(Minghui.org) After I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, I recovered from all of the illnesses I had suffered from for a number of years. I also let go of a bad temper that was difficult for my family to live with. My parents-in-law said that they could finally depend on me! My family supported me in my cultivation of Dafa.

I like to help others, dare to speak out, and do things when needed. I’m good at motivating people to get things done. Gradually, I became the local coordinator. I was generally at the forefront when it came to overall improvement and awakening sentient beings, and I would even stir up a commotion sometimes. Gradually, fellow practitioners came to admire me and no one dared to say anything bad about me. However, the attachment of seeking admiration and dependence began to appear. I did not realize that I was in the wrong state of mind. Instead, I began to have an inflated sense of self-importance and started to look down on others without realizing it. This continued until 2012 when I was arrested.

Lesson Learned

The local police broke into my house through the windows and arrested me in July 2012. As I played an important role in my company, my boss made use of his connections and spent a huge sum of money, hoping to “buy” me back. As I had not been cultivating based on the Fa for a long period of time when I heard that my boss had already spent a large sum of money, I wanted to return home quickly, so I just went with the flow and wrote off the situation as hopeless. I gave in to the evil and wrote a guarantee statement, promising that I would no longer practice Falun Dafa. However, things were not as simple as I had thought. Before long, I was once again sought after by the police, I was arrested a few times, and in the end, I was illegally sentenced to prison.

After my release in 2018, I returned home with a heart full of pain and remorse. I began to blame myself for writing the guarantee statement. I felt too ashamed to face anybody. After going through these experiences, my family also changed a lot. My son, who used to be a little practitioner, started to smoke and complained all the time. My husband also kept close tabs on me and did not allow other practitioners to come to our house. However, Dafa had already been rooted in my soul. I really yearned to correct myself in the Fa. When I finally got to watch Master Li’s (Dafa’s founder) lectures, I felt that this Fa is so dear to me and that I must continue to cultivate.

Later, some practitioners managed to visit me. They even volunteered to communicate with my family, hoping that my family would no longer object to me cultivating. After that, my family environment gradually changed. While busy with saving sentient beings, fellow practitioners came to study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts with me at night. They persisted in doing so every day, which touched me. I gradually broke free from the negative and depressed feelings and began to build up my righteous thoughts.

Rising and Moving on Vigorously

The lesson I learned from my fall was that I did not have the Fa in my heart. So, I was determined to study the Fa more.

Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

In the daytime, I would study the Fa by myself at home. I also forced myself to concentrate when studying the Fa, and absorb the contents of the Fa. After studying the Fa with fellow practitioners at night, I decided to increase my Fa study time and reduce my sleeping time. One night, while I was half asleep, I felt a loud voice coming from the bottom of my heart, “I want to declare that all the bad things that I have done shall become invalid and I will cultivate in Dafa.” After that, I heard a loud sound, like thunder, breaking something into pieces. Startled, I woke up to see that it was around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. I felt that my mind was especially clear and bright and that this was a new beginning.

After persisting in studying the Fa in this way for about a month, fellow practitioners asked me to help them clarify the truth about Dafa. I was still very afraid. But, when I was with fellow practitioners I was able to overcome the fear. However, I was no longer good at clarifying the truth, and I also did not dare to open my mouth. I only knew that awakening sentient beings is the right thing to do. My fear gradually weakened, and I was able to do well in clarifying the truth. I had broken out of a shell. I knew that Master had helped me to get rid of a lot of bad substances. I gradually caught up with the Fa-rectification process.

Rescuing Fellow Practitioners

A few months later, a practitioner whom I often interacted with got arrested. As few practitioners participated in rescuing this practitioner, the rescue effort seemed to stagnate, and we also lacked the information we needed to carry out the rescue. Being a responsible person, I wanted to go to that practitioner’s house to gather more information. However, the nightmare of my own persecution experience caused me to become fearful whenever I faced such issues. To break through this fear, I kept up my Fa study and also persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts. As a result, my cultivation state changed greatly. I experienced the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts.

