(Minghui.org) I began with Falun Dafa cultivation 20 years ago. Since then, I have held myself to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. All my chronic diseases are gone and I didn’t have to take any medication, as I didn’t even catch a cold over the past 20 years. 

Unexpectedly, one morning in July 2021, when I got up to do the exercises, I suddenly felt terrible stomach pain. In the beginning, I didn’t take it to heart, but continued to do the exercises. After I finished the first set of exercises, even though I felt as if I couldn’t continue, I didn’t stop and tried to carry on with the second exercise. However, even before I finished the first position, I fell into bed with pain and couldn’t move anymore. I sincerely sent forth righteous thoughts, thinking that as a practitioner, Master and Dafa were with me and I’d be fine and get better quickly. However, by the next morning my pain was still not alleviated. 

Then I decided to log onto the computer. Although it took a lot of effort, I managed to send out an email to ask for practitioners to help send forth righteous thoughts for me. After that, I began to send forth righteous thoughts and study the Fa. While studying, I didn’t feel like moving, I was also in great pain and couldn’t carry on with Fa-study. I stayed in bed the whole day. When my husband saw me not eating or drinking, he said to me, “Why don’t you go to the hospital?” I said, “I’m fine.” When he saw I was very firm, although he didn’t practice, he has benefited from Dafa for all these years, knowing how extraordinary Dafa is, thus, he didn’t say anything else. 

The next day I couldn’t finish the exercises. On day three, I realized the old forces were interfering with me. I then decided that no matter how much pain I felt, I still had to do the exercises. Empowered by Master, I managed to finish the five exercises. Then the pain was lessened. However, in a short while I was in pain again and felt as if there was a jackhammer in my stomach. I also felt quite weak. 

When my mother, who is also a practitioner, noticed the state I was in, she said, “Let your sister and I come over to your house and do the exercises, study the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts together, so that our energy field will be very strong. Your sister can also stay to help with cooking.” At night, my sister and I studied the Fa together until midnight. Then we went to bed after sending forth righteous thoughts. 

One night, as soon as my sister fell asleep, I heard her muttering, “Demon, demon, demon.” I shouted at her, “My sister, what are you saying?” She woke up and said, “There were demons interfering with me.” We sat up immediately to send forth righteous thoughts, completely negating every interference and persecution from the old forces. We’d only acknowledge Master’s arrangements for us, nothing else. 

This state had lasted for more than 10 days. I felt I couldn’t keep on like this, as the pain was so extreme. Thus, I began to look for the root cause. Whatever happened to a practitioner wasn’t accidental. When I began to look inward, I found many attachments, including the attachment to doing things, sentimentality towards my children, resentment and jealousy. Previously, I thought that since I was a practitioner, I shouldn’t get ill. Thus, I felt a bit zealous. When seeing regular people taking medicine and injections, I always felt I was so fortunate to not need medicines. Now I felt it was a strong attachment. 

Master said, 

“Some people have long harbored an attachment to illness, which is likewise dangerous. That’s because some people think that their illnesses will go away by practicing Dafa, and that they have a protective shield over them—“As long as I join the ranks of Dafa disciples, I won’t have illness, and won’t have anything to fear.” What a strong human attachment! But has that person carried out real cultivation, then? Or is he treating Dafa like a protective shield? Even if that wasn’t how the person was initially thinking, it’s still an attachment.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

Suddenly, I recalled a few years ago, when I listened to the podcast on “snapping out of illness karma illusion,” I had a bad idea pop up in my head, “If I am to pass this test, I should be able to.” Right then, I didn’t realize this was a plot set by the old forces, but let this thought slip out of my mind instead of immediately negating it. As Falun Dafa practitioners we must cultivate our every thought well. 

Now with the emergence of this state, I became aware that I was being taken advantage of by the old forces. I then thought I should follow Dafa to rectify all abnormal states, only acknowledge Master’s arrangements and negate everything arranged by the old forces. 

