(Minghui.org) I am 75 years old. I began cultivating Falun Dafa in 2005. Master (founder and teacher of Dafa) renewed my life, and what I thought was the end of my life became a new beginning for me as I embarked on the path of a Dafa practitioner. I would like to share some of my amazing experiences.

Fortunate to Obtain the Fa When Life Seemed Hopeless

Before obtaining the Fa, I suffered every day with many health problems, such as rheumatism, sciatica, heart disease, and more. It felt like every part of my body was affected. I had to take medicine or injections every day for pain relief. 

Then my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I was diagnosed with yet another disease--uremia. I did not want to live anymore.

My husband passed away in May 2005. I decided I would make a plan to take my own life.

At that time, my son had already obtained the Fa abroad. He called me every day and encouraged me to cultivate Dafa. I didn’t want to live anymore, however every time I planned suicide, something would come up and mess up my plan. My son continued to call me every day for three months and encouraged me to take up Falun Dafa. He told me he would have to return to China unless I took up the practice because he was worried about me. I felt I had no choice, but to agree.

I obtained a copy of the main book of Dafa, Zhuan Falun. As soon as I read the book, I was deeply drawn to Dafa’s principles. The more I read, the more I loved to read, and the more I understood. I was sorry I hadn't learned these Fa principles earlier. I became acquainted with other practitioners nearby who took me to the local material site. I immediately assumed the responsibility of making informational materials.

Master began to cleanse my body at the end of that year. Around noon one day, I started to have stomach pain and bloating. It was painful, but I was not afraid as I understood that my body was being cleansed. All my symptoms were gone the next day.

Around noon on the third day, I was so cold that I started to tremble. I returned to normal an hour later. I became cold again for another hour in the evening, then I was fine. The next day, I could not eat anything. I had no appetite for any food. I ate nothing, but my body was still normal except for a little weakness. I never skipped one day in studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

One month later, I suddenly felt hungry. Since then, I can eat and drink normally. I am comfortable and relaxed. I have not taken any medicine during these fifteen years, and I am healthy.

Master Protects Me Along the Way

After obtaining the Fa, I have held myself to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance every day. I am tolerant of everyone and always think of others. I get along with my neighbors well, resolving any conflicts we had before. I help my neighbors to clear off the road when it snows. People saw my kindness and believed what I told them about the persecution. They protected me when I was persecuted by the Chinese Community Party (CCP).

The police came to my home one day in 2012 and smashed my gate. My neighbors all came out and asked the police why they did such a thing. They told the police how well we all get along now that I practice Falun Dafa. The police had no choice but to leave at the neighbors’ insistence.

I was in my home and heard it all. I was happy they supported me. After the police left, my neighbors asked me to stay with them to avoid the police. I thanked them for their kindness and told them that I have Master to take care of me. Then I went to a fellow practitioner’s home to help send righteous thoughts for a tribulation he was overcoming. After I got home, my neighbor told me that the officers from the 610 Office just left.

The officers from the 610 Office traveled more than 30 miles from the city to my home at least six times trying to arrest me. However, I was out every time they came. According to my neighbors, they came right after I left; or I returned home right after they left. The head of the 610 Office was angry and frustrated. They hired someone to monitor me at my home, so I was forced to leave home for a while.

During the following years, Master has protected me along the way. I have experienced many amazing things that saved me from danger. Here are two examples.

I rode my electric bike to deliver informational materials to other practitioners. I was traveling fast. When crossing the ditch near a construction site, I fell onto the concrete. When I woke up, I couldn’t open my eyes. I only heard people talking near me. Someone said the police should be called. 

I sat up ten minutes later and could open my eyes. The front of my bike was broken. My things were scattered all over the place, and my front tooth had been knocked out. The police arrived and asked me to go to the hospital; I told them I was fine, and called some fellow practitioners to take me home.

After I arrived home, I saw that half of my face was swollen and both wrists were broken. I paid no attention and did things as usual. In less than two days, my face was no longer swollen and I had no pain. It was as if nothing had happened to me.

After being away from home for several years, I decided to move back to my hometown. Before the move, I was doing some painting and fell off a high stool. I fell on the tiled floor hard and it took a while for me to get up. There was a big lump on the back of my head. My upper body was numb, and my tailbone hurt. I stayed home for seven days, studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending righteous thoughts. After seven days, I was back to normal and so I packed up to move back home. 

Now I am busy clarifying the truth every day and I am never tired. Dafa gave me a second life. I must cherish this hard-won life and begin every day fresh, doing the three things well to show my gratitude to Master.