(Minghui.org) My parents were farmers. They began to work in the fields when they were young. With many children to raise, both were worn out and ended up with all sorts of health problems as they aged. But after they began practicing Falun Gong, their bodies went through enormous changes––all their illnesses were gone, and they were full of energy with a healthy glow on their faces.

I had arthritis, dizziness, a gallbladder problem, and menstrual cramps. Even though they were minor issues, they were still challenging for someone who had to take care of her family and work. I decided to practice Falun Gong like my parents. Within two months, all my health issues were gone. My body felt so light and comfortable. My husband also followed suit. He had had migraines since he was a teen. After he practiced Falun Gong, his headaches were gone.

I have two daughters, Yi Ming is already working and Er Ming is in high school. They both practice Falun Gong as well. 

Yi Ming began practicing with us when she was very young. Back then, my husband and I got up at around 3:50 a.m. and went out to do the exercises at a group site. We would take her to school after we returned. On weekends and holidays she came with us. 

When the persecution began, Yi Ming was scared. She stopped attending Fa study and going to do the exercises. When she was in seventh grade in September of 2005, red dots started to appear on her leg. It didn’t hurt or itch, so we did not pay much attention to it.

One day, Yi Ming suddenly had severe stomach pain. It was so painful that she couldn’t sit still or sleep. I called a relative who works in the hospital. He came over and started an intravenous drip but her symptoms just got worse. We took her to the hospital in the city. She was diagnosed with appendicitis and told she needed surgery. We took her home and used folk remedies. None of them helped, and her condition got even worse. Now there were red dots all over her body.

We went back to the hospital, and this time the doctor confirmed that she had anaphylactoid purpura, an autoimmune disorder that cause inflammation and bleeding of the small blood vessels, which can affect the skin, joints, intestines, and kidneys. Red spots, arthritis, and abdominal pain are some of the typical symptoms of this disease.

Yi Ming’s kidneys were already damaged and she was hospitalized for ten days. She had generalized swelling, but the more the treatments she had, the worse the symptoms. We decided to take her to specialists in Beijing.

Since I had to stay home to take care of Er Ming, my husband and my brother took Yi Ming to Beijing. She was absolutely miserable. Her legs were so swollen she couldn’t squat. They had to push her in a wheelchair to go to various departments in the hospital. 

The hospital in Beijing gave her steroids. When they discharged her 20 days later, her generalized swelling was gone, but she’d gained a lot of weight because of the steroids. She no longer looked like a teenager. She was taking all kinds of medications. Every day, we tested her urine to see how she was coming along.

One day, she came down with a high fever. I could feel the heat just sitting next to her. She could not handle it any longer. She got up and asked her father to meditate with her.

After one hour, she had sweat a great deal and her fever was gone! From that day on, she no longer took any pills. She began copying Zhuan Falun (the main book of Falun Gong) by hand. She began doing the exercises again and quickly tapered off the steroids.

Anaphylactoid purpura is a very rare and difficult condition. A neighbor and a coworker of mine both had it and both were given steroids. As a result, both ended up with femoral head necrosis and my coworker had to retire at 40. Without steroids and other medications, Yi Ming recovered completely after she resumed practicing Falun Gong. Master renewed her life. 

In addition to Yi Ming’s rare disease disappearing, Er Ming had also benefitted from practicing Falun Gong. In October 2016, when Er Ming was in the sixth grade, she twisted her ankle the day before she was to be the flower girl at her cousin’s wedding. I did the Falun Gong meditation with her for one hour and her ankle was fine. The next day, she enjoyed wearing her pretty dress and helped hold the bride’s train.