Since I didn’t eat or drink for more than 10 days, I became emaciated. When my family members saw my state, they were all worried about me. My brother said, “This won’t do! Let’s quickly go to the hospital.” He then called my other brother and had him drive me to the hospital. My brothers said this would just be a check-up, and if I turned out to be fine, then all of us could rest assured. I thought to myself, “I’ll go home after the check-up. We practitioners have no illnesses.” I firmly believed that I wasn’t ill, it was the old forces meddling with me. After I finished the check-up, I went to my sister-in-law’s home nearby the hospital to wait for the outcome. 

My sister-in-law is also a practitioner. Her righteous thoughts were very strong, she had helped me send forth righteous thoughts. She knew that I hadn’t had anything to eat for more than 10 days. While cooking for me, she said, “I’ll add my energy to the meals that I am preparing for you.” 

After she finished cooking, she served two bowls of hot, thin noodles which smelled very good. When I saw the food, I felt my appetite return, so I quickly finished one bowl. Then she asked me to finish the other one. I thought I was already full, but in a short while, seeing the other bowl on the table, I felt like eating again, so I finished it as well. For me, who hadn’t had any food for a bit over ten days, to suddenly eat two bowls of noodles, this was truly incredible! I appreciated her empowerment through her righteous thoughts. 

Later that afternoon my brother and husband accompanied me to the hospital to go over the test results. The doctor advised us that I had an intestinal obstruction and asked to admit me to the hospital immediately. After that, they gave me injections of water for two days, followed by a colonoscopy, which showed I was fine. 

Next, an obstetrician examined me, suspecting that I had a cyst. He also ordered an enhanced CT scan. After the result came back, the doctor in charge found my husband and talked to him, saying that I had late-stage ovarian cancer and all our children should come in for a discussion. He suggested two options: one was chemotherapy followed by surgery, but the treatment effect could not be guaranteed; the other was to transfer to a Shanghai hospital for treatment.

My husband was petrified. While holding the test result, he came back to the ward with tears rolling down his face. But when I saw the result, I was very calm. I had thought it had nothing to do with me, as I had Master who has immense power, and all these were illusions. So I said to my husband, “What are we doing here? I have Master taking care of me, I am not ill. There is no reason for you to cry at all.” When he saw my faith in Master and Dafa, he quickly adjusted himself. He has benefited greatly from Dafa and understood how miraculous Dafa is. Thus, he said, “Okay, we’ll just listen to Master. We are fine.” 

After my brother found out about the test result over the phone, he was dumbfounded. He told my husband to hide it from me out of concern that I couldn’t take the pressure. My husband said, “She already knows about it. But she took it very lightly.” 

This sudden tribulation made everyone in my family worried. Upon my son hearing about it, he wanted to come back from out of town immediately. I told him not to do that, I was fine and could go home at any time. He cried out loud after hearing what I said, “Mom, if you were to delay your treatment, then wouldn’t I feel sorry for you later on? Please listen to the doctor and receive the treatment.” I responded, “My son, for all these years, you know that your mom has cultivated Falun Dafa. The doctor can’t heal me, I’ll be fine soon after returning home. I want to go home now.” My son also knows that Dafa is wonderful, but he couldn’t accept what I told him and sobbed, saying that I must work with the doctor. 

I was a bit moved deep down and was at a loss. So I called my sister-in-law. She said that Master would have us display the beauty of Dafa to our extended family, as opposed to have the evil prevail. 

Master said, “Today, mankind's stage is for Dafa disciples to perform on, and absolutely not for those evil ones!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VIII)

Our family comprised a few hundred people, and my sister-in-law and I had clarified the facts to them all and helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We should not allow the old forces to undermine sentient beings. We must have our faith in Master and Dafa. We should use this opportunity to display the miraculousness of Dafa to our family, ask for Master’s empowerment, and have test results show normal, so that the doctor would have to discharge me home. But when I insisted on going home, some of our family members didn’t understand that, and had misunderstandings towards Dafa. 

