(Minghui.org) There have been cases over the years that after being taken to a detention facility some practitioners gave in to pressure or family sentiments, and provided the authorities with information about other practitioners, causing the latter to be consequently arrested and imprisoned. The material production sites run by the implicated practitioners were also destroyed, causing significant losses in their local area.

It’s more sad to see some of the initially arrested practitioners even gave up Dafa cultivation after their release from the detention facility, because they could no longer bear the enormous pressure.

When police interrogated practitioners about where they got the truth-clarification materials or Dafa books, they didn’t only ask for the names and other personal information of practitioners running the materials production sites, but also showed videos of them and asked those being interrogated to verify it.

As an individual practitioner, when one trips and falls, they can always pick themselves up and continue with their cultivation. However, when one betrays other practitioners under pressure, it would impact more people and cause huge losses because the perpetrators would extend their tentacles to those practitioners and persecute them.

My suggestion is that when questioned by police, we should first of all send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind the police, clearing out all those factors that manipulate them into committing crimes against Dafa. At the same time, we can clarify the truth to them. We should be alert not to be tricked into their traps and never cooperate with them. Secondly, we as Falun Dafa practitioners have the right to refuse the illegal requests from the police when they ask for information about other practitioners.

From another perspective, both making or distributing the materials are our own voluntary actions. There was really no need to tell the police about other practitioners.

We are one body and we need to cooperate in our efforts in saving people. I know of a married couple who were revealed to the police by a fellow practitioner. Both of them were imprisoned for many years and suffered countless hardships. When the husband’s term was up, he was taken to a brainwashing center by members of the 610 Office. By the time he was released, he could no longer take care of himself and had to rely on his wife, who was already living a hard life under enormous burden. Still, she walked her cultivation path firmly, doing her best to save people.

I was only giving an example. We do understand that due to human attachments, some practitioners found it hard to pull through a test when under tremendous pressure. Only by letting go of all human attachments and sentiments can we remain steadfast in the face of tribulations. When we hold strong righteous thoughts, Master would help out.

For example, once a large group of police officers went straight to Ailian (alias)’s place after a fellow practitioner told the police about her. The police broke into her home and attempted to take her to the police station. Ailian refused to comply. “I have not violated any law. I won’t go with you,” she told the police. “I know you will send me to a brainwashing center. I won’t be fooled.”

She then took out a piece of paper and asked the police to leave a record of their names, but none of them dared to write down their names.

Just then, another practitioner, Meijing (alias), came to visit Ailian. The police stopped her at the entrance of the building, and took her to Ailian’s place. They wanted to search Meiling’s bag, but she refused to let them.

“Do you know her?” the police asked Ailian. “Why did she come to your place?”

“How would I know?” Ailian replied. “You are the ones who brought her here.”

The police decided to take both of them to the police station, but neither of them made a move and remained very calm. Meijing sat on a sofa and kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind the police.

A little later, Meijing needed to use the restroom. When the police pulled her out, she told the police that her pants were wet. So, Ailian handed her a pair of her own pants so she could change her wet clothese.

“You said you didn’t know her, then why do you give her your pants?” the police asked.

“Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. I would also help you if you need any help,” Ailian said.

The police looked rather awkward and asked again, “What’s her name?”

“I have no idea,” said Ailian.

“Where does she live?”

“I don’t know.”

“Just say something, then we’ll take her away. You won’t be implicated,” the police said to Ailian.

“You have brought this lady to my place, and you have turned my place into a mess. You must be held accountable for what you’ve done,” Ailian said.

Then, the police wanted to take away a portrait of Master.

“This is my Master. None of you should touch it,” Ailian said to the police in an unfaltering tone.

All this time, one police officer kept calling their superior to report what was going on.

An hour later, all the police left.

It was truly a battle between the evil and righteousness. Even though the dialogue between Ailian and the police appeared rather simple, because both practitioners refused to cooperate with the police, Master helped them dissolve the tribulation.

When experiencing tribulations, we must keep up with our xinxing and expose the evil. All we do and our truth-clarification materials are for saving people, and must not be used as “criminal evidence.” We must completely negate all forms of persecution and never cooperate with evildoers or tell them about fellow practitioners.

It has been a long and arduous journey to get to where we are today, and we have become more mature, rational and wise through the process thanks to Dafa’s virtue and Master’s boundless compassion and protection. Master has borne enormous hardships for us all. We must completely negate all arrangements by the old forces and always remember Master’s teaching,

“No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil’s demands, orders, or what it instigates.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The above is only my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.