhaps my life wasn’t supposed to end yet.

The doctor switched me to chemotherapy and radiation, but he said it wouldn’t save my life. I began to have nosebleeds. Sometimes the blood wouldn’t stop and I had to stay in the bathroom until it ran its course. My face began to swell, and the skin on my neck started to burn and fester because of the radiation. The inside of my mouth blistered and eating became torture. I would have starved if my mother didn’t force me to eat.

My poor mother had to smile to give me hope, while at the same time shouldering the colossal stress of losing her daughter who was so young. 

I went home after the radiotherapy, and an egg-sized tumor soon developed on my neck. My tears flowed when I saw it in the mirror. It reminded me of my father, who had died of nose-throat cancer. I wanted to give up both radiation and chemotherapy, because I knew the side effects would only speed my death. 

I remember the first day of radiation I cried because it made my head hurt terribly. My mother comforted me while she wept. I never wanted to cry in front of my mother again. 

The tumor spread from my neck to my face. My face swelled up to twice its normal size and I could barely open my eyes. My grandmother couldn’t stop crying when she saw the way I looked, which resembled my father before he passed away. When they thought I could not hear them, I heard my mother and grandmother discussing which clothes they would bury me in.

Falun Dafa Brings Me Back to Life

My mother had suffered from poor health for years. She had severe heart problems and a slow heart rate. She also had sinus problems, a digestive tract ulcer, frozen shoulder, anemia, headaches, skin conditions, and lower back pain. She tried all sorts of qigong and Tai-Chi but nothing helped. She heard about Falun Dafa shortly after I began radiation. Soon after she began practicing, all her ailments disappeared. Her complexion became rosy and she was full of energy. Of course she wanted me to practice Falun Dafa and had me read Zhuan Falun. I witnessed her recovery and I truly felt happy for her. However, I didn’t get into the practice because I couldn’t relax. I felt Falun Dafa was just another qigong practice. I mechanically went through the medical treatments day after day, waiting for my last day. 

My mother asked me to read Zhuan Falun again in 1997. I was on the verge of death by that time. She then had me read two books about how Falun Dafa practitioners regained their health and improved their character by following the teachings of Zhuan Falun. The stories in the books touched me. The practice not only renewed the lives of those with illnesses such as cancer, lupus, depression, and nerve problems, it also helped those with chronic addictions to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling, and they recovered quickly. The teachings purified one’s mind and soul. Those who used to fight, steal, or rob became kind and considerate. The teachings allowed members of broken families to forgive each other and reunite. 

The beautiful stories changed my mind and I wanted to give Falun Dafa a try. As soon as this thought emerged, I felt a stream of heat running through my body. I did the exercises with my mother in February 1998 and I began to read Zhuan Falun every day. The tumor on my neck disappeared after I finished reading the book once. 

A few days later, I dreamed that a big hand went into my skull and removed something. I knew Master removed the malignant tumor. It signified the beginning of my new life. 

A year later I got a decent job at a school. Practicing Falun Dafa and following the teachings helped me do better at work. I learned how to operate a computer with my paralyzed left hand and did my job just fine. 

Becoming a Good Person

Master asks practitioners to follow the teachings and be good people no matter where we are. I never looked at myself as physically challenged after I started working. I made sure I always arrived at work on time and I never left early, no matter what the weather. 

One rainy day I fell on my way to work because of the slippery road. I hit the ground on my left shoulder and it hurt terribly. I told myself, “I am fine!” My forearm was bruised and swelled up, which made it hard for me to do my work. I did not tell anyone or take any time off. 

Master says, “...good or bad comes from a person’s initial thought...”( Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I didn’t let the injury bother me, and the pain went away before I noticed. 

The Principal Respects Me 

I worked hard and never complained. One year the school provided monetary aid to staff with difficulties. The new principal chose me and wanted me to fill out forms to apply for the funds. I turned it down and told him, “I have no financial burdens. Please give this to someone who needs it more than I do.” The principal didn’t expect that but said he admired me.

It’s been 20 years since I started this job. My title remains the same and so has my salary. I was paid less than a new formal teacher at school, but I never complained and gladly did my job. 

The principal went to the Personnel Bureau in 2012 to try to get me a promotion. It didn’t work. He then suggested that I “come up with” a Teacher’s Certificate. To do that, I would have to forge documents and bribe some officials. I thanked him for his offer to help but turned it down. He later texted me, “My job would be so much easier if our teachers were half as professional, responsible, and qualified as you.” 

“You Are Terribly Kind!”

In my first seven years at the school, I often help an accountant, who knew nothing about computers, to edit and print documents for work and fill out the numbers for the financial charts. One year the school received awards from the county for outstanding work performance. The accountant offered me a hundred yuan to thank me for my years of help. I turned him down and told him that it was not a big deal and just part of my job. He repeatedly said, “You are terribly kind!” I ran into him occasionally after he retired, and he still told me, “You are indeed a good person!”

Master said,

“...to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.” (Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature” from Essentials for Further Advancement

Taking Care of Students

One semester two of the students’ parents couldn’t come to pick them up after school. The director of teaching affairs asked if I would help and take the two children home after school. I agreed immediately. Every afternoon I spent at least half an hour walking the students home before I went home. Because of my physical condition, my right ankle hurt when I walked too much. I didn’t regret it a bit, knowing that the parents needed my help. 

It wasn’t easy to walk them home. The boy was naughty and liked to walk in the middle of the busy street, instead of on the sidewalk. I got upset and was worried when he ran into the street and laughed. I had to hold my temper and gently asked him to come back to the sidewalk. One time he refused to follow my instructions and danced in the middle of the road. At that moment I wanted to quit taking him home. I then thought about how hard his mother worked at the bus station to shine shoes and she made so little money. I couldn’t quit. From then on, every time the boy ran into the busy street, the traffic slowed down and no car passed. I knew Master was helping me protect the boy. Whenever I brought the boy to his mother and she sincerely thanked me, I knew that I couldn’t quit.

The other student’s parents offered to pay me a hundred yuan by the end of the semester to thank me for walking her home. They insisted that I take the money so I did. Knowing that they both work hard to pay for the girl’s tuition, I went to the mother’s workplace the next day and returned the money to her. 

Driver Moved by Compassion 

Ten years ago I waved down a taxi after work. Before I could get in, the driver stepped on the gas and drove away. I fell and passed out. After I came to, the driver helped me get up. He acted guilty and nervous. I realized that I was covered in dirt and my jacket was torn. The driver quietly drove me home. He drove slowly and didn’t try to pick up more passengers. At first I was upset and complained in my mind that he should have been more careful because I couldn’t move quickly. Then, my thoughts turned around, “It’s not his fault. He simply wanted to pick up more customers and make a better living.”

Before I got out of his car, I reached for my wallet but he stopped me, “No charge.” I left the money on the seat. My ribs hurt for several days after the accident, but the pain went away without me treating it. There was an incident where a person fell on a bus and the driver had to pay him thousands of yuan in compensation. 

To avoid problems, taxi drivers usually don’t want to give someone like me a ride. However, the driver was touched by the kind attitude and the forgiveness I showed after the accident. Every time he saw me waiting for a taxi, he picked me up. 


When I do the Falun Dafa exercises, my movements aren’t always precise and sometimes I can’t relax. This does not stop miracles from happening. Since Falun Dafa helped me escape death 25 years ago, I've never gotten sick once or needed to take any medicine. For the past 25 years, I have lived a brand new life, and I thank compassionate Master for it. By following Master’s teachings, my life is blessed and I’m no longer selfish. I hope more people can experience the amazing feeling of having one’s mind and body purified by Falun Dafa!