After sharing with my sister-in-law, my righteous thoughts came forth. I remembered what Master said, 

“True Dafa disciples have higher energy and are able to destroy karma and germs; they are emissaries of salvation in these latter days, and bring their wisdom to bear upon saving people as they share truthful information related to our practice.” (“Stay Rational” )

At that time, the helpless state in my heart disappeared without a trace, I felt I was incomparably tall. 

Benevolent Master has imparted the Fa to us. When I didn’t enlighten to the Fa, now thinking back, I felt very regretful. In this critical moment, when I didn’t do what a practitioner was supposed to do, how much loss this could have caused sentient beings. I realized that the old forces not only persecuted me, but rather, it wanted to use this format to persecute our entire family. I must have righteous thoughts and actions, follow Dafa and not fall for the old forces’ arrangements. 

Thus, I began to clarify the facts to people in the hospital ward. I had a roommate who was also an elderly lady who just had surgery. I talked to her about the beauty of Dafa and the miraculous stories that I had witnessed in person. I told her I was never ill in the past 20 years after I began to practice. The reason why I came here was likely because of our predestined relationship, to help her listen to the truth so as to have a bright future. 

She truly believed what I said and I then taught her to recite “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!”. Since she was illiterate, she had tried to memorize the phrases many times, but still failed. So I had to teach her word for word over the next two days. At night I heard her turning in bed, so I knew she wasn’t asleep. So I opened up the curtain and continued to teach her the phrases. After a few dozen times of trying to memorize the phrases, I asked her to give it a try herself. Empowered by Master, she finally memorized the phrases. 

The next morning the doctor decided to discharge my roommate. Before she left, she held my hands excitedly, saying, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” Seeing her excitement after having been saved, I was moved to tears. 

Then there came another elderly lady who was in her 90s who had just had surgery. Her daughter was also there to help her. As she was recently admitted, she still had some personal belongings to bring from home. Seeing that, I quickly lent my stuff to her for whatever she needed. I also helped her daughter look after her mother. Her daughter was very excited and said, “My, how come you are so kind?” I said, “It’s no problem, we should help each other.” 

Seeing that I always gave them a hand, the daughter liked to chat with me. So I took this opportunity to clarify the facts to her and talk to her about the beauty of Dafa. I said to her, “The doctor told me I was in the last stage of ovarian cancer. But it doesn’t matter, as I have Master Li Hongzhi of Falun Dafa taking care of me. As long as I believe in Master and Dafa, Master will help me. No practitioner wants to give up on their belief after benefiting so much from this wonderful practice. The CCP fabricated lies to defame Dafa, so you wouldn’t know about or believe how wonderful Dafa is.” After she heard me, she began to stare and said, “Are you for real?” I nodded my head with confidence, “Yes.”

When she saw I was very serious, she said, “But then how come you are different from other Falun Dafa practitioners I have met? I have a relative who also practices Falun Dafa, she doesn’t care about anything in her family, but only goes out every day with other practitioners.” I stopped her right there and said, “Please don’t judge Falun Dafa by one thing. What you saw may not be what all practitioners do. In addition, there are always good and bad students in a class. Everyone also improves themselves in their cultivation.” Upon hearing that, she became clear, “You are right. By looking at you, I also believe that Dafa is good.” 

Later when this woman saw me wearing an earbud, she asked me, “What are you listening to every day?” I then put my earbud into her ear to have her listen. After she had listened for a little while, she said, “Well said!” I was a bit surprised, “Do you understand?” She said, “Yes, I do.” Seeing her predestined relationship with Dafa, I then gave her an MP3 player loaded with Master’s audio recordings. I asked her to listen to it carefully. She truly appreciated it and kept saying, “Sure, sure!” 

