(Minghui.org) I have been arrested, and held in brainwashing centers and forced labor camps many times, for my belief in Falun Dafa.

I was arrested and taken to the local detention center in June 2021. I was quite depressed at first. After 14 days of quarantine, I was taken to a cell in the detention center. The cell’s lead was very interested after learning that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. He was born in the 1980s and was a deputy chief of a police station. He took bribes, but was unable to do what the other party asked him to do. He was then reported to the police.

That evening, the cell’s lead asked me to talk about Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) and invited all the inmates. They all seemed very interested in understanding the truth, so I tried my best to regain my righteous thoughts – I thought that I must save people. The cell lead asked me to give two more talks in the evenings about Falun Gong.

In the days that followed, the cell lead asked me about Dafa almost every day. He also asked me to demonstrate the exercises when we were allowed outside. He told me that after seeing the demonstration of the exercises he became more and more convinced that Falun Gong was not what the government’s propaganda claimed.

I told him the names of the exercise movements and he was amazed. Once, when I put up my right palm to send forth righteous thoughts, he came over and asked me, “What did you do just now? Are you eradicating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?” I was surprised that his thought could reach such a high level so quickly. Before I was called out for interrogation, he specifically told me not to cooperate with the police and to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the old force factors.

I was later transferred to another cell. As I was about to leave, he said that I should keep spreading the truth about Dafa. Every time I passed by his door, he would shout “Falun Dafa is good!” He was later only sentenced to nine months and returned home from the detention center.

When I was moved to another cell, I became anxious, I worried that I again needed to face an unfamiliar environment. But, unexpectedly, my new cell lead treated me even better.

He was well-known locally and was identified as a gang leader by the CCP. When I talked to him, I found that he was a very good person, knowledgeable and capable. He told me that when he was traveling throughout Taiwan a few years prior, he saw Dafa practitioners’ truth-clarification sites and took the initiative to quit the CCP’s youth organizations. He watched the DVD that the practitioners gave him, and knew the truth about Dafa very well. He said that his colleague, whom he admired, also practiced Dafa. He told me that I could sit on the bed to do the meditation if I didn’t feel comfortable sitting on the floor. He said, “Don’t worry about anything when you do the exercises. If someone criticizes you, I will deal with it.”

He also helped hire a lawyer for me. It so happened that fellow practitioners had already hired a lawyer for me, but nevertheless I was very grateful and thanked him for it. He said, “Falun Dafa is our only hope, and Falun Dafa practitioners must be well protected.”

Before he was moved to a prison from the detention center, I gave him three pieces of bread and told him that they represented “going home soon,” “going home healthy,” and “going home in an upright manner.”

He said that he believed everything I had told him and that if I had fliers, he would distribute them for me to every cell. I said to the others in the cell, “I hope you will treat Falun Dafa practitioners well when you move to other places. The best way to treat them well is to encourage them to keep cultivating.” They all agreed.

A director of the tax bureau was moved to our cell. When someone talked about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident in a derogatory way, before I could say anything, he jumped up, and said, “Those were definitely not Falun Dafa practitioners. I know this for sure.” I did not have to explain anything, because it was better for them to talk about it among themselves.

The director of the tax bureau saw that I never forced anyone to quit the CCP organizations, and he admired me a lot for it. After he quit, he asked who else in our cell had quit. I told him that I didn’t want to reveal their names, so he said, “Just tell me the percentage.” I ended up telling him it was 100%. He immediately asked the former cell lead – he was the new cell lead. The cell lead confirmed it and told him, “I withdrew three days after I came here.” The new lead was nice to me too, and allowed me to do the Falun Dafa sitting meditation next to him.

My cell mates were very sad on the morning I was to be transferred from the detention center to a prison. A young man said, “After I get out, I will definitely practice Falun Dafa with you.”

The night before my transfer, another young man came over to express his gratitude. He thanked me for often taking his duty for him. I often took double shifts. Others found it very difficult taking a shift, but for me it was the best time, as I could do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts for a long time without being interrupted.

When my cultivation state was very good, I clearly saw in a dream that my entire back had peeled off, and a female doctor pointed at me, saying, “His new back is better than the original!” It was a hint that Master had cleansed my body.

One person told me, “After I get out, give me fliers, and I will give them to all my relatives. Does Falun Dafa have any slogans? I want one as a tattoo.”

Another person in the cell asked me, “Did you pray for me? I got a 2-month deduction from my sentence. Please help me quit the CCP right away!”

A young man who already called himself a Dafa practitioner showed me the decision from the court after his appeal. He said, “Master helped me! See, I am the only one who got approved for a retrial!”

After I was moved to the prison, the guards there found that I had been transferred to the wrong place, so they took me back to the detention center the next day, but I was put in a different cell. This cell had all the people with special relationships with high officials or were high officials themselves. One was the deputy director of a county-level police station, who was detained for taking bribes. Several others were CEOs who were very rich. Another was the son of the retired director of the detention center, who was detained for taking drugs. The cell’s lead was another leader of a gang, and he quit the CCP without hesitating.

I had been in the detention center for half-a-year by that time and had gained a lot of experience in clarifying the truth. I was no longer depressed, and all I wanted to do was to save people more effectively. Everyone saw that I was warm, sincere, and friendly. In any cell I was moved to, I was able to gain everyone's trust within about 15 days.

The cell’s lead said to me, “If anyone interferes with your practice, I will punish him.” He also invited me to talk about Dafa and then asked me to sing a song written by a Dafa practitioner. The deputy director of the police station said to me, “Your speech was very good!” He only trusted me, and asked me to help him apply skin oil to his back.

There was a Taiwanese who held my hand before leaving and said, “You are a living Bodhisattva. Your words are so true.” Some people publicly asked me to help them quit the CCP. Some often recited “Falun Dafa is good” and “Withdraw from the Party to stay safe.”

The inmates helped me and pushed me forward in cultivation countless times. As a result, I didn’t waste my time in the detention center. People actively sought the truth, which helped me let go of the depressed state.

I was taken to the prison for the final couple of months of my sentence. Whether in the detention center or prison, over 90% of the people there had no negative feelings about Falun Dafa.