(Minghui.org) I used to feel like I was an ivy vine. I say that because I hadn’t positioned myself correctly and didn’t realize my mission and responsibilities as a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. I relied upon the other practitioner in my family in matters of cultivation and daily life. When I immersed my life in the Fa and realized my responsibilities and mission, I found my own position and gradually matured in Dafa. I finally grew into a tree.

Positioning Myself

I worked with the other practitioner in my family primarily on technical projects. He took on the responsibility a few years ago when there were only a few other technical practitioners in our area. Being young and equipped with some basic computer skills, he learned to maintain computers and printers, and took on the local technical support tasks.

I was responsible for printing and making the truth-clarification materials. My relative suggested many times that I learn machine repair skills. He wanted me to realize my capabilities and conditions, and properly position myself to make a bigger impact. I was hampered by human notions, and felt that learning computer technology and printer maintenance was too difficult for me. Seeing their complex mechanisms and components, I felt that I lacked the capability to work on them.

Master Li said:

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master. It is good enough if you have this wish.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

I realized that I have Master with me. As long as I have the wish, Master will help me. I put down my human attachments and believed that I could learn the mechanics of computers and printers with Master’s help. And so I began to learn these technical things.

Responsibilities and Mission

Although I was readying myself to do technical support, the learning process was slow. I was not very motivated, and lacked the will to do the job. On the surface, I took on the technical support role and walked my own path, but in reality I was not independent or maturing.

I went to practitioners’ homes to work on computers and printers accompanied by my relative most of the time. When I arrived alone, people sometimes asked where my partner was and wondered if I was capable of doing the work. I sometimes went home for help when I ran into difficulties. The relative would look up the issue and go with me to deal with it.

I always tried to get help from him, and never looked things up on the web to find solutions myself. When fellow practitioners called with technical issues, I felt it was his job. I was only assisting him and never attempted to do the job independently. I felt I was like a vine of ivy in cultivation, which flops down on its own, and grows best when it has something to support it.

I read what Master said,

“As a cultivator, and especially as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, you shoulder enormous responsibility, and you have a great mission that history has bestowed upon you.” (Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York)

I began to realize that as a practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, everyone shoulders his own responsibilities and mission. I found the drive to be more diligent and began to think about assuming my rightful responsibilities.

I no longer felt that my relative was solely responsible for the work. Rather, I felt it was also my job. I took the initiative to learn how to maintain computers and printers. When facing difficulties, I went to the web, downloaded instructions, and tried to fix the machine on my own. I only asked for help as a last resort.

In the beginning, I felt the lengthy instructions were hard to understand and often ran out of patience. I now maintain my patience and carefully read through the information.

Losing the Attachment to Fear

My relative needed to work out of town for a period of time, so I felt it was time for me to take responsibility for the job.

I had an attachment to fear at the time. I dared not take the bus, since, due to COVID-19, it required registration using my real name and phone number. But fellow practitioners’ computers needed repairs, so I told myself that it was my responsibility, and I could not impede practitioners’ saving people. So I began taking taxies, which cost more than the bus, but not so much that it would stop me from saving people.

I once went to a practitioner’s home to fix her printer. She asked me how I got there. I told her, by taxi. She said, “I had concerns at first when the authorities required registration, but then I thought what we do is the most righteous thing. Master is protecting us. Gradually my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger.”

However, I still felt fearful and went home by taxi.

A while later, the practitioner asked me to buy a notebook computer for her. Again, I became worried because I needed to go to another city to buy it, and my ID might be checked on the way. No doubt it was on record that I had previously filed complaints against Jiang Zemin using my real name.

I could have found someone else to make the purchase for me, but I felt it was my job. I had to walk my own path, and knew I should not rely on others.

I took a taxi and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate any interference from other dimensions on the way. The trip went smoothly, and no one checked my ID. I thanked Master and asked him for further help. No one checked me when I entered the market, I just had to have my temperature taken.

I told the practitioner about my experience a couple of days later. She said that what we do is righteous, righteous deities support us, and Master Li protects us. Indeed, what was I afraid of? Master is in charge. Master said:

“So Dafa disciples should not be afraid, and they should handle everything in an upright and dignified way. It is the evil beings that are scared.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World Vol. V)

I finally stepped past my fear and began taking the bus.

Fixing the Machine and Cultivating the Heart

Another practitioner’s printer stopped working. I was still in the process of learning about the type of printer they had, as I lacked experience with that type. I had hoped that something like this would not happen when my family member was out of town. But it happened and I realized that it was not accidental. It was time for me to elevate myself.

I studied the repair manual carefully, and then went to the practitioner’s home with tools and parts.

I told myself to take it easy, not seek results, and just do what I should do. After spending over an hour dismantling the printer, I replaced the broken part. However, the printer showed an error message when I powered it up. I opened the repair manual, studied it carefully, and made sure I had identified the problem correctly. I read for another 30 minutes, and felt sure I had identified the problem.

I suspected that I hadn’t installed the component properly. I followed the illustration in the manual one step at a time and reassembled the printer slowly. I adjusted my mindset, and told myself not to be hasty. I wasn't just fixing the machine, but also cultivating my heart. I turned the printer on after I finished the assembly and it ran properly. I felt relaxed and happily declared, “The printer is fixed.”

It was already past 10 p.m. The practitioner and I moved the printer into the cabinet and printed some pages to test it, but the printer again showed an error message. I was puzzled. My mind was no longer calm and I felt a bit anxious. Then the printer showed one error message after another, and I was just unable to fix it.

After we sent righteous thoughts at midnight, the practitioner suggested we take a break before trying anything else. The next morning, after sending righteous thoughts, she said, “Let’s not fix the printer first. These are all illusions. Let’s have a discussion. I saw your problem yesterday but I did not say anything so you wouldn’t feel bad. I hinted that you should look inward, but you didn’t seem to get it.”

Upon hearing what she said, I began to calm down and reflect on the situation. When the printer was fixed, I had the attachment of feeling good about solving such a problem for the first time.

I also found that I had the attachment of validating myself. In the past when I managed to fix a printer or computer, I always thanked Master right after, feeling that I did it with Master’s help and inspiration. This time, my first thought was that I had fixed the printer through my own effort. I was validating myself, and took the credit from Master.

I later developed the attachment of anxiety. I only looked at the technical aspect, and tried to solve the problem technically. I forgot to look inward and look at things from a cultivator's point of view.

After some reflection, the practitioner suggested that we turn on the printer and see if it would work. It functioned normally.