Hong Yin (VI)

Singing for Life

A civilization of five millennia—a path leading back to heaven
So rich and splendid, impressing even Gods
Ancient wisdom—a way shown by Gods
Modern notions and conduct are following demons
Atheism and evolutionary theory are spreading poison
Tradition abandoned, like a lake dried-up
Most people are Gods incarnate, coming to await the Creator
Returning to heaven is your true joy
For the sake of salvation we dance, moving our hands and feet
And play each musical note with compassion
‘Tis the Creator who asks me to sing of salvation

January 26, 2010, in London

Only the Creator Can Save You

Already in a grave calamity, yet you cannot see
Only by returning to tradition can you be saved and washed clean
You are harming yourself with modern notions and conduct
The red demon deceives you with atheism and evolution
Formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration are laws—the cosmos is dissolving
Humans and Gods are all in danger, no one feels secure
Most people are Gods incarnate, coming here to take refuge
Awaiting the Creator to renew the cosmos and save all beings
In colossal danger, only He can save you, none can compare

December 10, 2017

Life’s Waiting

Most people are Gods incarnate, waiting for the Creator
Reincarnating time and again, vows forgotten and hearts changed
The road back to heaven is already laid, yet shrouded in illusions
Deviant thoughts and conduct can destroy the future of humanity
Atheism and evolutionary theory are harming people
He has reined in the red demon and Satan under His feet
And He calls on Dafa disciples to save people
Learn the truth, and eliminate the obstacles to your salvation

January 31, 2018


‘Tis the Creator who gives life to human beings
He’s the one who laid for them the path of tradition
This path can lead you to obtaining the Fa and returning to heaven, washing you clean
Losing tradition, you’ll lose humanity
Modern notions are like a deep ditch filled with mud
The red demon ordered the spreading of atheism and evolution
Most people are Gods descended to Earth, having made promises to the Creator
Obtain the Fa to cultivate, remake your divine bodies—therein lies your glory
As you’ve promised to save the beings in your heavenly kingdom

February 26, 2018

The Longing of a Dafa Follower

Leaving behind the land of China, I’m exiled in the West
Longing for my homeland
And thinking of the lady whom I love
Most people are Gods descended to the world
Waiting for the Creator to save them back to heaven
Modern notions and conduct are deceitful tricks of demons
Atheism and evolutionary theory are fanciful lies
To spread this truth widely
I am persecuted, displaced to foreign lands

2018, Summer

Clarity After Awakening

Wandering in life vainly for fame
Lost in money, desires, and qing, fighting ceaselessly
Trapped in sickness karma, like in mud and filthy water
Recalling life with regret in old age, clarity comes too late
Beings were once divine from heavens
Calamity befell the firmament, with no remedy in sight
Descending to Earth, awaiting the Creator
Eliminating karma and cleansing sin, returning to heavens
Divine path is laid, yet human attachments obstruct
Atheism hides viciousness behind it
Evolution is a wicked theory, even more groundless
Modern conduct deviates far from the divine
Various human notions are obstacles
How many can be saved, how many will make it

August 20, 2018

Only for Returning to Heaven in This Lifetime

Spanning tens of thousands of years
Traversing layer upon layer of heavens
Descending to Earth to wait for the Creator
Who will remake the cosmos at the end times, creating multitudes
Spreading Dafa and saving all beings
Most people are Gods incarnate
Suffering hardships, awaiting the destined time
Do not be deluded by modern notions
Atheism and evolution are all made-up
On the long and drawn-out journey, lifetime after lifetime destiny leads the way
Reincarnating just to return to heaven in this lifetime

August 31, 2018

Dafa Disciples Are Leading the Way

Calamity at the end times won’t be long
The world’s people were originally kings from heavens
Becoming human to await the Creator
To cultivate the righteous fruit again, to return to heaven
The chance of the eons is by your side
Yet you are busy rushing about for selfish gains
The truth of salvation spreads everywhere
Yet you are lost in prejudice, eyes blind
Unlock your heart and seek the truth
Dafa disciples are leading the way

