(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa practitioners, we have the responsibility to help people see through the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and help them quit the CCP and its two junior organizations (also known as the three withdrawals). I helped 3,154 people to do so in a little over two years, from February 5, 2019, to March 15, 2021. People are eagerly waiting for us to help them!

Among them were students from K-12 schools and colleges, factory workers, farmers, businessmen, judicial system officials, etc. Quite a few were CCP officials, scientists who worked on building China’s nuclear bombs and satellites, national-level model workers, and even the relatives of a retired high-ranking CCP official. Among the 3,154 people I helped, 539 of them were CCP members and the rest were members of the Communist Youth League or the Young Pioneer organizations.

I have been able to help even more people each day since the second half of 2021. More and more people come to greet me on the street – they are all looking for the truth of Falun Dafa. I then talk to them and have not missed a single one. I am able to help 20 or 30 people to quit the communist organization each day.

Seeing these people, who still have a conscience, are disgusted with the CCP, and show sincere respect to Dafa and Master, I keep reminding myself that I should do well in helping them to quit the CCP. The following are some stories.

A lady in her sixties, after agreeing to quit the communist organizations, said in tears, “How come I had just heard about this fabulous Dafa? How come you didn’t tell me earlier?” She kept holding my hand and repeatedly said, “Thank you! Thank you!”

A 74-year-old retired CCP official agreed with Dafa wholeheartedly. He was as excited as a child after I told him to quit the CCP.

“Please help my wife to quit, too,” He urged me, “Her last name is Yang and she is a CCP member.”

“We can use Yang Jianmei as her pseudonym,” I answered, “But you have to tell her about it and make sure she agrees when you get home.”

“Sure! Sure!”

Mr. Zhang worked at a government agency. After quitting the communist organizations, he said that gods do exist and that the communist atheist theory has ruined many people. He believed that people who did bad things would receive retributions and that the pandemic is a warning that Heaven sends to people – if people don’t correct their unrighteous behaviors, Heaven will punish them. He was so happy to quit the CCP.

I greeted a middle-aged man on the street. He gave me a thumbs up and repeatedly said, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good!”

“Have you quit the communist organizations?” I asked him.

“Of course! For such an evil party, how can I not quit it?”

“Great! Blessings to you!”

Three elderly ladies were playing cards. I asked if they needed a fourth hand. They invited me to play with them. I played a couple of games while chatting with them. I told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and also helped them to quit the communist organizations.

A 92-year-old veteran had participated in WWII, China’s Civil War, Korean War, and Sino-Vietnam War. After understanding the truth and quitting the CCP, he shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” He said repeatedly, “I’m so lucky today! Thank you! Thank you!”

A man in his fifties was a CCP party committee member. After hearing the truth, he quit the CCP.

A retired town administrator told me that over ten people talked to him about quitting the CCP but he just didn’t believe that Heaven will punish the CCP. “Don’t waste your time,” he said.

“The Buddha’s Fa is hard to hear,” I said, “See those people walking on the street? How many have not heard of it even once? You have a strong predestined relationship so you could hear this important message many times. The gods do not want to leave you behind. You should cherish it.”

He thought it over. “That’s right. Can you help me quit the CCP?”

The relatives of a retired high-ranking CCP official told me, “When he was in power, we didn’t get many benefits; but when he stepped down, the CCP wanted to punish all of us with guilt by association. We have moved around and finally managed to settle down here. The CCP is too evil. It's good to quit it. We don't know much about Falun Dafa, but whatever the CCP opposes must be good.”

Sometimes when I was telling the truth to someone on the street, another person passed by and I had an urge to talk to that person as well. But I didn’t have time at the moment. After I finished helping the first person and walked around on the street, I usually could run into that second person again and he was usually ready to quit the communist organizations when I brought up the topic.

Teacher brought these people with predestined relationships to us to hear the truth and get help to quit the CCP. He has arranged everything. The people are eagerly waiting for us to save them. It is our mission to go out and talk to them!