Through studying the Fa, I learned that while emphasizing the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts outwards by erecting a palm, I also needed to emphasize the clearing of my own dimensional fields. Therefore, I persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts inwards and outwards. I felt that my dimensional fields became clearer and brighter. Furthermore, I was also very strict with my Fa study, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. I made sure that I did the movements accurately. After a while, I felt that I was engulfed in energy, and finally had the courage to go to that practitioner’s home, despite rumors that police officers were watching it.

Later, I went to talk with the family members of the persecuted practitioner, helping them get rid of negative thoughts. I also cooperated with practitioners to accompany the family members to the relevant department to submit informational materials. Although that practitioner remained imprisoned, during the process, I had tried my best to do what I should do and had no regrets.

Changing Lifestyle

Being sent to prison put a lot of pressure on my family. This time when I returned home, my husband wanted to move away from the area and was searching for another house. I knew the purpose of my life was to awaken sentient beings in this area. And, I had also benefited from the local cultivation environment, so I did not agree to move away. In the end, my family members just had to give up on that idea. However, I knew that I had to go out to work and earn money.

As I had benefited from the local group environment, somewhere deep in my soul, I cared for and felt a responsibility towards this group. Before I set out to look for a job, I sent out a wish not to lose the group environment, and I asked Master to strengthen me. Amazingly, when I went to the job market, I was approached by an employer who offered me a job.

In this new company, I treated myself as a Dafa practitioner, did my job diligently, and worked in harmony with my colleagues, displaying the demeanor of a Dafa practitioner wherever possible. After some time, the boss said, “I have traveled extensively for so many years but I have never met anyone like you!” As he needed to go to another city to start a business there, he asked me to manage this company. He said that I am the only one whom he can trust and depend on.

Later, he was pleased with how I had managed his company and discussed the possibility of me moving to another city to set up a branch. The benefits were also very good. I declined his offer politely. Instead, I set up a shop near my house. This was a new environment to awaken sentient beings, and I could still work with the local practitioners.


After returning home from prison, the group environment which we used to have had drifted apart. Some of the practitioners moved elsewhere, while some who were still at home were not diligent, and others became like normal people. There were almost no truth-clarifying materials in the vicinity. I felt remorseful. Due to my failure to do well, I caused these practitioners to be over-reliant on me, and it had brought great distress to the local practitioners when something happened to me.

As my cultivation state gradually normalized, I voluntarily went to visit these practitioners and talked to them. We exchanged our sincere thoughts, and I expressed my hope to cultivate diligently together with them again. They did not blame me for my faults but just reminded me to cultivate well. I was touched and that increased my motivation to cultivate diligently.

Gradually, the practitioners started to change. They increased their Fa study, doing the exercises, and sending forth of righteous thoughts. Truth-clarifying materials could be seen in our area, and every household heard the truth about Dafa.

I chose not to be a coordinator and suggested other practitioners take up the coordination task instead. I chose to actively cooperate with those practitioners to do the three things that Master has told us to do well. The group environment gradually became better and better and the practitioners’ hearts to improve became very strong.

At the start of last year, after the Wuhan virus outbreak, everyone cooperated with one another. We distributed truth-clarifying materials to the dozens of villages in our area twice, taking more than two months to complete. During the process, there were disturbances and tests of our xinxing. However, these were gradually resolved as practitioners diligently looked inward and cultivated. This was especially true when we met people who did not understand the truth and wanted to report on us. The local practitioners displayed their steadiness, wisdom and were not moved by these sudden occurrences. This made me feel all the more gratified that the practitioners were really maturing in their cultivation.

Diligent Cultivation

After I started my cultivation again, I’ve emphasized looking inward and understanding the Fa based on the Fa principles. After improving in my cultivation through obtaining the Fa, I felt very blessed. I often think that Master and the Fa are so great! I also have so many good practitioners around me.

The practitioners who know me always asked, “Why are you always so positive, optimistic, and full of life?” During the process my soul is progressing in the direction that Master has guided me towards, I have felt Master’s omnipresent benevolence and Dafa’s great powers! I would like to pass on this blessing to more people!

Fellow practitioners, wake up: Master is waiting for us, and the sentient beings are longing for us. The great Falun Buddha Fa will wash away all that dirt, help us return to our true self, and create the future of divine beings!