(Minghui.org) In the early days of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Dafa, I met three people who treated Dafa practitioners kindly and helped me and other practitioners. Their kindness was rewarded and they have all received blessings.

The Director of My Work Unit

I went to Beijing to clarify the truth and appeal for Dafa shortly after the persecution began in July 1999. I was arrested and taken back to my city of residence. While I was held at a local police station, the director of the Security Section of my work unit came to pick me up, after convincing the police that he’d deal with me himself. He took me to our workplace and released me the following day.

A fellow practitioner who went to Beijing with me was also arrested and taken back to our city. He was held at a local detention center for 40 days before being given a forced labor term. While en route to the local labor camp, the police stopped by my workplace and asked our security director to keep an eye on the practitioner for a little while. Upon hearing about it, I rushed to my workplace and asked the director for help. He intervened in the case and helped to secure the release of the practitioner as well.

Not long after, I went to the local police station and urged them to stop participating in the persecution. Due to my poor xinxing and limited understanding of Dafa back then, I talked to a police officer with a hostile tone. Irritated, he reported me. A few days later, about 20 policemen came to arrest me at work. However, they didn’t come to my office. I was baffled and our security director told me later that he settled the matter for me by treating the police to a nice dinner.

However, a few of these policeman returned to my workplace days later and requested 3,000 yuan from me. They claimed that it would be used as a deposit to prevent me from going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa again. I first refused to pay them, but out of fear, my husband gave me 3,000 yuan in cash and asked me to hand over the money to the police. When I went to the Security Section of my workplace, our director and the police officers were all in the room. One policeman said, “Just pay the money. It’ll be returned to you if you don’t go to Beijing again. Everybody else has paid, and you are the only one left.”

Thinking that I could get it back, I gave him the money. The director said to me, “Don’t give it to them! They’re here for your money!” Before the officer realized what was going on, I snatched the money back from him, put it in the director’s hand, and asked him to keep it for me.

This upright and kindhearted security director offered genuine help to Dafa practitioners when we encountered difficulties. He was later promoted and given a big award.

My Husband’s Manager Receives Blessings

I was arrested in 2000 for posting materials exposing the persecution of Falun Dafa. My husband asked his manager at work to help get me out. The manager then went to talk to the director of the local Public Security Bureau. The director immediately agreed to release me.

After helping Dafa practitioners, my husband’s manager was promoted to be the director of a different municipal agency, a position that was equivalent to the level of a deputy mayor.

He was later dispatched to an African country to supervise a government sponsored project. One day, he was invited to attend a meeting with the local counterpart. When he, his assistant and secretary arrived at the parking lot, he suddenly felt extreme tightness in his chest, so he stayed in the car to rest while the other two people went to attend the meeting on his behalf. Unfortunately, everyone at the meeting was killed by some local gangsters, but he was unscathed.

A Coworker Receives Dafa Blessings

A coworker of mine was detained for four years because he was accused of harboring his son who committed a murder. I happened to be detained for my faith at the local detention center at the time. He was given the job to cook meals for the guards. Sympathizing with me, he made noodles for me every day, and secretly delivered it to me.

Having a bowl of hot noodles to eat every day under the harsh environment of the detention center was very precious, especially in the winter! After making noodles for me for a whole month, he was suddenly released. Before going home, he came to say goodbye to me, so I told him that he had been rewarded with an early release for being kind to Dafa practitioners.

Ten years later, I ran into him on the street. He told me that since his release, his financial situation had improved so much that he was making about 100,000 yuan a year, which was a large amount of money in 2012. I told him, “It’s because you treated Dafa practitioners kindly, and you have received blessings.” He was very grateful, and urged me to be careful.