(Minghui.org) One Sunday in the summer of 1997, I rode my bike to a friend’s home. As I passed a park I suddenly heard special music—it seemed to fill my ears. I heard it so clearly, as though the speaker was next to my ear. I never heard this music before and I wondered where it came from. It made me feel refreshed. It seemed that my mind was blocked before, but the music made me feel calm. I never had this feeling of complete relaxation.

I was known for my hot temper. I was busy with work every day, and it seemed as if I had endless work to do. I did all the chores at home. I also took care of my children and parents. Day after day, year after year, my life revolved around two points—from home to work and then from work to home.

My body and mind were always tense. This music changed my mood instantly. I suddenly felt calm. My thoughts became gentle, light, and quiet. I felt comfortable.

I felt it must not be ordinary music! I also thought the speaker must be very good that the music could transmit so far. I decided to enter the park and take a look. I wished to thank the person who played the music that changed my mood.

I hurried into the park and saw many people. There are seven or eight small speakers, all playing music for a qigong practice and three or five people stood in a circles. They kicked or hit trees—I never liked this kind of qigong.

I couldn’t find the music I was looking for. Just as I was about to leave, I had the thought to head north. I noticed another group of people, and then I heard the music I was looking for!

I saw a banner worded “Falun Dafa” in front of more than 200 people practicing the exercises. They stood in neat horizontal and vertical rows, quietly moving as one. It was a touching scene!

I thought that this beautiful music attracted so many people. Falun Dafa must be good—definitely better than other practices. The music soon ended, the practice was over, and people quietly left.

I was reluctant to leave and I wondered if they would come back the next day.

An elderly lady with gray hair, a smooth, fair complexion, and a strong, straight body walked over and asked me if I was new. Then she asked, “Do you think I have illnesses?” I said no.

She said, “The bronchitis I had for more than 70 years went away after I began practicing Falun Dafa.” She said she was so excited that she wanted everyone to know that it was Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, who saved her and that her illness was gone after practicing for one week.

She explained, “I had severe bronchitis when I was young, and it plagued me for years. This disease makes one unable to breathe, eat, bend over, or stand up straight. My complexion was sallow, my lips were blue, and even when I spoke I was out of breath. Every year I took injections and medicines but nothing helped.”

I asked her how she recovered so quickly. She said excitedly, “Master Li saved me and turned me into a healthy and good person. I began practicing Falun Dafa over a month ago.

“After practicing the exercises for a week, Master began to eliminate karma and purify my body. I expelled phlegm for seven days. On the eighth day, I stopped coughing and I was fine.”

“Now my back is straight. I can eat, sleep, and I’m filled with energy. My outlook on life has changed and I feel like I’m in my twenties. I began doing the household chores and I cleaned the house inside and out. My husband encouraged me to visit our relatives and friends, and tell them that my illness was cured, and it was Master Li of Falun Dafa who saved me and our whole family.”

As I listened, I deeply felt how extraordinary Falun Dafa is. I got Zhuan Falun five days later and I’ve practiced Falun Dafa since then.