(Minghui.org) I am a software engineer and started cultivating Falun Dafa when I was six years old. I was diligent in cultivation when I was small and liked studying the Fa and listening to it. I would go to the park to practice the Falun Dafa exercises with my grandparents. Dafa unlocked my wisdom. I could recognize most of the Chinese characters in Zhuan Falun, so I joined the adults in group Fa study before I had even started elementary school. My grades were very good when I went to school.

Two of my classmates and I were riding our bicycles beside each other one time while I was in middle school. We accidentally bumped into each other and fell to the ground. A motorcycle almost ran us over, but none of us were hurt. I knew Master Li (Falun Dafa’s founder) was protecting me.

I began to steer away from Dafa when I attended high school, and I became lost in ordinary human society. Deep down inside I always knew that Dafa was good, so I would occasionally read Zhuan Falun when I was home during the summer or winter breaks.

Dafa Restored My Health

I suffered from insomnia because of my attachments to fame and profit. My roommate pointed out that I had a patch of skin that was losing color on my forehead. I went to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed the condition as vitiligo. I was put on a lot of medication, but it only got worse. After the diagnosis, my relationship with my parents became worse, because they were always telling me what to do and it really upset me.

I knew very well that medication wouldn’t help me get better. Around this time, I had a dream that my world in another dimension had transformed into a garbage dump. I felt miserable when I woke up. I knew what the dream meant: I needed to start cultivating.

After the medication did not work, I decided to start cultivating. Though I started cultivation with pursuit in my heart, Master still purified my body. I listened to Master’s audio lectures and practiced the exercises for two months. The appearance of my skin started to improve. I then began to slack off again and didn’t listen to Master’s audio lectures as often.

A year later, I noticed more patches of skin on my forehead and around my eyebrows that were losing color. I went on a business trip overseas, and I saw an advertisement for Shen Yun on a big LED screen. I felt that it was time to return to cultivation.

The pandemic had already begun when I returned to China, but I had decided to return to cultivation. I managed to find a way to access Minghui.org and found all of Master’s lectures. I was in shock while I read Master’s lectures and realized how deluded I had been in ordinary society. I knew I could not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Master constantly gave me hints and opportunities to return to cultivation. The loss of pigmentation in my skin has improved now, and I am no longer attached to how I look. My mother told me that my appearance has improved. After cultivation, I look more calm and peaceful.

My Body Feels Lighter

I would get tired while walking with my classmates in the past and would need to take breaks. I would also get cramps and stomachaches during menstruation. This discomfort seems to have disappeared after cultivating Dafa. My body feels very light and I walk faster than an average person.

Quitting My Addiction To TV

I was addicted to watching dramas and variety shows. I was able to watch many episodes of Chinese historical dramas. These dramas would fill my mind with distorted thinking and ideals from the Chinese Communist Party culture. I started watching these dramas in high school and became slowly immersed in the desire for fame, profit, and emotion. I had become like an ordinary person.

After I stopped watching the dramas and shows, I became more clear-minded.

Being More Courageous

I had been very timid from a young age and afraid of being reprimanded by my teachers or other adults. As I got older, I was afraid of my colleagues and supervisors. So I dared not express my opinions. I would beat around the bush to gain acceptance. In reality, I was attached to my reputation and always wanted people to praise me.

I started to take attachments like fame and profit more lightly after I resumed cultivation. My attachment of selfishness also became weaker. I was not as scared of my supervisors and I managed to slowly eliminate my attachment to self-protection. I am now able to speak more freely, and when I am rejected, I am no longer as nervous. I have gained confidence.

Eliminating My Attachment to Resentment

I often held resentment toward people like my parents, colleagues, and classmates. I grasped desperately to fame and profit, so I lived a very tiring life.

After cultivating Dafa, I started to suppress and eliminate the thoughts of resentment whenever they emerged. Gradually, the negative substances were eliminated by Master and I now feel calm and peaceful in my heart. My attitude toward others has changed for the better.

Taking Fame and Profit Lightly

I was very petty in the past. If I treated others to a meal I would feel upset. At work, I would feel upset if others used my work but did not acknowledge it, or if I was not promoted. If others wanted to buy an apartment and asked me to borrow money, I would get jealous and be reluctant to lend money. If I was on a business trip overseas, I would be reluctant to help my friends purchase anything. I would also get upset if others broke their promises to me. I may not have shown this openly, but in my heart, I was constantly fighting with others, and I was really unhappy.

I started to take fame and profit more lightly after I returned to cultivation. It seemed that the people around me also started to take fame and profit more lightly after I did so.

No Longer Anxiously Looking for a Boyfriend

I was very anxious about looking for a boyfriend a couple of years ago. Many of my friends were married and had children. I was still single and wanted to find a companion I could rely on. Because of the influence of warped modern ideas, I was a little too casual during interactions with men in my workplace. Though nothing sexual happened, I was still overstepping the boundaries as a cultivator.

I rectified myself by studying the Fa and eliminating many of my negative thoughts and attachments, like lust and jealousy. I became less anxious to find a boyfriend and decided to follow the course of nature. I knew that if something was mine, I would not lose it, and if something was not mine I won’t fight for it. I started to have normal conversations with men at my workplace and maintained a calm heart. Anxiousness and the attachment to finding someone to rely on were gone.

Dafa is deeply rooted in my life because I was immersed in the Fa from a young age. I have had many successes that others have envied over the past 10 years. And though I had a decent job, I wasn’t truly happy. Even if I experienced happiness, it was only on the surface level. Dafa has opened my heart and given me a sense of belonging and I have returned home.

After I decided to return to cultivation, I was often in tears while I practiced the exercises. Perhaps my knowing side understood everything. I am grateful to Master for not giving up on me. Master has constantly given me hints and opportunities and has protected me whenever I needed help. Master has encouraged me by allowing me to witness and hear music and scenes from other dimensions. Master has also eliminated my attachment of fear.

Thank you Master for constantly guiding me back to cultivation!