Chinese Name: 刘玲玲Gender: FemaleAge: UnknownCity: DaqingProvince: HeilongjiangOccupation: UnknownDate of Death: Spring 2017Date of Most Recent Arrest: UnknownMost Recent Place of Detention: Heilongjiang Province Women’s Prison

It has been five years since Ms. Liu Lingling passed away in Heilongjiang Province Women’s Prison. While serving time for killing her husband, the resident of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, started to practice Falun Gong, an ancient spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999. After a short two years of practice, this once vicious woman saw the kindness in her heart rekindled and she became a completely different person.

While Ms. Liu wasn’t punished for verbally abusing others or torturing Falun Gong practitioners, she was targeted after she began to practice Falun Gong and abandon evil for good. She was tortured and eventually died in the prison.

Imprisoned for Killing Her Husband

Ms. Liu was short and skinny. She had one prosthetic eye and an open upper lip, which still had a scar after surgery. She often felt she was not worthy of her husband and was afraid of losing him. She once said that she would rather lose him than let someone else get him. She thus killed him during a fight.

Ms. Liu was given a lengthy sentence for killing her husband. She was placed in the No. 1 Ward of Heilongjiang Province Women’s Prison, where she was assigned to iron clothes from the garment processing plant.

Most of the prisoners in this ward were thieves or murderers. Many of them were sentenced to death or life imprisonment. They stole from their parents for their partners. Some were scammers, who even defrauded other inmates inside the prison. Many prisoners said, “In this dark place, good people can turn into bad and bad people can become worse.”

With no hope in sight, Ms. Liu thought that the entire world was bad. She was dominated by her demonic nature. When she lost her temper, she smashed cans, swore, and yelled at people. She even dared to yell at the prison guards. When asked about the guards retaliating, Ms. Liu said, “The guards are not honest. They’ve taken money from prisoners or their families. If they annoy me, I will expose them.”

Ms. Liu was obsessed with cleanliness. If someone accidentally touched her washbasin, no matter how old the person was, she would verbally abuse her. She rarely considered others or ever thought of the harm she did to society and her loved ones. During holidays, she would buy boxes of high-priced fruit and throw out the leftovers rather than give them away. She often wrote home to ask for money and took it for granted, saying that her family had better lives on the outside.

Becoming a Different Person

Ms. Liu was later assigned to watch several Falun Gong practitioners and thus witnessed the brutal torture they were subjected to. She also saw the great forbearance and noble behavior of the beaten practitioners, who never fought back and still treated those who tortured them nicely.

In the dark world in the prison, Falun Gong practitioners are like pure lotuses emerging from the mud. From them, Ms. Liu witnessed the spiritual power of Falun Gong. She was filled with hope and started to practice Falun Gong herself.

After that, the vicious look in her eyes disappeared. She became kinder by the day. She stopped beating and cursing people. She also began to help others and care for them.

One morning, Ms. Liu was seen walking slowly with an elderly inmate and supporting her like a daughter. She let the elderly woman sit on the opposite side of her ironing bench and comforted her as she worked. She also gave her lunchbox and chopsticks to her and had lunch with her.

Her great changes shocked many inmates. One inmate said, “I have been in the same ward with Ms. Liu for years. If I had not personally witnessed how she changed, I would not have believed she could have ever become such a good person.”

Dies in Prison

After finding out that Ms. Liu had started practicing Falun Gong, the guards repeatedly pressured her to give it up. They threatened that she would not get her term reductions for doing the unpaid labor. A guard said, “I would rather see the former Ms. Liu who beat and yelled at people than the one who has turned good.”

Ms. Liu did not budge and even tried to share how she’d improved after taking up Falun Gong.

The guards also created conflicts between Ms. Liu and her family so that they did not visit her for a long time, which really distressed her.

Later, the prison moved Ms. Liu to another ward to distance her from other practitioners. During the move, the guards found a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, on her. They took the book away and locked her in a damp isolation room.

The isolation room was dark and forbidding. There were two rings attached to the planks of the lower bed for torture sessions, and there were bugs and cockroaches.

Many crimes against humanity have been committed in that room, and many kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners were tortured there. Since Ms. Liu has passed away, no one knows what she endured in that room. For sure, losing the book Zhuan Falun was certainly a heavy blow.

Ms. Liu once told a practitioner that she felt her whole life was cleansed and her virtue improved every time she read Zhuan Falun. She followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to look for and correct her shortcomings. She was always happy even though her body was tired from doing the forced labor.

After being tortured in the isolation room and losing Zhuan Falun, Ms. Liu collapsed physically and mentally. She was taken to the prison hospital in 2016 and passed away in the spring of 2017.