September 7, 2018

Returning to the Three Realms

Settling in the valley for many an autumn
The Fa is rectifying the cosmos, the old universe is ending
Emerging from the mountain one day, setting right the chaotic world
Meddling ghosts and wicked people shall have no escape

September 23, 2018

For You and All Beings

Wonderful times kept only in my memory
Warm breezes of love through so many days and nights
Persecution brings everything back to the first wish
Oppression makes you worry for me, tormented and restless
Most people are Gods descended to the world to await the Creator
Atheism and evolutionary theory are deceiving people
Modern notions and conduct are dead ends with no way out
The meaning of life is to return to heaven
To tell the truth to all beings
To keep you away from troubles
Wonderful times kept only in my memory

December 12, 2018

The Love of a Dafa Disciple

Returning to where we started—what other choice have I
Persecution is ongoing, I wish not to bring trouble to you
Let us part, so you will not be hurt
For I want to tell people where life’s meaning lies
Most people are Gods incarnate, awaiting the Creator
Atheism and evolutionary theory are destroying mankind
Modern notions and conduct are errors in life
For the salvation of you and the world’s people
I want to spread the truth all over China and beyond

December 23, 2018

Lost in Delusion

Dark and gloomy are the clouds, no light is seen
Dafa disciples offer salvation amid danger unceasingly
The world’s people see only money at the end times
Lost in ghostly delusion, assisting evil spirits
Committing colossal sins without awakening
Yet the world was created for your return to heaven

January 1, 2019

No Other Choice

I met you on the journey of life
Love seeded in our hearts
Yet I am persecuted; to not bring you trouble
I left, for I had no other choice
Most people of the world are Gods incarnate
Awaiting the Creator’s salvation
Atheism and evolution are false doctrines
Modern notions and conduct are harming us
To spread this important message
I am persecuted, so we have to part
When the red tide falls, you and I shall meet again

January 6, 2019

Turning to Dust

Most people of the world came to Earth for the Fa
Buried are they once entering the dusty mortal world
Dafa spreads and is persecuted—yet nothing shakes you awake
Life, with its riches and profit, will all turn to dust

January 22, 2019

Divine Revelation

Dance moves disperse the dark cloud of your karma
Divine music penetrates delusion, calling back your original nature
This is the Creator’s grace
Abandon your twisted ways born of modern notions and conduct
And return to your kindness and simplicity
Atheism and evolutionary theory are cancers attacking life
The way of tradition is the sacred path to heaven
Gods’ emergence is to save beings
What you feel and see are His arrangement
Pushing forward against all odds, offering salvation with compassion
Shen Yun is my aspiration

January 23, 2019, in Edinburgh

Wordless Mercy

We are dancing with energy of salvation
Music penetrates your being to call back your kindness
Beautiful colors are restoring people’s true nature
Do not believe in the false appearance of atheism
Modern notions and conduct are altering the human way
We are expressing the Creator’s compassion
Wordless mercy is turning on the light of your hope

January 25, 2019, in Edinburgh


Reincarnating time and again, saving the ten-directional world
Life and death over and over, ever firmer in resolve
Enduring trials and tribulations that no one will know
Observing the vicissitudes of life in solitude from a place on high

January 29, 2019

Good Omen If You Understand What You’ve Heard

Cold wind blows across my face
Dafa warms my heart
The madness sustained by lies cannot last
The Creator is saving people back to heaven
Most people are Gods incarnate—do not be deluded
Modern notions and conduct bring bad omens
Atheism and evolutionary theory make you lost
To share this truth with people
I fear no persecution nor madness
In bitter cold or sultry heat, still I spread the truth

February 16, 2019

Sweeping Away the Dust

Most people of the world are Gods incarnated in human form
Coming for the Fa one group after another
Reincarnating time and again, forgetting the vows they made
Buried in delusion amid fame, gain, and qing
Modern notions and conduct lead to an overhanging cliff
Atheism and evolutionary theory keep you on a demonic path
The Creator has come to save Heaven, Earth, and humanity
The eons of waiting were not in vain
If you understand this then seek the truth
‘Tis the Creator who asks me to sweep away the dust that has befuddled you

