(Minghui.org) There are many uncertainties in life, and misfortune may strike at any time. From ancient times to modern day, however, there have always been people who somehow manage to avert danger and remain safe. Below are some examples.

A Scholar with Integrity

Lu Shusheng (1509 – 1605) was a scholar in the Ming Dynasty. After winning first place in the metropolitan exam (hui shi) in 1541, he was conferred with the title of Jin Shi (advanced scholar) and appointed a position at the Imperial Academy. He later returned to his hometown after his father became critically ill and stayed there for three years following his father’s death.

Later on, Lu was promoted as Minister of Ceremonies in charge of the Imperial College (Guozijian). Because of his integrity and diligence at work, he was later promoted to Minister of Civil Affairs. With little interest in fame and material interest, however, Lu declined it citing his poor health. The next emperor, Muzong, tried again, but Lu still declined. Muzong’s son, Emperor of Shenzong, then appointed Lu as Minister of Rites. Lu could not say no anymore and accepted it.

When Lu left home for the metropolitan exam in his earlier years, provincial official Wang Hua had a dream, in which hundreds of people were kowtowing to a person and calling out his name, Lu Shusheng. As Wang expected, Lu won first place after the exam result came out. “Lu is blessed by the divine and he will have a great future,” Wang told his aides.

It was indeed the case later on. Lu not only lived a long life but also survived many accidents. One time a wall collapsed next to him and another time a wooden board dropped over his head, but he was fine both times. Furthermore, whenever he traveled, the weather would be good, and even a rainy or windy day would become sunny soon. Were it not to be heavenly blessings, how would this be explained?

A Merchant with Protection

Jin, a pawnshop owner in the Jin Dynasty, was a noble person. He was not only fair to customers but also considerate of their needs. From time to time, he waived the interest for the poor so that they could make a living. In addition, he waived interest for the winter coats on cold days and did the same for summer clothing on hot days. Many people were very grateful. His generosity and good deeds didn’t prevent his pawnshop from making money, and he became one of the wealthiest men in the region.

One time a group of mobsters came and many wealthy families were robbed. But Jin’s business was fine. Local officials could not understand it and suspected Jin had connections with the mobsters. After arresting and interrogating all the mobsters, however, they found no mobster had any connection with Jin. Out of curiosity, an official asked them why they skipped Jin’s pawnshop.

“We actually went there a couple of times, but each time we saw many armed deities at the top of the building [guarding the business],” one mobster explained, “That is why none of us dared to mess around there.”

It was not until then that officials and local residents knew what had happened – Jin’s kindness and good deeds won protection by the divine. Officials honored him with a plaque and spread the story widely in the region.

A Tree That Knows Direction

Here is a story reported by Minghui.org. In a township between Henan Province and Anhui Province lived a person named Li Tong. His residence was divided into the north section, south section, and west section. While living in the south section himself, Li rented out the north and west sections for a restaurant business.

The north and south sections are very close, with a gap of only one meter (or one yard). Interestingly, there was a big tung tree that had grown in the gap for more than 20 years with a diameter of over 70 centimeters (more than two feet). Because the tree had died the year before, Li planned to hire someone to cut it down. Several tree service companies refused to take the job. The tree was too big, they said. The trunk would likely damage the building and the roots could ruin the foundation too.

One day in winter 2006, however, the tree fell down with a loud “click” sound in a gust of wind. To everyone’s surprise, the tree landed perfectly as if there was a sophisticated calculation. It fell down in the east direction and only damaged several tiles of a neighbor’s house. Not only that, the root was straight as if someone had dug it out by chopping vertically straight. So there was no damage to the wall or foundation next to it at all.

Li’s neighbors and friends were also amazed. It was a miracle that the tree landed like this. Had the tree fallen in the wrong direction during lunchtime, the restaurant and diners in it could have been severely injured.

Upon learning that Li had practiced Falun Gong for a long time, people came to see why there was such a miracle. Like other practitioners, Li strove to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person. In fact, he often told people how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had destroyed the traditional Chinese culture endangering China’s future.

As a result, several people were interested in learning Falun Gong and quite a few people decided to quit the CCP organization for a better future.

Surviving the Sichuan Earthquake

A major earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province in May 2008, killing over 69,000 people and leaving at least 4.8 million homeless. One practitioner who lived in Wenchuan, one of the worst-hit areas, recalled her experience.

May was a busy season for farmers, both harvesting crops and planting new seeds. It was hot working in the field and people often went back home for a lunch break. “At noon on May 12, somehow my family did not want to stay at home and we all went out working in the field,” she wrote, “right at that time, the earth shook and some of us fell down to the ground. We were shocked by the earthquake and we were also happy to have survived it.”

The practitioner’s young brother had his house damaged, but his family was all right. Their sister also had her residence half-collapsed, but no one was injured. Her 70-year-old cousin, who often took a nap at noon, didn’t nap on that fateful day, as someone asked him out. Right after walking out on the street, nearly all houses in the region collapsed...

“Although the CCP had made up many lies defaming Falun Gong, all my family members know that the practice is good. They have also quit the CCP organization to avoid sinking with the regime,” wrote the practitioner, “this could explain why they are so fortunate.”