(Minghui.org) I noticed many veteran Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members did not really know what Falun Dafa was and had not withdrawn from the CCP. They seemed to be more stubborn. As soon as I started to urge them to quit the Party they’d say, “I’ve been a member for decades, so I can’t quit.” But I found out they were willing to listen as long as I talked to them compassionately and honestly. Master Li helped me.

Stubborn CCP Member Changes

I often talk to people about Dafa at the market and in parks. I once saw a man sitting on a park bench. I had a feeling that I should talk to him, so I went over and we started to chat. When I asked if he knew about “quitting the CCP to stay safe,” he immediately said, “I don’t want to hear about that! My sisters, former classmates, and colleagues have all told me to quit the Party. I’m a veteran member and I don’t believe in these things. Go away!” I didn’t leave—instead, I sat down. I really wanted to help him!

I said, “You don’t want to hear the truth because you’ve been told too many lies. Think about it, would your family and friends hurt you? They are worried about you and want you to learn the facts to avoid being implicated when the CCP collapses. Did you know that the CCP staged the ‘Self-Immolation Incident’ to frame Falun Dafa?”

I also told him about the “Hidden Character Stone,” which predicts the elimination of the CCP. I spoke of the number of people who renounced the Party, including many high-level officials. I urged him, “Please withdraw from the Party. Only heaven, you, and I will know about it. Remember to often say, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ and divine beings will protect you.”

Perhaps my kindness touched him, so he listened and didn’t argue. He gave me his real name and accepted Dafa pamphlets. I was happy for him.

Just Listening Changed Stubborn Man

I saw a man in a public security uniform. He was probably in his 70s and looked mean. I sat down and chatted with him. I found out he was from northeast China and was talkative. So I let him talk while I sent righteous thoughts to clean his dimension.

I then changed the subject and talked about the ongoing pandemic. I said, “The standard of living has risen, but moral values have declined. No wonder we are experiencing more natural and man-made disasters. We should follow heaven’s will to avoid being harmed.” I then told him about Dafa, the persecution, and how millions have quit the CCP. He said he had been a Party member for over 50 years and then gave me his real name to quit.

I walked around the park one day, looking for people to clarify the truth to, and saw an elderly man. I invited him to sit down and we began to chat. He had been a military officer and a Party member for more than 40 years. I told him about Dafa and quitting the CCP. He said many people had already talked to him but he refused to quit.

I didn’t give up and thought I should at least try. I said, “You held an important position and made good money. You are so blessed. But in order to extend your blessings and avoid danger, I suggest you learn more about Falun Dafa and withdraw from the Party.” He agreed to quit and accepted Dafa informational materials.

I’ve had many experiences like these, and the people thanked me. I told them to thank Master Li, because he is the one who saved them.