March 31, 2019, in Seattle


We come from the East, far away
Carrying a sacred mission
And bringing a heart of compassion
Most people are Gods descended to the world
Lost in fame, gain, and qing, harming themselves
Modern notions and conduct lead to a lost course
Atheism and evolutionary theory have motives hidden behind
Obtaining the Fa and returning to heaven—this is your wish
Heaven’s gate is already open, but won’t be for long
What I am telling you is the truth
‘Tis the Creator who asks me to save people back to heaven

April 8, 2019


A prophecy passed down by forebears in my childhood
Tells that a red scourge will ravage the world for decades
And morals and tradition would be annihilated
At the end times people would know only money
This prophecy is manifesting right before our eyes
Modern notions and conduct have come to the brink of destruction
Atheism and evolutionary theory—lies one after another
Persecuting Dafa disciples is an unprecedented sin
The prophecy tells people to stay kind and guard their hearts
When the red tide recedes, those holy and worthy will emerge
Because the Creator has incarnated on Earth, saving people with mercy
Find Him and be saved, return to heaven riding on the golden lotus

April 25, 2019

The Direction to Salvation

Saving people at the end times, I sing the truth
The red tide reigns, treating faith in the divine as disobedience
I am thus persecuted, homeless and wandering about in the world
Not concerned about losing status or riches
I cannot forget saving people—that is my mission
The Creator has descended to the world, offering the divine Fa
Most people are Gods incarnate, coming here to seek the last hope
Atheism and evolutionary theory are demons’ tricks
Modern notions and conduct are born when rationality is lost
Holding onto tradition and kindness, your character will be noble
That is the direction to salvation
The truth I sing shall reverberate in your heart
Amid the sound of the red tide crashing down, my singing reaches a new crescendo

April 29, 2019, in the airplane from London to Los Angeles

A New Five Millennia

Divine bearing as refined as jade, like a flying fairy
Her head turns, eyes smile, beautiful are her long silk ribbons
Colorful sleeves flying in and out, twirling like rainbows
Showcasing traditions of a new five millennia

May 26, 2019

Male Dancers of Shen Yun

Skills reaching the peak, dance champions in the world
Full of vigor and excellence with the most exalted aspirations
Leaping straight into the air, kicking the cloud gate
Flipping and turning, announcing the arrival of heaven’s generals

May 27, 2019

Returning to Heaven by Cultivating in Dafa

We carry compassionate wishes
We bring the precious book of salvation
Presenting the truth at the end times
Most people of the world are Gods come from heavens above
Waiting for the Creator’s summoning
He has arrived in the world, spreading Dafa far and wide
To return to heaven you must transform your body and mind with the Fa
And abandon modern conduct and notions
Atheism is the biggest deceit for humankind
And evolutionary theory is all the more absurd
The path of tradition is laid by the divine
To be saved, heed not lies and biases
To return to heaven, seek Dafa and cultivate

June 6, 2019


The Lord is in the mortal world, His gong in Heaven
In a human form He rectifies the Fa, ghostly spirits going mad
The red demon and wicked gods defame Dafa
Wicked gods in full display, eliminated or implicated
Persecuting Dafa disciples, their sin beyond redemption
The azure heavens are destined to change—who can subvert it
At the end times, ghosts abound in universes large and small
All are swept into the dan furnace to refine the grand cosmos

July 4, 2019

Watching the Moon

Beholding the bright moon in the mountain
All beings joyous in the vast firmament
The Fa realm is unburdened by qing
Heaven changes like a surging flood
Fearful is the red demon in the Three Realms
Receiving salvation, all beings jump for joy
Wicked ghosts are all eliminated
Under the moon, sacred music is heard