When I woke up the next morning, my stomach felt relaxed and didn’t hurt as much as before. Right then, my husband also woke up, he said, “I had a dream. I saw a monster under your bed, which was as big as a cow, and shiny black. I couldn’t see its head, all I could see was its large strong legs. Then I asked Master to eliminate it. So it was eliminated.” Upon hearing that, tears began to roll down my face. Master saw my strong faith in Dafa, as well as my wish of saving sentient beings. Master removed that malevolent spirit body for me, leaving the old forces to have nothing to say. 

Right then, the doctor came, while holding the enhanced CT scan results, which showed the size of the tumor had shrank to be 2cm from 8cm the other day. It was such a big disparity within under 10 days. In addition, I didn’t take any medications. When both my husband and I saw the results, we couldn’t express our feelings in words, but simply let the tears roll down our faces. 

Right then, the doctor told me I must have a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test. As soon as my husband heard about it, he quickly called my sister-in-law over. As every time I went for a test, he’d have my sister-in-law help send forth righteous thoughts. She also notified other practitioners to join her in sending forth righteous thoughts. It seemed normal at the ordinary people level, yet in other dimensions, it was truly a battle between good and evil. 

I took this opportunity to clarify the facts to the other patients. I thought: I came here not for doing the tests, but rather it was for me to use this opportunity to clarify the facts to other patients. I told them by reciting the phrases, their pain could be alleviated. I also told them Falun Dafa is a universal law, and Master Li came to save people. They now knew that the staged “self-immolation” incident was purely a hoax orchestrated by the CCP and I invited them to quit the CCP. Some thanked me, sincerely recited the phrases, and decided to quit the CCP immediately. There were also some who didn’t believe me, but at least what I said to them has laid a foundation for their listening to the truth later on. I truly hoped sentient beings could all be saved. 

When I began to feel better, I walked up and down along the hallway, reciting Master’s Fa. Whenever I ran into people with predestined relationships with me, I’d clarify the facts to them. My sister-in-law called me, saying, “You have finished your tests, why don’t you come home from the hospital now? What are you doing there?” I got what she meant, then I said, “Sure, I’ll be home tomorrow. Let’s have a meal together at my home.” 

The next day, the doctor visited me. While holding my MRI test results, he said, “You can go home. You don’t have to do this surgery.” I did Heshi, with tears rolling down my face. Thank you, Master!

My husband was more excited than me, he kept saying, “Thank you, Master!” When my roommate heard about the test results, she said, “It’s truly miraculous! Dafa is so extraordinary! When I go home, I’ll listen to the lecture recordings you gave me.” This lady is a lovely person. She told the magical stories that happened to me whenever she ran into people. She was really a living media!

My husband then cheerfully went to handle the discharge procedure. When my brother and son heard I was about to go home, they couldn’t accept it. Especially my son, he insisted on transferring me to a hospital in Shanghai city for another opinion. My brother went to talk to the doctor about the discharge. He stood in front of the hospital clinic where the doctor was, did Heshi, then closed his eyes as he sincerely said to Master, “If my sister is now really healed, I’ll start Falun Dafa cultivation.” 

The doctor then told my brother, “Your sister can go home now.” He still wasn’t sure and asked, “Do you need to prescribe some medication for her to take at home?” The doctor replied, “No, she doesn’t need any medicines or treatments.” Only then did my brother feel assured that I was ok. He also called my son and told him what the doctor said. So, I was then successfully discharged home and the evil factors were finally dismantled. 

After I returned home from the hospital our whole family sincerely thanked Master Li Hongzhi for my amazing recovery and healing. My husband respectfully gave gratitude to Master Li with more sincerity and steadfast belief in Falun Dafa than I had ever witnessed before. Thank you, benevolent Master, for having saved my whole family.

Through this life-and-death trial, I came to realize that our cultivation is very serious. I need to watch my every thought in daily life, study the Fa more, do the three things well and save more people. I will strive to be worthy of benevolent Master’s saving grace and keep up with Fa-rectification!