(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners bring awareness to the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to the people of the world during this period of Fa-rectification. I understand the importance of this mission and our responsibility to assist our Teacher, Li Hongzhi. I also realize that people have long awaited this opportunity to be saved.

As I have clarified the truth, I have often witnessed the boundless power of Dafa.

Vice President of a Hospital Recovered from Epilepsy

On one occasion I clarified the facts to a senior couple. Before they retired, both of them were doctors working in the most well-known hospital in our local area. The husband, a surgeon, was the vice president of the hospital. They were both in their 70s and loved music. They played the accordion, electric piano, erhu, and dulcimer. The couple was responsible for organizing recreational activities for the retired staff from the hospital.

One day, I happened to run into them on the street. I saw that the vice president had difficulty walking and his wife had to support him. He also looked dull and staggered as he walked along. His wife said that he had epilepsy and took medication that dulled his senses. They were once an active upbeat couple but now appeared to be without any joy in their lives. Seeing that, I felt life was so unpredictable!

I wanted to help them. So I started by talking about the divinely-inspired 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. I told them that we were all children of God, but that we had come to be influenced by atheism and no longer believed that good would be rewarded and evil punished. With the sharp decline of human morality, great calamities occurred in the world, one after another. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an atheist organization, which is against heaven, earth, gods, and Buddhas. If one wanted to be saved one must sincerely make the decision to quit the CCP organizations. As long as people were sincere, they didn’t have to use their real names when resigning from the organizations. A pseudonym or pen name would also do, as gods and Buddhas only look at people’s hearts. One also didn’t have to notify their employer or the CCP organizations.

This couple had been veteran members of the Party. They made the right choice immediately, saying, “I want to quit now!”

I also told the couple that by quietly reciting the two phrases, ‘Falun Dafa is wonderful and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful’ they’d be blessed by Dafa. When I saw them again in about a month, the vice president could walk on his own without any support and had become involved in activities at the university. Seeing the recovery of the vice president, I felt very happy for him. I also appreciated Master’s benevolent saving grace towards the people of the world!

My Colleague Survived a Second Stroke

One of my colleagues, Jing, was hospitalized for nearly a year after experiencing a second stroke. Her situation not only didn’t change for the better, but rather got worse, and she became completely paralyzed. Her family brought her home since they believed she couldn’t survive much longer. After learning that, I went to see Jing. I saw her sitting in a wheelchair, squinting her eyes and drooling. She had lost her speech. Jing’s family fed her food little by little. Seeing her suffering, I thought to myself that I must pass on the two auspicious phrases, and let her know Dafa could save her.

Through her husband, I learned that this couple had only joined the CCP Young Pioneers organization in the past. Then I clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to them. As I wasn’t sure if her mind was still clear, I inquired whether my friend understood and agreed to quit the Young Pioneers. She indicated with her eyes that she understood me and agreed to quit. Her husband took the same stance. Before I left, I told him to often remind her to recite the phrases.

About four months later, one day I ran into Jing’s husband. He told me cheerfully that with his support, his wife could walk all the way from the third floor to the outside garden. Dafa’s power is immense! Someone who was on the brink of death miraculously survived!

My Alumni’s Years of Leg Problem Resolved

One of my alumni developed a big blister on his leg. He suffered a lot from it and often went for physiotherapy. But it didn’t get better after he had treated it for a few years. I told him about quitting the CCP to ensure his safety, as well as the power of reciting the two auspicious phrases. Even though he quit the CCP organizations, he couldn’t fully believe that reciting the phrases would help him get better. I told him that this was not superstition, but rather the Buddha law, and encouraged him to give it a try.

Sometime later, he told me, “What you said about those two phrases is true!” One time he couldn’t endure the pain, remembered the phrases, and began to quietly recite them sincerely in his heart. His pain was gone unnoticed. When I ran into him again he told me that his big blister disappeared! So incredible! He had tried to heal it but in vain. Yet only by sincerely reciting the phrases did he get over it. He now believed that Falun Dafa is omnipotent.

Dafa Saved the Entire Family

A woman whose husband had just passed away once lived in my district. She was devastated and couldn’t snap out of her sadness. As a result, her physical condition went downhill and she developed multiple illnesses. I tried to comfort her, clarified the truth about Dafa, and helped her quit the CCP. I suggested she sincerely recite the two phrases, hold herself to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and be a good person. As a good person, she would be blessed. She acknowledged all of these suggestions. Her physical situation soon improved and she became well.

One day after nearly three years, we ran into each other at a supermarket. The woman held my hand excitedly and kept saying, “I truly appreciate you! I truly appreciate you!” Seeing my astonished expression, she quickly explained that she had brought up her grandson all by herself. He was about to attend the university this year. When he went through a medical checkup, he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. In order to cover his medical expenses, her daughter-in-law asked her to sell her house. The woman became concerned that if her grandson couldn’t be healed, then she would not have a place to live. During this dilemma, she suddenly recalled the phrases that I told her about. Then she took her grandson home and they both began to sincerely recite these phrases. After one week he went for another checkup which revealed that his cancer had disappeared!

The woman was so excited, saying, “It’s truly miraculous! You have saved our whole family!” I said, “I didn’t do anything, it’s our benevolent Master who saved your family. It’s because you believe in the phrase that Master saved your family. All I did was to get the message across. Please tell your family to thank benevolent Master!”

My Mother’s Life and Death Test

One of my most unforgettable experiences involved my mother. She had rheumatoid arthritis, which triggered her lung failure. After she did the CT scan, it showed that her lungs were seriously damaged, thus, her heart was also impacted. As a result, Mother often coughed, and was short of breath. She felt very weak and tired. Her doctor said that she couldn’t be healed, all they could do was use some medication to sustain her. Mother quickly lapsed into a coma. The doctor said, “She can’t survive, as she basically has no sign of life. She can’t live past today. Why don’t you go home and prepare for her funeral?”

After I heard that, in front of many doctors and nurses, I shouted at my mom, “Mom, please remember the phrases. You must remember!” After a little while, I heard her speak in a weak voice. When I looked at her, I saw that she had woken up! I was very excited, knowing she had survived once again under Master’s protection!
The next day, like the other two times when she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, Mother could eat by herself. The doctor felt she was just incredible, saying, “She is so strong!”

Mother had always believed in Buddhas. She worshiped Buddha at home, read her scriptures, and kowtowed every day. For a long time, she had stayed away from meat. After I began Falun Dafa cultivation, I told her the Buddha she believed in had already left and didn’t take care of human matters any longer. I asked her to take down the place that she set up for worshiping Buddha and send everything to the temples. I also gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun. Even though she only received a very limited education, she had read through the book a few times. Due to her severely deformed hands and feet as a result of rheumatoid disease, she couldn’t finish learning the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises.

When Mother again became critically ill, I said to her, “If you desire to follow Master to cultivate, Master will arrange your future cultivation path.” When she passed away at the age of 83, she had a smile on her face.

The situations I’ve discussed above were the miracles displayed in my truth-clarification experiences, which can’t be explained by science. What everyday people consider impossible can become reality. Since the spreading of Dafa, there have been numerous miraculous cases. Every day people can also feel Master Li’s benevolent saving grace. As practitioners, all we do is follow the path arranged by our Teacher, as everything is done by him.

In order to save the people of this world, Master Li has contributed so much! Thank you, benevolent Teacher! Heshi!