August 15, 2019

Unable to Eclipse

Reincarnating over and over—where is your home
Success and failure judged by fame, gain, and qing
Most people of the world have descended from heavens
Here to await the Creator
Modern notions deviate far from the divine
Evolutionary theory cannot stand when exposed to sunlight
Atheism is harming humanity
And eclipsing people’s hope
Dafa is taught, offering heaven-bound return
Dafa disciples know the truth
Dispel confusion, break delusion, make strides on the divine path

August 23, 2019

Board the Boat of Salvation

From the depth of the celestial firmament, we came
Assisting the Creator in saving people, we step on the stage
This is a sacred mission
This is what countless lives are waiting for
Most people are Gods incarnate, buried in delusion
Waiting for Him to save them back to heaven, to wash their lives clean
Modern notions and conduct are poisonous cancers
Those lacking faith in Gods are hard to save, they turn to dust at the end times
Fame, gain, and qing cannot be brought along when leaving this world
Board the boat of salvation, so you’ll no longer suffer
Board the boat of salvation, return to heaven and leave the delusion behind

August 24, 2019

Abandon Attachments, Gods and Daos Shall Reveal Themselves

Waiting since an age remote
A vow from the ancient past
Reincarnating over and over, life after life
Sea has turned into land, and land into sea
Flowers bloom and wither as people await the time opportune
The moon waxes full again and again as people wait to return to heaven
At the end times, the Creator will come to teach Dafa
This is the wish of all beings who came to the world
Amid declining morality, seek truth to form the sacred affinity
Abandon human attachments, only then will you see Gods and Daos.

August 24, 2019

Deluded Is the Stubborn One

Lofty is Heaven, vast is Earth, and water flows forever
The drawn-out age since antiquity—for whom is it kept
Daoists speak of Daoist principles, Buddhas speak of Fa
Who knows the reason the world was created

August 25, 2019

Not Believing, Foolhardy and Lost

The autumn wind brings waves of chills
The setting sun tries in vain to keep its rays
Ravaging are the hoodlums, the evil of the century
The dream of the red palace dissipates like dust
Heaven and Earth renewed—who holds the reins
All things were created to save Heaven and Earth
Truths rectify the cosmos, the will grandly saves beings back to heaven

August 31, 2019

Gain Salvation on a Divine Path

Reincarnating time and again, never ceasing
Most people were divine, coming from heavens above
Fallen into the mortal world for thousands of years
Waiting to meet the Creator to obtain Dafa
In His name we save people
He calls on us to awaken people to return to heaven
Do not be deluded by the illusions in the world
Modern notions will block righteous thoughts
Atheism and evolutionary theory have no basis
Know the truth, so you will gain salvation on a divine path

August 31, 2019

Casual Words

Grand is the firmament at levels vast and small
Leaning on the railing, observing the world
The red dynasty is on its last breath
Its infamy cursed for ten thousand years
Human culture returns to the land of China
The Central Plains speak ancient words
Yin and yang restore their balance
Returning to the capital, resting in a high place

September 3, 2019

How Many Are Fortunate

Money cannot fight away diseases
Power cannot dictate life
Feelings are unstable, waving like grass in the wind
Most people are spirits from heavens, born with a divine nature
Awaiting the Creator to issue orders of salvation
Modern notions and conduct are demonic
Atheism and evolutionary theory hide filth behind them
The Dafa of salvation has been taught—decide for yourself if you will obtain it
How many people are hesitant, how many are fortunate

September 3, 2019

Holy Mercy

I sing my feelings aloud in a song
My voice breaks through the thick fog and dark clouds
Merciful salvation is offered now
The Lord Creator has already arrived
Modern notions are poisonous cancer
Atheism pushes away divine nature
Evolutionary theory is born of stupidity
I sing the truth, with lyrics simple and clear
Each note conveys wisdom spreading through the body
The divine path to salvation leads to the dance stage
The Dafa that created the world connects you with a sacred destiny
With infinite grace, the divine path begins

