(Minghui.org) I used to work in project management positions in the construction industry. When I took up Falun Dafa, China was undergoing an economic reform and many people, including those in the construction industry, were pursuing material interests at all costs.

My workplace was state owned and funded. The construction contractors often exhausted all means to send gifts or cash to our management team in order to get the contracts. It was a test for everyone involved in the team.

Practicing Dafa and living by its principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” elevated my spiritual realm. I became conscientious and meticulous at work. 

When I was assigned to be the gatekeeper of project settlements, I required myself not to be affected by the bad influences in society and refused to accept gifts. Because of that, I was able to secure better deals and saved a lot of construction funds for my company. Since then, the company not only asked me to be responsible for the settlement of new construction projects, but also for the settlement and audit of the logistics repair and landscaping projects.

Later on, almost every one in my company was investigated by the local procuratorate for corruption and I was the only one exempted. 

Master said, 

“This is the only remaining piece of pure land in the human world. This kind of environment can truly raise the morality of human beings and make it noble. It can turn them into good people, and it can also change very bad people and return them to their best state. Now, can you tell me what else can achieve all of this besides Dafa? We can achieve this, and that’s why so many people have come.” (Teachings at the Conference in Canada)

After our internal auditor was sentenced for accepting bribes, the company appointed me to fill that position. At that time, there was no third-party independent audit. The internal audit position was the last gate keeper of all projects. It was considered a very powerful position. I followed Master’s teachings and did my job well. 

A year later, my company underwent major reorganization. The subordinating units would no longer have internal audit positions. Staff would have to compete for the headquarter positions. I felt I had not been in the auditing position long enough, and there must have been more experienced auditors. So I did not apply for any of the headquarter positions.

Weeks later, the new leader of the internal audit department of the headquarters called me and asked why I didn’t apply for a position. I shared my thoughts with him. He said he would like to invite me to work at headquarters because they needed people like me.

I was hesitant because this work would be more difficult and require higher qualifications. A few days later, the leader called me again, asking me not to have any concerns because he would give me his full support. He asked me to go ahead and prepare to do a job debriefing.

All the leaders of the newly formed internal audit department at the headquarters served as judges at the job debriefing. After I talked about my work experience, I said to the judges, “If there are other candidates with better qualification, please consider them first.” A judge later asked my then director in private why I said that, my director replied, “He is always like that, always thinking of others first.”

Later at a department meeting, a section chief said to me, “The fifteen people in our unit all got hired after beating out other competition and you were the only one who was simply invited to join us [without having to compete with other applicants].”