(Minghui.org) I am a woman, and I live in a rural area in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. I was fortunate enough to learn about Falun Dafa because my sister learned and benefited from the practice. Although I wasn’t practicing at the time, I saw how the practice changed her for the better. She used to be very short-tempered, but after studying the Fa, she became gentle and honest. She also recovered from a number of health issues, so it was easy for me to believe and follow her to study the Fa and practice the exercises every day.

I got the book Zhuan Falun from my sister with very thorough instructions, which impressed upon me the importance of reading it. My family lives in a rural area. My main job is farming, but I do many other things in my spare time.

I started reading Zhuan Falun in the middle of a hot summer afternoon in 2019. The strange thing was that, every time I sat down to read Zhuan Falun, it always felt cool around me. When it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, even if I turned on a fan, it still felt very hot. But when I sat down and read Zhuan Falun, the air around me felt very cool and comfortable, and it didn’t feel swelteringly hot.

I joined my sister at a group Fa study at a fellow practitioner’s place about two kilometers from my house for a few days. After that, my sister had to go to Hanoi with her daughter. From then on, I chose to study at home by myself. I learned the exercise movements in the first week. Although I practiced on my own, I knew that Master was watching me. Every time I did the second exercise, tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t enlighten to things much at that time, but I still practiced and read Zhuan Falun every day.

After six months of reading Zhuan Falun and practicing the five exercises, I suddenly remembered that it had been a long time since I had taken any pills or even medicinal herbs. In the past, I suffered from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a cyst in my breast, a tumor in my cheek, high blood pressure, and sometimes I had an awful headache. Every time I had such an attack, my husband and children panicked. They called the doctor to come to the house to help. In addition, I also suffered from cervical spondylosis, vertebrae issues, rheumatism, and constant knee pain year round. They all simply disappeared after I started to cultivate. Before, I used to have eye pain and it was difficult to see the characters, but now I can read small characters in books without glasses.

After almost three years, I no longer have abdominal pain, belching, indigestion, high blood pressure, or mouth issues. The cyst in the breast and the tumor on my cheek also just disappeared. Before, with these conditions, I was never at peace. Now, without them, I feel very comfortable.

My temperament has changed, too. I used to be short-tempered and irritable with my husband and children. Now I am a gentle wife and mother. My husband strongly objected to my practicing at first, but after witnessing my changes, he now supports me in studying the Fa and doing the exercises every day.

Falun Dafa Saved My Husband

In December 2019, my husband came home drunk from a wedding. He had a terrible headache, but since he was drunk, I was indifferent. I had to leave the house and would only be gone for about 15 minutes when I heard our son calling me back. I quickly turned around and ran in to find my husband lying motionless, mouth twisted to the side as if he’d had a stroke. I shook him. I was scared and worried and panicked. I kept shouting my husband’s name.

Fortunately, I was able to remember to say, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and kept shouting, “Master (the founder of Falun Dafa), save my husband and children.”

Just a few minutes later, I felt my husband move his finger, and he started to come to. I told my son to call the doctor, but the doctor said my husband was just drunk so he did not come, just advised me to take him to the hospital if it was severe. Fortunately, my husband regained consciousness, so I didn’t need to take him to the hospital. Because of that miracle, my husband, who didn’t practice, had a better understanding of the Fa. Since then, whenever he encounters any problems, he recites the two phrases.

My Daughter Benefits from Dafa

On the afternoon of May 21, 2021, my son-in-law called to tell me that my oldest daughter was seriously ill and in the emergency room in the Thach That District in Hanoi. She had a stomach ulcer and H pylori bacteria, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

I hurriedly packed my bags with my son (I didn’t forget to bring Zhuan Falun) and a small cell phone with a memory card in it that had Master’s lectures and exercise music. At the hospital, I saw my daughter lying motionless, with an IV in her right hand. She had not eaten for several days and couldn’t keep any food down. She had profuse gastrointestinal bleeding, thin skin, and dark circles under her eyes. Looking at her, I felt very sad and told her, “Now you have to save yourself. This usually takes a long time to heal. Listen to me. Read Zhuan Falun. If you have a predestined relationship, you will be blessed by Master.”

My daughter nodded in agreement. That very evening I read Zhuan Falun to her, and the next morning, she felt less tired and she could eat porridge. She had not eaten for a few days. When she ate the bowl of porridge, I was very relieved and thanked Master for helping me. That evening I read to my daughter again and she continued to recover. The next day she said, “I’m fine. Go home. I’ll read the book by myself.”

On the third day, my daughter called to inform me, “Mom, I will be discharged tomorrow.” I couldn’t believe my ears, so I asked if she was sure. My son said, “Her stools are no longer black (a sign of internal bleeding) and her stomach pain is gone, so the doctor discharged her.”

In the past, my daughter objected to my cultivation because she listened to the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that always smeared Falun Dafa. Now she has witnessed the changes in her mother and the benefits of Dafa, so she does not object. She also always keeps in mind the two phrases.

Recently, when the pandemic spread everywhere, the area where my family lived was affected. Every home was plastered with a red sign that said,“Family is being treated at home.” My family always lives honestly and keeps in mind “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” My family is always safe and no one has been infected with COVID.

On the occasion of Master’s birthday, May 13, we disciples are extremely grateful to Master. My family and I would like to express our deep gratitude to Master from the bottom of our hearts.

This article is my personal understanding. If there’s anything incorrect, please kindly point it out.