September 7, 2019

Reconnect the Thread of Destiny

Climbing high and gazing afar, observing the multitudes
Singing aloud a song of compassion, breaking the fog of delusion
Spreading sweet dew in the East and the West
Widely saving beings to transcend the human world
Most people of the world are immortals from heavens
They suffer bitterly to save their heavenly beings
To return to heaven, one must await the Creator
Who will remake their divine bodies and deliver them back to heaven

September 7, 2019

Tirelessly Toiling for This

Again and again, I tell people the truth
Why do you look but not see it
Has the persecution scared you
Or the lies deceived you
Most people came from heavenly palaces above
Descended to Earth, awaiting cosmic changes as disaster besets the celestial realm at the end times
The Creator has recreated the celestial realm as promised
Dafa is spreading in the world—salvation depends on your thoughts
Those with evil intent commit self-inflicted wounds
The divine path is laid for those with kindness at heart
For this, I tirelessly tell the truth

September 20, 2019

Who Knows the Truth

Dafa resounds, dust rises
The communist scoundrels stir up dark smoke and foul air
The haze of death shrouds the celestial realm, layer upon layer
Heaven and Earth darken, succumbing to bottomless decay
Destruction sets in—who is divine
Interfering with the Creator—an incomparable sin
The colossal firmament forms and stabilizes according to the Dao
When it declines and deviates from the Dao, beings turn selfish
In ruinous deterioration at the end times, dissolution awaits
Saving people at this moment, how many can make it
Heaven and Earth not righteous—who knows the truth

September 20, 2019

Hard to Save Others and Oneself

Dafa disciples—cultivation is not difficult
Worldly attachments abound, hindrances everywhere
A superior person smiles at tribulations and resolves them
An average person feels unsettled when facing tests
A person of inferior quality has endless attachments to relinquish
Dafa is spreading in the world—how extraordinary
Saving others and oneself, returning at consummation
How many can make it, how many speak empty words

September 22, 2019

Cultivating in Dafa, the Path Leads You Back to Heaven

Life is like a lone canoe
Carefree in gentle waters
And helpless when thrashed in winds and waves
Where is the shore, and when will it end
Most people descended from heavens, yet forgot their missions
Their divinity shackled by doctrines of atheism and evolution
Clasp kindness, do not go down with the declining morals
Embrace tradition as the world deviates, Gods shall remain right by your side
Cultivate in Dafa, the path shall lead you back to heaven

September 27, 2019


Misty clouds circle the pavilion
Fragrant smoke billows by the face
So serene, beyond the mundane world
So tranquil, lifting the binding of the human form

September 27, 2019

You Won’t Err on the Divine Path

Looking back, human life is but one instant
Bitterly fighting for fame, gain, and qing to get ahead
What you are attached to in life cannot be brought along
Empty-handed you leave, like dust and smoke
You came to the world to await the Creator
To obtain the Fa and cultivate righteousness and be saved back to heaven
Atheism and evolution are the red demon’s deceit
Who is manipulating you through modern notions
Hold fast to kindness and the way of tradition
You won’t err on the divine path to salvation

September 27, 2019

Do Not Fail

Lives reincarnating, they are waiting
The time has come when all things have degenerated
The Creator is recreating the celestial body anew
Out of the love He has for all beings
Most people are Gods descended to Earth, entrusted by their heavenly kingdoms
I spread the truth at the summoning of the Creator
Step not onto the path of modern notions and conduct
Fame, gain, and qing cannot be taken back to heaven
Doctrines of atheism and evolution are harming people
Hold fast to kindness and tradition, don’t betray yourself
For the salvation of beings in your heavenly kingdoms, do not fail

October 1, 2019, at Dragon Springs Mountain

I Sing a Sacred Song

I sing a sacred song
The tune carries energy that reverberates in your hearts
The lyrics clarify right and wrong
Most people descended to Earth from heavens, awaiting Maitreya
He embodies the Creator and spreads Dafa
Don’t listen to the loud doctrines of atheism and evolution
Modern notions and conduct lead people to a ghostly realm
The red demon stirs up a swirl of destruction
Hold on to kindness and tradition, Gods are spreading sweet dew
Dafa is the fast train to salvation you’ve awaited for thousands of years

