(Minghui.org) I started to feel unwell after lunch during a work day, and as time passed the pain worsened. I felt cold, had diarrhea, my feet were icy cold, and my body was bent over in pain. I had no energy to talk to others and couldn’t concentrate well enough to work.

From experience, I understood that this was the beginning of a fever and eliminating sickness karma, but this time it was stronger than before.

I sat on the chair in my cubicle to send forth righteous thoughts at the global time. I didn’t cross my legs, but I was able to clear my thoughts and calm down after the first five minutes. I entered into tranquility with a clear mind. I repeated the verses slowly. First, a cool energy cleansed my body and then a warm energy enveloped me. I no longer felt the cold and pain, and I could sit up straight. Happiness filled my heart. I was the usual me again and could work and converse with others.

I was excited and wanted to share my experience with fellow practitioners. It was like a process of validating Dafa. I have had various feelings while sending righteous thoughts before, but none were as profound and miraculous as this time. The dramatic changes before and after surprised me. I could eat dinner as usual that day.

The effect was inseparable from Master’s strengthening. I realized that I needed to achieve tranquility with a pure and concentrated mind, and I realized that sending righteous thoughts has great power.

I learned a lesson that day. I felt joyful and relaxed, and was busy eating and doing things instead of continuing to send forth righteous thoughts. After a few hours, the physical discomfort returned. I went to bed after hastily sending forth righteous thoughts. As a result, the discomfort and karma-eliminating reactions dragged on and off for more than two weeks.

I came to understand that the elimination of karma and the interference of evil factors is a contest between good and evil in one’s own dimensional field. In addition to studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, it is especially important to strengthen sending forth righteous thoughts when dealing with relatively large ordeals. Continuously sending forth righteous thoughts is very important.