(Minghui.org) “Mom, you are like a bird!” the daughter-in-law exclaimed when she saw her mother-in-law move agilely between two high stools while cleaning the ceiling. She was afraid of climbing onto the high stools, and her legs shook at the thought.

The lady is Aunt Jia. She’s already 74 years old but looks as if she is in her 50s. Her back is straight, her complexion is rosy and her eyes are bright. Yet 24 years ago she suffered from so many ailments that doctors said she could die at any moment. She was slow, felt inferior and did not dare to speak in front of others. Now, she speaks eloquently, her voice is clear and she is respected in the family. I told her, “Aunt, you are a testament to how wonderful Falun Dafa is!”

I saw the power of faith in Aunt Jia.

From the Brink of Death to Being Fit and Healthy

Aunt Jia is not well educated and consequently her in-laws looked down on her. For a long time she felt unjustly treated. She had many ailments: heart problems, stomach disorder, uterine inflammation, colon inflammation, migraine headaches and so on. The doctors said she could die at any moment. Because she stayed in the hospital for a long time, her family incurred a lot of debt to pay for her medical expenses. Sometimes, she would run to a place where there was no one and scream. She even thought of killing herself. Her husband said, “You look like a ghost, whoever sees you is frightened.”

She was not even 50 years old. At 166 cm tall (5 feet 4 inches), she weighed only 47 kilos (104 pounds). Even her face was dark. Her husband’s relatives complained to her father-in-law when they saw her for the first time: “Why did your son marry a woman old enough to be his mother?” They thought she looked old and ugly.

When she was at her lowest point a friend suggested she try practicing Falun Dafa. She was illiterate and listened as practitioners read the teachings. When the practitioner who read to her no longer had time she was so anxious she wept. She fell asleep and when she woke up, she discovered she could read the teachings without any mistakes.

All her illnesses were gone after she practiced Dafa for three days. She felt light as if floating when she walked. When Aunt Jia was young, she had three gaps in her trabecular bone so large her finger could go through. It hurt so much she only slept two hours every night. The second day after practicing Dafa, as she was doing the sitting meditation, she heard three snapping sounds and since then her back has been fine.

Now, although she is over 70 years old, she is fitter than a young person. She can even go up on the roof to sweep the snow. The neighbors are worried that she might fall off when they see her. She tells them, “I am a practitioner and Master Li (Dafa’s founder) will protect me. I will be okay.”

Repaying Enmity with Kindness

According to the teachings of Falun Dafa:

“Under all circumstances, we must be good and kind to others” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

After she started to practice Falun Dafa, Aunt Jia has tried her best to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She gradually stopped resenting her husband’s family for mistreating her. Out of three daughter-in-laws, she was most filial to her in-laws.

During the SARS epidemic in 2003, she rode over 100 miles to bring food to her husband’s parents. They could not take care of themselves and their house was dirty and smelly. No one wanted to help them—only Aunt Jia took good care of them.

She later brought her in-laws home so that she could look after them. Her father-in-law was hard of hearing. She asked her son and daughter-in-law to always smile in front of the older man even if they are not in a good mood so that although he could not hear what they said, he would be happy.

Aunt Jia’s in-laws have three sons and her husband is their second son. After both of them passed away, the elder and younger son passed away too. The inheritance went to the oldest son’s two sons. The two brothers fought over the inheritance and asked Aunt Jia to be the judge. She convinced them to be content with their lot. She forgot that her husband and her had a share of the inheritance too, yet they gave it up.

Whole Family Benefits When One Person Practices

Aunt Jia said to her family: “I have been practicing Dafa for so many years, has anyone been ill and have gone to the hospital?” Indeed, the whole family benefited tremendously and received blessings because they believe Dafa is good.

A granddaughter fell from the roof when she was 5 years old and injured her kneecap. Aunt Jia accompanied her in doing the sitting meditation. Three days later, the child could go out and play. She had completely recovered.

Aunt Jia’s sister-in-law had diabetes and her skin festered and smelled badly. She brought her home to do the exercises and cleaned her wounds. Three days later, her sister-in-law was able to ride her bicycle and returned home two weeks later after recovering completely.


In today’s society in China, people struggle to find treatment for their ailments and pay a lot for medical bills. A severe illness can use up the entire family’s savings. Even if you are rich, you feel helpless if you have an incurable ailment. Even if one is healthy, when you run into conflicts with others and are treated unjustly, the internal turmoil feels worse. How many families have turned against one another over the division of assets and worse yet sued each other in court?

Falun Dafa has attracted countless people due to its health benefits and moral teachings. Numerous patients suffering from terminal illness have gained a new lease on life. The teachings of Dafa have taught practitioners to be kind to others and not pursue fame or gain. Practitioners have improved their relationships with others and families became more harmonious after practicing cultivation. This is the power of faith and Aunt Jia is a living testament. There are countless examples like this among Falun Dafa practitioners.