November 3, 2019

The Shocking Impact of One Thought

One thought to save all beings
Violent winds rise in the firmament
Danger upon danger accompany the descent to Earth
Myriad demons fight against the new cosmos
None can get their wishes
Corrupt gods run wild at the end times
The old forces become colossal demons
Collapsing along with the old cosmos

November 26, 2019

What Is Happiness

What is happiness
Wealth cannot buy a healthy body
Fame and qing are the dirt kicked up by the dusty wind
Modern notions and conduct obstruct the divine path
Not believing in the divine, one deceives oneself
Tradition can make people pure and simple
Kindness is recognized by all Gods
Most are Gods incarnate, having come to await the Creator
Obtain the Fa to remake the divine body at the end times, leaving delusion and hardship behind
Saving the beings of your heavenly kingdoms, a promise you made when descending to Earth
The Holy One has struck the heavenly drum to announce the spread of Dafa
How many people have awoken, becoming rational and clear
How many will be saved and return to heavenly palaces

December 12, 2019

Shen Yun Is Hope

In order to tell you the truth
I sing aloud
Most people are Gods incarnate
Awaiting the Creator to deliver them to the new Heaven
The old cosmos is crumbling, so people descended to Earth
Doctrines of atheism and evolution are schemes that ruin people
Modern notions and conduct are changing people for the worse
Ways of salvation are not what people have imagined
Who knew Shen Yun carried the energy of salvation
Heaven’s gate is open, but not for long
This is the Creator’s grace
This is the hope of humanity

December 24, 2019

Radiating Light

The Creator gives life to all—the myriad things, people, and Gods
He set the law of formation, stability, degeneration, and disintegration
Most people are Gods incarnate, awaiting Him to be saved from misfortune
Reincarnating time and again, their divinity lost
Their accumulated sins entrap them at the end times
Modern notions and conduct lead to a demonic path
Doctrines of atheism and evolution are baseless heresies
Chaos in society causes people to be stuck in mud
The communist red demon is spreading the virus and disease
The Creator has already come to the world, though nothing seems unusual
He seeks out good people and cleanses them with truth
Dafa spreading far and wide is His brilliantly radiating light


Coming to Save You

Compassion forges our spacious hearts
Goodness molds our noble bodies
In violent wind we will not waver
In praises we remain calm, neither proud nor moved
That is because we come for all beings
Most people are Gods incarnate, yet buried in delusion
The Creator has laid for people the path back to heaven
For explaining the truth in the crazy end times
We are persecuted
Amid dangers our faith does not waver
Gaining the righteous Fa and enlightenment, we can then dispel the dark clouds


My Song

A song spreads in my hometown as a warning
When the red tide rolls in, do not ride the wave
The Creator shall spread sweet dew at the end times
Those who are saved shall be protected by the divine
Most people come from heavens, yet are shrouded in delusion
Modern notions and conduct lead to danger and misfortune
Doctrines of atheism and evolution are the poisonous wine you drink
Do not follow the red demon to indulge in desires at the cost of your life
Hold fast to kindness and tradition—the evil Party is in its last days
Dafa disciples are spreading the truth that leads you back to heaven



Because I have kindness in my heart
Because I am spreading Dafa far and wide
I stand with the divine in the chaotic world
Amid elimination, I see the endless sadness and misery of those lacking faith in the divine
The Creator has shown His compassion and supreme power
Gods created humans so as to save you back to heaven
Keep your faith grounded in tradition
Do not become the demons’ beasts
Follow the path of the divine, then you’ll be happy and fortunate
For the cosmos and myriad living things are His creations


Your Heart Matters in the Chaotic World

Why is the world so chaotic
It’s the unkind heart begetting disasters
Without faith in the divine, one meets with disintegration and loss of life at the end times
Modern notions and conduct are demons’ companions
Gods did not create humans to have them live in such decrepitude
Instead to give them the chance of returning to heaven
The Creator turns the Falun with boundless mercy
Fame, gain, and qing are not what you came to Earth for
Stay away from the mad evil Party and avoid calamities at the end times
You are victorious only if you are spared amid the great elimination


Human Mind Obstructs

The waiting since a remote age
The calling from eons ago
Most people descended from heavens above, with a cherished wish
Reincarnating time and again into this mortal dust
Morality declining daily in the world, human hearts deviate
Behind the doctrines of atheism and evolution is Satan
The Creator remade the firmament, stemming the colossal calamity
Turning the Falun to save people back to heaven at the end times
Sentient beings are reading and cultivating in the Dafa of salvation
How many will be saved, how many will regret
Salvation is not hard, yet the human mind obstructs

January 21, 2020, in London

All for This Chance of the Eons

There’s a path for returning to heaven—this isn’t a dream
The Dafa that leads to heaven is a grand vehicle saving all beings
Thousands of years of waiting were all for this life
The Creator has arrived on Earth to rectify the Fa
Modern notions and conduct are fooling people
Evil spirits cause trouble behind the doctrines of atheism and evolution
Most people are Gods incarnate with a mission
Waiting to meet the Creator and receive salvation
He asks us to tell people the truth
He asks us to spread Dafa far and wide

February 19, 2020

Human Life Is Waiting

Human life is waiting
Most people are Gods incarnate, coming from heavens beyond
Reincarnating time and again, only to await the Creator
He rescued the cosmos from disintegrating and the lives from decaying
Adopting modern notions, you are harming yourselves
Without faith in the divine, one invites the plague ravaging the land
Behind extreme thinking is the red demon causing trouble
Amid the elimination, Dafa disciples are pulling people back with the truth
For this is the command given by the Creator

June 18, 2020

Compassion Once Again

Surviving the catastrophe, the mind not yet calmed down
All the fights and disputes suddenly come to a stop
Having spoken the truth tirelessly with kind words
How many have changed their minds and embraced kindness
Spring returns to the land, Heaven and Earth turn bright
Kings shall return, to be greeted by all beings
The Fa rectifies the human world, showing compassion once again
Then we’ll see if good and evil are clear or not

September 17, 2020

The Fragrance of Compassion

I stand on the street, my heart sorrowful
The great disaster is looming overhead at the end times
Where are people heading in the hustle and bustle
The life-saving Dafa has opened Heaven’s gate wide
I pass out this flyer of truth
Helping people at the command of the Creator
Most people are Gods incarnate, becoming humans
Doctrines of atheism and evolution are a deluding potion
Modern notions and conduct bring harm to oneself
This truth can save people, keeping them safe and healthy
He is compassion and fragrance emanating amid chaos

September 27, 2020

Good or Evil Is Revealed Through the Human Heart

I sing a song of true words in the mortal world
Not crooning of affectionate feelings of men and women
But telling how people are in danger at the end times
Elimination and salvation are right before the eyes
Good and evil contending—your heart is judged
All around you, good and evil manifest
To uphold good or to follow evil—you decide for yourself
After the great calamity passes, the good and the kind will remain

November 1, 2020

The Big Election

The cosmos broad and vast, the red demon ravaging
A powerful nation plagued by deceit
Society manipulated, people’s hearts turned cold
When shall righteousness and conscience return

November 8, 2020

Fa Is in the Human World

I sing aloud a song to express my heart
Most people come from heavens above
Reincarnating time and again, so many lifetimes
Buried in the dust so as to obtain the Fa
The Holy Creator has entered the world of dust
Quietly observing all kinds in the chaotic world
Atheism and evolution are evil doctrines
The red demon ruins the world viciously like a cancer
Modern notions are a form of corruption
He holds back the violent wave, eliminating the fog of evil
Rectifying the human world with grand compassion and grace
Heaven and Earth regain brilliance like the fabled Isle of Penglai

November 8, 2020

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